Ri-Yakitori @ St Giles The Gardens - Grand Hotel & Residences

My first time over at Ri-Yakitori, and it was to try out their all-new Kozara Ryori set lunch promotion. All this while the Japanese restaurant located at St Giles The Gardens – Grand Hotel & Residences only open from 5pm onwards, and this is the first time they are offering lunch sets. From 16 October 2015 onwards, Ri-Yakitori will be opened for lunch from 12 noon till 2 p.m. on Fridays.

Ri-Yakitori @ St Giles The Gardens - Grand Hotel & Residences
Ri-Yakitori @ St Giles The Gardens - Grand Hotel & Residences

Ri-Yakitori Bar
St Giles The Gardens – Grand Hotel & Residences
The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 603-2268 1188 ext. 6323

Contemporary decor setting at Ri-Yakitori
Contemporary decor setting at Ri-Yakitori

Ri-Yakitori is located on the seventh floor of the hotel, with wooden contemporary decor. Ri-Yakitori delivers inventive and traditional takes on Japanese Yakitori. Skewers of chicken, beef and vegetables are served alongside classic Japanese dishes. During the weekends, enjoy the bar with a wide range of Western and Malaysian cuisine on the menu. Access to the hotel is via the Gardens Mall. 

Trio Japanese Platter
Trio Japanese Platter

The Kozara Ryori set lunch promotion consists of 7 dishes, from appetizers to dessert at the end. We started off with the Trio Japanese Platter which consists of Japanese omelette, chicken rolled with Chinese cabbage, and tomato mozzarella skewer. Love the omelette, chicken, not so the cheese. Probably my tastebuds aren't too accustom to the very strong flavour of the cheese. 

Sashimi Salad
Sashimi Salada

Up next, we had a rather luxurious salad dish, the Sashimi Salad with a choice of either fresh maguro and tuna or salmon and octopus. The set we got came with fresh maguro and tuna, which went really well with the sauces complete with ebi fish roe. After so many Japanese sashimi reviews, I'm proud to say I've finally gotten to enjoy these raw offerings. 


The Chawanmushi served by Ri-Yakitori had simple ingredients inside, namely the mushroom and crab stick. Simple yet smooth and delicious to the taste. A good start before the mains. My kids will love these. 

Crispy Fish Saba on radish stock soup
Crispy Fish Saba on radish stock soup

I didn't know such a clear and mildly flavoured dish can turn out so nice, as in the case of the Crispy Fish Saba on radish stock soup dish. A huge braised radish is placed below the very flavourful fish saba. The serving isn't really big though, but there's a whole lot more other dishes in the lunch set. 

Sauteed Chicken
Sauteed Chicken 

A poultry dish, we had the Sauteed Chicken next, served on a small platter with a mix of chicken wing, breast and thigh all in one. So fret not if you do not get your favourite part as you get a mix of all! Love this dish, and it just wasn't enough for me. 

Edamame Ghohan rice, with Osumashi Soup
Edamame Ghohan rice, with Osumashi Soup

To satisfy big eaters, go for their rice set next, which consists of edamame ghohan, a bowl of warm osumashi soup, and some pickles to fill you to the brim. Now I haven't actually tasted an edamame infused japanese rice before, and it actually tastes pretty good. 

Dessert, chewy macha mocha, moist chocolate mousse and fruits compote
Dessert, chewy macha mochi, moist chocolate mousse and fruits compote
Love the macha flavoured mochi
Love the macha flavoured mochi

End your meal with some nice desserts in the form of the chewy macha mochi, moist chocolate mousse, and sweet sourish fruit compote with strawberry, kiwi and orange juice. I truly love how the chewy macha mochi tasted in the mouth, a perfect ending, which completes the Kozara Ryori set lunch. I did find the fruit compote a tad too sourish for my taste though. 

Enjoy your meal with some Japanese liquor
Enjoy your meal with some Japanese liquor (not part of the Kozara Ryori set though)

The Kozara Ryori Set Lunch available at Ri-Yakitori, St Giles The Gardens - Grand Hotel & Residences is priced at only RM78 for a limited time only. I was told the chef will actually change the Kozara Ryori set lunch every week to ensure patrons won’t get tired of the same dishes.

Interesting sauces and condiments to go with your meal at Ri-Yakitori
Interesting sauces and condiments to go with your meal at Ri-Yakitori

Patrons who dine during lunch period at Ri-Yakitori will enjoy free corkage for wine and liquor. Ri-Yakitori Bar also offers Ladies Day on every Wednesday, where ladies will receive complimentary dessert when dine at Ri-Yakitori Bar and lucky diners will get a chance to win a mystery gift.

Join their facebook page www.facebook.com/TheGardensHotelandResidences and you will be entitled for additional limited time special offers from all participating F&B outlets and on-going contests. To make reservations or for further inquiries, please call Ri-Yakitori Bar at 03-2268 1188 (ext. 6323) or visit them at www.StGiles.com.


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RM 78 nett :)

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Ah matcha mochi!! ♡♡♡ looks so appealing

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Another awesome sushi entry here!

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OMG their chawanmushi loookkkk so tasty! Other food look appetitezing as well ;) Hope can try it next time :D

Selina Wing said...

Crispy Fish Saba on radish stock soup is interesting... Wow, the lunch promo only 78 nett+ for this packages only? If we want to add one+, how? More expensive?

Emily said...

Goodness! The food looks so appetising. It's not a lunch that working class people can afford all the time. It's only for special occasions, me thinks.

5 Little Angels said...

I really love the presentation of the food. Looks unique and mades the food looks delicious.

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wow yummy food and comfort place to dine. Seldom go out now due to haze.

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Thanks for sharing Isaac! I've been looking for a nice Japanese cuisine lately, this just looks delicious!!!

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The potion looks small but Japanese food are always filling

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The mochi look nice~~~ is there any other favors???

Xin A Day said...

The mochi look nice~~~ is there any other favors???

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very delicious food pics makes me feel super hungry

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This look like a bit similar what we have at Sasagawa, how was the taste?

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Looks like many bloggers share their love to Japanese cuisine makes me miss my favorite salmon sashimi >.<

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I feel the serving is bit small but chawanmushi and fish are looking quite tempting.

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Small portion of food but looks very tempting! Must be yummy!

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It was nice seeing you here and your blue hair! The new lunch set is really satisfying and good too!