ONVIA VEDO S2 Wireless Alarm System

With the spate of crime rates happening across our country in the recent times, it's always good to prepare ourselves for any possibilities. Getting a reliable and good alarm system for the home has been one of the top priority things to do when I moved in to my new place recently. I was introduced to the ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System then, which offers a spate of great functionalities, and features at a rather good price.

ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System

Onvia Vedo S2 is a full-featured home security platform that installs in minutes, and delivers years of dependable, secure protection. Its advanced wireless technology eliminates the hassle of running wires to detect and sensors. This allows for quick and easy installation as well as flexible placement around the house.

The packaging that it comes in with
The packaging that it comes in with
Unboxing, comes with control console, remote control, door magnetic, motion detector and power adaptor
Unboxing, comes with control console, remote control, door magnetic, motion detector and power adaptor

The basic package itself is priced at RM799 retail, and consists of 1 control console, 2 remote control, 1 door magnetic sensor, 1 motion detector and 1 power adaptor. Extra optional accessories can be further purchased at affordable prices. What's so great about this GSM wireless alarm system? Read on then, as I spell out the features.

Attractive design, high performance and a whole load of attention to details
Attractive design, high performance and a whole load of attention to details
The main control console, sleek design
The main control console, sleek design

Features of the ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System

  • Cellular communication, easy control
  • Totally wireless, DIY Installation
  • Up to 50pcs sensors & 10 remote controls can be expanded by auto learning
  • Battery Back-up last for 16 Hours to ensure system working properly after power outage Customized Zone Names to recognize the location
  • 2 wired zone specially for smoke/gas/vibration/detector, IR beams etc.
  • Auto-dial preset 3 groups of SMS Number & 5 groups of Phone Number
  • Solid state memory keeps data stays after power outage
  • Immediate SMS alerts for low battery, power outage and power recovery
  • Internal Siren sound and mute mode for optional
  • Tri-band GSM frequency, universal use

Sim card can be inserted behind the main console for GSM capabilities
Sim card can be inserted behind the main console for GSM capabilities

SIM Card for GSM Capabilities

Simply insert a regular SIM card with credit into the Vedo S2, download the app from App Store or Google Play and voila! You have remote control of the system at your fingertips via text messages or app commands. Intuitive in interface design, the app is also easy to operate and could monitor multiple systems.

Full access and control via the remote control provided
Full access and control via the remote control provided
How it works
How it works

Real Time Alerts

The Vedo S2 stores up to five phone numbers. When the alarm system is triggered, you will get a call and a message. You will also get system status messages for power outage, power back up and low batteries. The zones name can be customized by user accordingly. The location can be easily recognized.

Motion detector is provided
Motion detector is provided
Door or Window Magnetic Sensor, 1 unit is provided in the package
Door or Window Magnetic Sensor, 1 unit is provided in the package

Totally WIRELESS, DIY Installation

I find it pretty cool that no wire is required to connect the sensors. All sensors that come with the original kit are pre-programmed, where all you have to do is to place the component in the correct place and spot you want. Easy for all! Up to 50pcs sensors can be expanded by auto learning. DIY installation can be done in minutes, which is really nice, especially for one who doesn't have the time to tinker around with thick manuals and whatnots. 

Fix the sensors at your door or window
Fix the sensors at your door or window
Lights up and trigger the moment the door is opened
Lights up and trigger the moment the door is opened

The ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System provides for 24 hours, day and night protection for our beloved family, ensuring the property is safer than without any alarm installed. The attractive and sleek white design of all its components makes it suitable to fit and blend in to most modern home decor. The best part is the system offers free mobile application that enables me to control and configure the system easily via smart phones.

Download the mobile application for control of your ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System
Download the mobile application for control of your ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System
Easy to use, intuitive GUI
Easy to use, intuitive GUI

The Onvia Viewer app support remotely SMS control. easy to install within 30 minutes. Offering free Android app, control and figure the system in anywhere with your smart phone. I found the system to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. ONVIA VEDO S2 alarm control by app does not require wifi, or 3G, instead, a normal simcard is used for call comm in or out. 

Full access via your smartphone
Full access via your smartphone

The best part about the system is the 2-Way Audio features of the ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System. Imagine that, not only can you listen to what is happening inside your house while you are outside, you can speak into the system, guiding your kids or family members on what to do in case of emergencies. Super innovative! By using a supplementary sim card and the downloaded mobile app, communication is free as in no extra data charges will be applied. 

Do check them out if you are on a look out for a beautiful, reliable no-frills wireless alarm system.  ONVIA VEDO S2 technology comes from Korea. More information can be obtained from their official website at www.onvia.co.kr . Locally, this system can be purchased from Securemart Puchong, their address, Facebook, website and contact details listed as below.

