Canon's Latest Roll-Out Of Inkjet Printers - PIXMA G Series & PIXMA MG Series

The last Canon printer I used was when I was still studying in university a decade ago. It's nice then to note that Canon has upped their game, and launched their star range of inkjet printers, the new PIXMA G Series as well as the Canon's PIXMA MG series of Photo All-in-One (AIO) printers. I was at an blogger's session which was held at Simply Mel's Bangsar South where a total of six new printers were introduced. 

Canon's Latest Roll-Out Of Inkjet Printers - PIXMA G Series & PIXMA MG Series
Canon's Latest Roll-Out Of Inkjet Printers - PIXMA G Series & PIXMA MG Series

During the session, a total of six new printers were introduced, including the all new PIXMA G Series printers which utilise the Refillable Ink Tank System. These new PIXMA G Series printers allow for more effective printing without compromising on quality. Its high page yield output and low cost per print will definitely cater to the cost-savvy consumers. 

The product launch event, "#BeautyWithInk" brought together Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd's team members, and fellow bloggers where we got to really experience what their printers have to offer. 


Canon PIXMA G1000 (Single function) printer
Canon PIXMA G1000 (Single function) printer
Equipped with the next generation Refillable Ink Tank System Technology
Equipped with the next generation Refillable Ink Tank System Technology

The new PIXMA G Series, an extension to the Ink Efficient range incorporated the Canon Genuine Refillable Ink Tank System technology, which is a hybrid ink system. This allows for more effective printing without compromising on quality. I'm excited we no longer have to go for third party modifications for refillable ink bottles. 

Black and colour inks to refill should yours run out.
Black and colour inks to refill should yours run out. 

With the new technology, the three models under this range, the PIXMA G1000 (single function), G2000 (multifunction) and G3000 (wireless multifunction) promise high volume printing at low running costs without compromising on the quality of printed documents and photos. They are designed to meet the printing requirements of different customers. 

Canon PIXMA G2000 (multifunction) printer
Canon PIXMA G2000 (multifunction) printer

High Productivity, Greater Savings

Convenience is key as ink cartridges need not be constantly replaced as the new refillable ink tank system provides ease of use. With a printing capacity of 6,000 pages for monochrome printouts and 7,000 for coloured documents, Canon’s genuine ink refill delivers high page yields that satisfy even the most discerning home and office users. 

Easily refill the bottles built inside the printers.
Easily refill the bottles built inside the printers. 

Unique Tank System and Spill-Resistant Ink Bottle Design

Desk space is a luxury for many and for that reason, each of Canon’s latest PIXMA G Series are built compact but sturdy with an added convenience of see-through ink tanks within the printer body. The PIXMA G series ink bottle design features a screw-down cap that prevents unwanted leakages. The bottle tips are customised to assist in smooth ink flow during refills without causing any mess or splatters.

Canon PIXMA G3000 (Wireless multifuction) printer
Canon PIXMA G3000 (Wireless multifuction) printer

Impeccable Quality Prints

Additionally, the PIXMA G3000 also allows for instant connection to mobile phones, tablets and laptops through its Wi-Fi feature. With this feature, printing of documents and photos, be it through mobile or cloud printing, is made so much more convenient. 

So, make a pick from the Canon’s latest PIXMA G Series to meet your printing needs. Its print performance and cost savings features make printing of high volume documents as well as memorable photos effortless. 

The PIXMA G Series is now available at select Canon authorised outlets from mid December 2015 onwards and are priced at RM499 for G1000, RM599 for G2000 and RM799 for G3000. All prices are inclusive of GST

Ms Sandy Lee, Senior Marketing Manager of Consumer System Products (CSP) Division of Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd briefing us that afternoon
Ms Sandy Lee, Senior Marketing Manager of Consumer System Products (CSP) Division of Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd briefing us that afternoon

"At Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, we know just how satisfying and enjoyable it can be to have images and documents beautifully printed to the highest quality. By combining our expertise and proprietary technologies, the joy of printing is taken to even greater heights, giving our consumers an experience that is truly delightful" 

- said Ms Sandy Lee, Senior Marketing Manager of Consumer System Products (CSP) Division of Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd


Style meets innovation with the all new family of PIXMA Photo All-in-One (AIO) printers, namely the new MG3670, MG5770 and the flagship MG7770. With an array of colours to choose from to match your interior design, the new range of printers come in red for MG3670, black for MG5770 while the MG7770 comes in black, red and the all-new gold colour. 

Canon PIXMA MG3670 Photo All-in-One Printer
Canon PIXMA MG3670 Photo All-in-One Printer 

The stylish FastFront Design in MG3670 makes ink cartridge replacement, paper stack loading as well as operations and maintenance incredibly easy from a front-facing position. With the Wi-Fi Direct feature on MG3670, users can print and scan wirelessly by connecting mobile phones and digital cameras as well as tablet computers, even without using a wireless router. This feature is extremely handy for those who do not wish to disclose their home network security passwords. 

