Tim Ho Wan's Chef Recommendations, 1 Utama Shopping Centre: Sept/Oct 2015

Yesterday, I wrote about Tim Ho Wan's Chef Recommendations and the new promotional items that are available exclusively at their Midvalley outlet. Today's post will be all about the three new items for the 1 Utama Shopping Centre outlet which will run from 1st September till 31 October 2015. Their Michelin-starred Hong Kong's famous dim sum continues to wow our palettes. Check the new dishes below. 

Tim Ho Wan's Chef Recommendations, 1 Utama Shopping Centre: Sept/Oct 2015
Tim Ho Wan's Chef Recommendations, 1 Utama Shopping Centre: Sept/Oct 2015

Tim Ho Wan,
1 Utama Shopping Centre
G120 & G121, Ground Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
47800 PJ, Selangor

Quail Egg Siew Mai (RM11.80)

Shown above is a rather unique siew mai dish, Tim Ho Wan's Quail Egg Siew Mai is an indulgence 
in itself. The yummy siew mai is topped with these cute quail eggs, something different from your usual dim sum. I love how the egg complements the meat giving out that delicious savoury taste. 

Salted Fried Fish Skin - RM10.80
Salted Fried Fish Skin - RM10.80

Salted Fried Fish Skin - RM10.80

Exclusively available in TimHoWan 1 Utama restaurant is these delectable snack, the Salted Fried Fish Skin. I find it perfect to go with beer, or any starter dish for that matter. The snack itself is really crunchy, with seasoning powder sprinkled on top of the crispy fried fish skin, for that flavourful bite. 

Cereal Chicken Nuggets - RM15.80
Cereal Chicken Nuggets - RM15.80

Cereal Chicken Nuggets - RM15.80

Yummy chicken nuggets coated in batter with savoury crunchy cereal oats. Good stuff indeed, very tasty, where one bite would not suffice. Love how the tender, boneless chicken nuggets taste, especially with the rather sweet condiments on top. 

Different chef recommendations menu will be available at different outlets throughout the year. These dishes are on rotation and patrons can try them at their preferred Tim Ho Wan outlet during different months. 


suituapui said...

Don't mind trying this Hong Kong franchise, see how good, as good as the reputation and the prices or not...but perfectly ok, since you're treating, right? Hehehehehe!!!!

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Billy Toh said...

I think there is one in Midvalley right? Don't really like it though....not the kind that I like!

FiSh said...

the salted fried fish skin is so yummy (and addictive!!) I kinda like their dining environment especially at the private dining area in The Gardens Mall. Yet to visit the one in 1U....hopefully soon! :D

Miera Nadhirah said...

Looks interesting... I won't mind trying it out.... I have not tried Tim Ho Wan before.. is it halal

cre8tone said...

I never try this restaurant in M'sia.. But tried the one in HK.. It's really yummy! Dunno whether it's from the same group of company or not but the name is exactly the same..

Anis Farhana said...

Some of my non Muslim friends keep raving about Tim Ho Wan. Sadly it is non halal for me right. The salted fried fish skin looks scrumptious though

Mike Yip said...

Should check out Fu Lal in Menjalara, cheaper and quite a good varieties of dim sum that is on par with the upmarket restaurants.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

wah once again, I am hungry. Now I know why people say me fat coz I saw your food post.. hungry lio... wanna try eat n eat hehe..

Janice Yeap said...

the new food looks nice! I will pay a visit to the restaurant soon :)

Selina Wing said...

I eat this dim sum b4 but their restaurant in HK is more delicious. Thanks for this info. I will check it ;)

Emily said...

I've seen numerous recommendations from you regarding Tim Ho Wan. You are making ma salivate.... but I am not going to KL anytime soon. :(

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

tempting sangat niiii

Aliza Sara said...

I saw a lot of blog post on this! I WANT! Someone take me there please, cause i dont wanna go and eat alone :'(

Unknown said...

Haven't try it out before .should visit soon

Pamela Yeoh said...

i miss the salmon skin :P

Rawlins GLAM said...

You get me hungrier every time I visit your blog.
Now have to look for good food for lunch.

Sunshine Kelly said...

I tried the Salted Fried Fish Skin its nice and quite addictive.

Isabel said...

I don't get it. The recommended dishes are rotated? So the chef somehow recommends a different dish every not and then even though the recipe has not changed?

Ivy Kam said...

Been there before with my friends, love their foods, so delicious and has a lot of varieties :)

Leona Lim said...

i love their dimsum a lot too, just always have to wait and line up. i guess it's really that worth the wait.