Indulge In LA CREMERIA & Win Your Ultimate Dream Vacation !

Just a quick sharing on this space of mine. LA CREMERIA has just come up with a really cool contest. Imagine taking a romantic leisure walk by River Seine in Paris, and immersing yourself with the rich culture and history of Rome. Turn that imagination into a reality with LA CREMERIA and stand a chance to win the ultimate dream trip to not only one, but four amazing destinations!

Double the indulgence, The World Can Wait
Double the indulgence, The World Can Wait

In line with the brand’s tagline of “The World Can Wait” which highlights the importance of making time to enjoy the little moments that life has to offer, LA CREMERIA Ultimate Indulgence Giveaway contest aims to reward consumers with an indulgent treat to wrap up the year with an all-expense paid holiday to Paris and Rome, Tokyo or Maldives.

LA CREMERIA Ultimate Indulgence Giveaway
LA CREMERIA Ultimate Indulgence Giveaway

“Year-end is the time where people are starting to wind down and we want to take this opportunity to remind consumers to make time for life’s little pleasure. We are so carried away with the daily hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to forget to make time for ourselves and before we know it, it’s time to face the full year ahead,” said Yit Woon Lai, Business Executive Manager of Nestlé Ice Cream. 

 Step 1
Step 1

“At LA CREMERIA, we want to champion the notion that it’s okay to take a moment for yourself even if it’s just to relish simple pleasures and our ice creams allow consumers to do exactly just that. After all, LA CREMERIA® is the perfect balance of smooth and creamy ice cream expertly crafted from hand-selected ingredients, it is best enjoyed if you make time to savour – hence, giving you a moment of true personal indulgence. We took indulgence to the next level and now, you can even win your ultimate dream trip while enjoying your favourite LA CREMERIA®!” added Yit. 

The contest offers consumers more reason to try the full LA CREMERIA ice cream range as the more ice cream one indulges in, the better their chances of winning. To top it off with something sweet, one can also win RM1,000 cash prizes every week.

Step 2: Key in the batch code from your product package as Proof of Purchase
Step 2: Key in the batch code from your product package as Proof of Purchase

To participate, follow these three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Buy any LA CREMERIA product range
  • Step 2: Key in the batch code from your product package as Proof of Purchase at Do retain the original receipt and packaging for winners' verification and prize redemption later. 
  • Step 3: Answer a simple question and register your personal details 

Step 3: Answer a simple question
Step 3: Answer a simple question 

The Ultimate Indulgence contest period starts from 18th October 2015 – 29th November 2015. For more information, head on now to their Facebook page at Terms and conditions apply.


suituapui said...

Never tried theirs, would always buy Walls' Magnums. Maybe I day.

Caroline said...

My fave ice cream flavor from this brand is the chocolate obsession! yums!

Unknown said...

Ok time to stock up this ice cream just for the contest. Wish me luck

wfc said...

i like la cremeria . if go shopping can try it n join the contest .hehe!!

5 Little Angels said...

La Cremeria is my favourite ice cream. I'll join the contest to win RM1k. Thanks for the infor.

jessytheklchic said...

Looks soooo good la their ice cream. I tried it once, think it was the caramel. thinking back makes me want to have another. shall check out their contest also :D

renaelyng said...

Never tried this brand, and the contest is actually tempting enough for me to try it out haha!

Aliza Sara said...

Definitely a reward in both ways. To eat and a chance to win? haha. I say its ice cream time!

FiSh said...

I dont mind eating loads of ice cream if i can win a prize to paris hahah :p

Miera Nadhirah said...

Oh my gosh... ice cream time... lets go eat La Cremeria and try our luck!!!!!

Rawlins GLAM said...

Oh yes.
Gonna try out - mana tau menang kan.
Thanks Isaac for sharing the opportunity.

Betty's Journey said...

Ice Cream is my favourite. Can enjoy eating ice cream and win contest, no bad. Going to my luck on it.

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Ice Cream! Cool I can eat my fav ice cream and win prizes now, hehe.

Selina Wing said...

Thanks for your info! I will buy ice cream La Cremeria to win the prizes keke :D

Sunshine Kelly said...

Wow can win holiday to Rome, I can try my luck.

Ivy Kam said...

Ice cream, who can resist this >.<