ECOTINT- Your Smarter Window Film. Which Car Window Tint Do You Use?

I do love my ride, and getting the best window tinted film for it was one of the top priority. Keeping cool in the hot sweltering heat of the Malaysian weather is a big issue for all of us. With sunshine all year around and average temperatures of 28 °C, it takes a lot for us to keep our cool on a daily basis. This is where ECOTINT comes in. 

ECOTINT- Your Smarter Window Film. Which Car Window Tint Do You Use?
ECOTINT- Your Smarter Window Film. Which Car Window Tint Do You Use? 

Subang Jaya-HQ
Address : No. 10-1, Jalan USJ 9/5R, 
Taipan Business Center, UEP Subang Jaya, 
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.  
Toll Free: 1800 886 883


ECOTINT cupcakes, anyone?
ECOTINT cupcakes, anyone?

ECOTINT (M) Sdn Bhd has established itself as one of the leading brand names in window films here in Malaysia for over 15 years. Since the company was first set-up in the year 2000 in Taipan Business Centre, USJ, Subang Jaya, Selangor,  ECOTINT and its related companies have carved a reputation for being one of the trusted names in Branded Window Films. 

With its trademark tagline ‘Your Smarter Window Film’, ECOTINT stands as one of the major window films converters, installer, importers and brand names for automotive and building industries in Malaysia as well as the South East Asian region. 

All about ECOTINT
All about ECOTINT
Bloggers and friends at an informal session with ECOTINT the other night
Bloggers and friends at an informal session with ECOTINT the other night

A whole bunch of us gathered up recently to listen to a talk by the representatives from ECOTINT, and it was indeed an eye-opening experience. It is certainly no secret that with the market now flooded with low tech and poor performance window films, ECOTINT has won over legions of customers with its range of best-in-class performance window films as well as quality service. 

ECOTINT representative giving a talk
ECOTINT representative giving a talk

Aptly titled the hashtag #wearesuckersfortoolong represents ECOTINT’s commitment to continuously offer quality products and service, value for money and peace of mind. With this in mind, ECOTINT® is continuously looking to expand its brand presence in the region with extended premium offerings and uncompromising service experience, which the competitive and sophisticated market demands these days. 

Stocking a wide variety of window films for commercial, home as well as automotive applications, ECOTINT’s range of products are renowned for unbeatable heat protection and heat rejection whilst offering the best SPF + and PA ++ UV Protection available in the market today. ECOTINT customers are not only ensured they get their money’s worth in terms of keeping cool in the heat and sun in accordance to their respective needs and budget but also long-lasting worthiness over an extended period of time. 

RaybarrierRaybarrier Solar Series by ECOTINT
Raybarrier Solar Series by ECOTINT

Raybarrier Solar Series for instance carries with it the industry standard in tint solar protection and is the only window film in the world that provides you both SPF and PA++++ protection. This world class product not only keeps you cool but protects you and your family against harmful UV rays. ECOTINT’s Solar Series offers a full range of solar protection tints with the full spectrum of coverage against UV, infrared and visible rays for your custom needs.

Fellow bloggers at the ECOTINT event
Fellow bloggers at the ECOTINT event

ECOTINT’s products are manufactured by Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co. Ltd in Japan, a public listed company in Tokyo Stock Exchange and a world class company in advanced nano- technology. Founded in 1907, Sumitomo’s products offer unparalleled protection in heat and UV Shielding with varying thickness and visible light transmittance (VLT), which complies with JPJ regulations. ECOTINT customers need not worry about interference of electromagnetic signals or cause any disruption to GPS or Smart Tags usage. 

Explaining about the KindnessInspired Community Outreach Program
Explaining about the KindnessInspired Community Outreach Program

Additionally, ECOTINT is also embarking on a number of charitable endeavours as part of its KindnessInspired Community Outreach Program.  #kindnessinspired is an initiative put forth by the brand to help inspire change in the community. Thus far, the endeavour has seen ECOTINT spearhead a number of charitable outreach programs under the KindnessInspired banner, which includes treating hardworking construction workers in Subang Jaya with hot meals, public coffee giveaways, and spreading cheer and gifts to Old Folks Homes and Pusat Kanak-kanak Down Syndrom in the Klang Valley.  

For more information on ECOTINT, its range of products as well as service offerings do check out their website at For more on KindnessInspired you must join them at their facebook page (


FiSh said...

with 15 years strong history in this industry...i think i gotta trust ecotint now!

Sherry said...

very good as my dear's last time car used this. It's still long lasting though the car has 10years old, now his nephew driving it.

Shiv B said...

Was good seeing you Isaac and I do agree, they are pretty good :) Was a very enjoyable event too :)

Ayue Idris said...

Wah! this is good..have both SPF and PA++++ protection.

Miera Nadhirah said...

Amaazing event... and wow... next time I get a new car, I know which tint to choose... hehehe

Wilson Ng said...

one of my cars is using this brand. it is very reliable.

Reia said...

I dont have a car bit if ever i get one i will xonsider this brand for tint :)

Leona Lim said...

I wanna use ecotint after change my windscreen got crack now

Sunshine Kelly said...

Its my first time attending car tinting talk, informative and I enjoyed the session.

cre8tone said...

Ecotint is not bad. My dad is using it.

Unknown said...

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Brian @ automotive tint film said...

When you are searching for a professional window tinter that has experience more times than not this person will go over what the laws are for your state,however its your choice to put what you choose on YOUR vechile,but remember by doing this you void your warranty and are subject to fine and cost for removal.

Unknown said...

Well explained! Window films are so efficient at keeping out harmful forms of light which comes inside the car and also increase the privacy inside it.
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daren sammy said...

I am all that much satisfied with the substance you have specified. I needed to thank you for this awesome article. car window tints