Securemart Puchong

Address: 62,Jalan Puteri 5/12 ,Bandar Puteri 47100 Puchong 
Telephone number: 03-8066 9265

As for me, I'm pretty satisfied with the system, but may just complement this with a wired one in the future. 


Tekkaus said...

It's must-have to be equipped with alarm system these days. Can never take anything for granted anymore.

FiSh said...

It is definitely what every house and office needs nowadays ;) im impressed thay they eve have their own app!

cindyrina said...

wow! this helps for single woman like me. I need this...

Unknown said...

Wow. That is a super cool alarm system I've seen. I love the sleek design and how it can be connected through phone. With the cases like those thieves who're hiding in the house, this is definitely a good way to be notified.

Tiffany Lee said...

everyone need this nowadays, and I love this alarm system design it look so modern!

GengQian said...

whoa, nice, really useful especially in times like this, to protect our safety.

Michhysaurous said...

This doesn't look like an alarm system at all my gosh. Everything wireless makes it really convenient man!

Aliza Sara said...

The fact that it can call you, thats the selling point! Safety is definitely an issue nowadays

Unknown said...

I guess most of the people need this especially in Malaysia! haha

renaelyng said...

Nowadays everything is so canggih ya haha. Seems cool that it can call you whenever there are any emergencies. A rather cool technology.

Emily said...

I've been thinking of installing CCTV and alarm in my home too. Thanks to your post, I now have another option to check out.

Unknown said...

Interesting product. thinking of such security system at home gives me sci-fi movie feeling ha ha! yet we should consider that, bad accident does happen once in a lifetime!

Betty's Journey said...

I need to get this to ensure the security at my home. A good product and the price is reasonable. Last time the Alarm system is big and expensive. Now you can install the alarm system by yourself and secure too.

Arisa Chow said...

So canggih ka? think i need to recommand this to my old man liao because his last house alarm hasnt been working since installed lol. And that kind very old fashion type, can't control from mobile. But i have a question, if phone kena stolen then macam mana? lol

Unknown said...

High tech untill have their own app. That's cool!
What if listen "something" else? Joking. Useful alarm indeed. :)

Miera Nadhirah said...

oh wow.... This is an interesting alarm system... Should think about getting one of this for my home...

Rawlins GLAM said...

You had me at wireless!
Great system for a person who doesn't like lots of wire around - like me.
Thanks for sharing Isaac.

5 Little Angels said...

Looks like a good wireless alarm that I can look for the safety of my Little Angels. Easy to instal too.

Shiv B said...

This is very useful for the house, what a great wireless alarm. More households definitely should be equipped with this Isaac.

Unknown said...

This is very high tech and you can control from your smartphone!

Janice Yeap said...

I need this so badly.. I want to buy one for my parents! :D hehe

Leona Lim said...

this looks like an awesome alarm for the house, feels safer with such an easy to install alarm system in the house right?

Ivy Kam said...

Didn't know about this ONVIA wireless alarm system until I read your post, thanks for sharing, will check it out soon for my house :)

AngelBong said...

aww ... damn cool alarm system !!
wish to check it out for more ...

Trislynnchan said...

wah! Macam very geng lerh!
look so tiny but powerful!

Sunshine Kelly said...

Its a very convenient alarm system for home

Mr Orsen said...

The fact that its DIY makes it amazing, like you can walk in and get it, controlled by remotes as well as having an app is everything, for around RM800 its worth the buy since one doesn't need to pay extra trying to find someone to install it. I would love to have such in the future, technology is making our lives easy these days. I';; further google and read about it

suituapui said...

I would want one. Wonder where I can get that here.

Anonymous said...


how is the system so far? any glitch? was thinking to get 1

Anonymous said...

I had one installed, it worked fine most of the time but you need to know that wireless means it needs power supply from somewhere. So each point has its own battery which needs to be replaced regularly. The installer claimed it would last 12 months but a few lasted only 8 months. I did not realise that until one day, I opened the door and the alarm did not go off. The detector at the door needed a new battery. So if burglars tried to get in, no sound either.

Saqib Khatri said...

Thanks for the blog loaded with so many information. Stopping by your blog helped me to get what I was looking for. wireless home security system reviews

Saqib Khatri said...
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Anonymous said...

I have installed it for less than 2 months.The main control always blink red.I am not sure for what reason.Anyone can help pls.

jhon said...

It was setting the security alarm every night. The dogs we owned ran freely in the fenced in backyard. Complete Security Systems