Beautiful in red
Beautiful in red

The new MG3670 All-In-One printer operates on the engineering excellence of Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle or FINE technology for short, to create high nozzle count and high-density printheads with microscopic ink droplet sizes. This results in ultra-high resolution images that are superb in quality. Coupled with Canon PIXMA Hybrid Ink system, users can now enjoy bright, vivid colours on photos with Canon’s colour dye ink while razor sharp text and fine lines are punctuated with higher density pigment black ink. 

Canon PIXMA MG5570 Photo All-in-One Printer
Canon PIXMA MG5770 Photo All-in-One Printer  
Ink cartridges on the MG5570
Ink cartridges on the MG5770

Effortless Printing and Scanning 

Printing documents and photos stored in iOS and Android mobile devices is now a breeze with the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app, compatible with MG3670, MG5770 and MG7770. 

With support of PIXMA Cloud Link Service, the app can also be used to print from social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram as well as productivity applications, namely Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Printed this picture direct from my iPhone
Printed this photo direct from my iPhone

Meanwhile, users of MG3670 and MG7770 can swiftly set-up their printers and begin the printing process within minutes of unboxing. The hassle free, step-by-step setup process is possible with the new Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app which performs a dual role of printer setup and registration. Saving approximately 30% on setup time, it is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Flagship model, the Canon PIXMA MG7770 Photo All-in-One Printer
Flagship model, the Canon PIXMA MG7770 Photo All-in-One Printer 

The Canon MG5770 and MG7770 are equipped with the new Wi-Fi Direct standard which connects the printer to a smart device without the need of a wireless router or additional password authentication. Printing directly from smart devices without any downloaded applications can also be done anytime with cloud printing via the Google Cloud Print function. Alternatively, Android users can do so with the Canon Print Service plug-in while iOS users can print via the Apple AirPrint feature. I did just that, printing my family photo at the event. 

Beautiful in gold, have you ever seen a gold printer before?
Beautiful in gold, have you ever seen a gold printer before?

XL-sized ink cartridges for MG3670 allow higher page yields for users to print more while minimising ink replacement cycles and overall cost of ownership. Cost savings is further enhanced with the built-in Auto Power ON feature on MG3670, MG5770 and MG7770. These printers will be turned on automatically when a print command is sent from a computer and after a period of inactivity, they will be switched off automatically. This power-saving technology is compatible with both Wi-Fi and USB connection.

The PIXMA Photo AIO MG3670, MG5770 and MG7770 is now available at selected Canon outlets at RM350, RM406 and RM841 respectively (price inclusive of GST). 

Janice, Martin and I at the Canon Blogger's event
Janice, Martin and I at the Canon Blogger's event

During the event, we were also introduced to Canon's Social Hub platform at The platform is a seamless integrated engagement channel that combines both content marketing and social media. Aimed at encouraging users to be more interactive, the platform provides relevant articles, tutorials, and videos enabling users to share and recommend the contents to their friends and families. 

Placing customers needs at the core of its operations and after sales service, Canon has a main service centre located at its Headquarters in Peremba Square as well as 7 branches and 98 Canon authorised service providers nationwide. What piqued my interest was the fact that the brand will be opening its Customer Care Center in December at Plaza Lowyat which will specialize in camera and printer servicing. Good times ahead, time to get my hands on one of these printers today !


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That looks real easy to refill. I used to use Canon printers sometime ago, perhaps I should switch back one of these days.

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I've never used Canon before. Always HP. But the designs looks nice and sleek.

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I've been using Canon printers since forever too! My first printer and still in great condition. Love that they have the refill bottles now so that we don't have to buy the whole cartridge when it runs out

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I'm using canon printer too! Very nice!

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Am looking to purchase a new printer after my KO-ed and it is not viable to repair. This one seems like a good choice.

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im using canon too :) the ink refills really help to save alot

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I like the MG7770 in champagne gold. I like the fast print and its able to print good quality photos.

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I have used HP now I think I should try Canon too... LOL

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I should have 1 printer at my house too so that I can print photo whenever I want! Super convenient and fast too =D

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Gadgets get more chic nowadays and I think the Canon PIXMA MG7770 Photo All-in-One Printer is the best gadget for an entreprenuer.

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Last time I use HP but changed to Canon since few years ago. Even my mum said Canon is better. =)

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i'm glad canon came out with this type of printer. i'm using the ink refill type from another brand and it's so saving so far. will check out canon next time.

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Canon is a famous brand for camera as well as printer :) good choice of owning one for family photos printing :) cheers, sienylovedrawing

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I've been using HP all this while and the cartridges are so pricy! Perhaps the Canon ones are cheaper?

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Canon is a good product and I am using it.

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