FUNA - FREE Family Locator App (For Android and iOS)

Imagine you're able to locate a friend who is always late for meet-ups, tracking family members knowing they are safe without making unnecessary calls, real time. The future is here, with FUNA - FREE Family Locator App (For Android and iOS), you are able to do just that! 

FUNA - FREE Family Locator App (For Android and iOS)
FUNA - FREE Family Locator App (For Android and iOS)

Funa Family Locator allows you to locate your family members and friends in real time. Now you will have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones have safely arrived at a destination. Gone are the days where you have to call their mobile, and when they do not answer it, you start to worry. 

Track Location History
Track Location History 
Location Alert
Location Alert

In a nutshell, Funa is a location sharing app that also has the function of tracking family members and friends to ensure their safety. A rather easy mobile application to use, just download it from the Google Play Store, or iOS store, turn on your GPS and follow its step by step setup. 

Stay Connected
Stay Connected
Very Detailed
Very Detailed
A very helpful feature, the SOS feature on FUNA
A very helpful feature, the SOS feature on FUNA

One of the features which stood out to me, on top of the tracking feature would be the SOS feature. If you are in danger or trouble, just activate it and everyone who is connected to you will know and come to your rescue! An excellent safety feature if you ask me. 

Go private or check in
Go private or check in
Convenient, easy
Convenient, easy

KEY Features of FUNA as below:

  • FREE – you can enjoy FULL features of Funa Family Locator for free.
  • REAL-TIME – you get to know whereabouts of your family members.
  • SECURE – your location is confidential and only visible to your family members.
  • TRACKING & HISTORY – keep track on location history (up to 7 days).
  • LOCATION ALERT – you will be notified when your family and friends arrived or left a marked location.
  • SOS – trigger SOS alert to your family members during emergency.
  • RELIABLE – provide best available location result using GPS / WiFi / Cellular technologies.
  • OPTIMIZED – optimized battery consumption. 

I've installed it, have you?
I've installed it, have you?

Currently FUNA is free to download, so what are you waiting for? They are currently having a contest from 18th to 23rd December 2015. To participate, just check out the steps below.


I've actually downloaded and used FUNA for the past couple of weeks, ensuring the dad, mum and wife got it installed as well. My kids are both too small to own a smartphone yet, but the app did prove useful to check on the whereabouts of my parents and whether they are safe or not. This is because the dad loves to ride out on his motorbike every night, and sometimes we worry for his safety. 

A big thumbs up to this locator software, no more worrying where our family members are at, and at a minimal to zero cost. If they are ever in trouble, I know a quick SOS will immediately trigger me to their location. 

Download FUNA the Family Locator app and and be 5 daily lucky winners to win 5xRM20 in Aeon cash vouchers each day from the 18th to the 23rd of December. To participate, simply download the FUNA app here: 


Ora Adzlin said...

love the function of apps, definitely will download & try it !

Happy walker said...

passing by~

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

I am using this app too. Great app for whole family.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

good to have this app to track loved ones. Haven't install yet shall let dear know this.

Maple Shuh Hong said...

this is my first time hearing about locator apps, and its free. But do we need to turn on our GPS all the time?

Adeline Lee said...

What a good apps! I should install it now.

Miera Nadhirah said...

this can be a pretty good app... but it also can be dangerous if your spouse or partner is a jealous stalker type... LOL

Pamela Yeoh said...

my iphone cant download ios incompatible.

cre8tone said...

Great app.. TO locate love ones.. ahahaha~

Unknown said...

That's cool! I wanna trace someone hehe.

FiSh said...

this sounds great especially for kids :P i hope my parents dont track me with this though hahah

Fadzi Razak said...

This is obne greatest apps invented. Should be here long ago 😄😄 im going to install it too

Janice Yeap said...

another awesome app that are invented. should download it and start using it :D

Wilson Ng said...

you need this app coz u always hilang. happy new year

Unknown said...

i find this aoo is really useful. now can detect my future hubby. he cannot go mia again..hahah

Caroline said...

hahaha my mom need this so she don't even need to ask where are her kids at everyday.

Aliza Sara said...

So cools! i think apple has a similar app called find friends. A great way to keep track of family members.

Leona Lim said...

now your wife can track you and make sure you not running around. just kidding, it's gonna useful for the kids one day when they have phones.

Anonymous said...

This is also good in tracking missing hubbies and boyfies too hahaha!

Shiv B said...

What a lovely app. Never really had one on the phone though but it looks like a great way to keep track of family members and loved ones.

5 Little Angels said...

I download the App for my family too. It is so easy to locate them now.

Selina Wing said...

Good app to locate your kids! For a parent, they can get to know where are their teenagers and kids or old grandparent. But, I don't want my mom track where I am going to.. lol I always message my mom everytime when I reach the place. :P

Unknown said...

If you worry a lot about your friends/relatives/family, you can take a look at this phone tracking app that allows you to locate the person needed even without them know it.

Martin said...

Very good article and some good insights. With the help of a gps device and a IFTA software we can reduce drivers risk, increase vehicle's safety, reduce fuel consumption etc.

Unknown said...

Tracking phone programs have been created to give you peace of mind and it helps keep families closely connected, have a peek at this site for more information!

James harper said...

One way that parents can keep on top of their children's movements is to equip them with a GPS child locator. These small units can be worn by your children, or tucked away in a pocket or bag. GPS Tracker