Esme Drip Bar @ Esme Aesthetics Clinic, Jaya One

Do you remember those drips we take when we are in need of hydration? Now with new technology and all, Esme Aesthetics Clinic, Jaya One, a professional beauty clinic in Malaysia have introduced their Esme drip bar, a range of various drips to cater for different 'upgrades' to your body. 

Esme Drip Bar @ Esme Aesthetics Clinic, Jaya One
Esme Drip Bar @ Esme Aesthetics Clinic, Jaya One

ESME Aesthetic Clinic
D-65-1, Jaya One, No 72a, Jalan Universiti
Tel: 03 7955 1391 / 03 7955 1491

Clean, comfy clinic
Clean, comfy clinic

Arriving at Esme Aesthetics Clinic, I was impressed by the clean and comfy clinic, which provides a range of beauty treatments. My reason to be there that afternoon was to try their drips treatment. Esme Drip Bar newly launched their drips treatment which encompass seven different drips for different functions, namely the Energizer, Cleanser, Detoxifier, Liver Cleanser, Immunity, Post Party and Whitening drip. 

Esme Drip Bar @ Esme Aesthetics Clinic, Jaya One
Esme Drip Bar, choose from 7 different treatments. 

Before I chose the drips which I want to try out, a quick doctor's consultation is in order, where this machine called the "Bio-Feedback Analyser was used to check my overall body's condition. I was told it's being used by potential astronauts to check for their condition so it's pretty accurate, and goes down to every single detail, from the condition of your organs to your overall well-being. 

The bio feedback analyzer machine
The bio feedback analyzer machine
A consultation with the doctor
A consultation with the doctor

Now I did not have a clean bill of health, and after a quick analysis, I was offered an option to choose from any of the seven drips available. Before we move on to the actual process of hooking me up to the drips, let's see what exactly the drips are about shall we. 

Energizer, Post Party, Whitening, and Immunity
Energizer, Post Party, Whitening, and Immunity

Energizer Drip
  • Energizes the body with Vitamin B12
  • Perfect for those who feel fatigue easily
Post Party Drip
  • Has detox functions
  • Produces an anti-vomitting effect
  • Great for hangovers and post party symptoms
Whitening Drip
  • Contains Vitamin C
  • Has skin glowing effect and hydrates skin
  • Perfect for those who spend long hours in the sun
  • Perfect for those looking to be fairer and improve their skin
Immunity Drip
  • Aids in recovering from cough and cold
  • Boosts general immunity
  • Perfect for those who travel often

More drips for you and me
More drips for you and me

Detoxifier Drip
  • Rids your body of heavy metals and toxins
  • Reduce allergy symptoms
  • Helps in relaxing and reducing stress
  • Perfect for those starting a weight loss plan
Cleanser Drip
  • Conducts overal cleaning of your system
  • Aids in illness recovery
  • Perfect for those who've been eating too much rich food and those who just ended a holiday.
Liver Cleanser Drip
  • Aids in cleaning your liver
  • Perfect for those who enjoy alcoholic drinks often

Energizer drip on-going
Energizer drip on-going

The area to undergo these drips treatment had a calm lush feel to it, with large comfortable sofas for you to lay back and relax while watching TV with satellite channels to choose from. The drips preparation were rather fast, and the staff from Esme were really skilful in getting those needles in. I chose the Energizer drip as I'm always out nearly all the time rushing from one place to another, this will help in battling my fatigue. 

Friends and bloggers that were there that afternoon
Friends and bloggers that were there that afternoon

The drip took roughly 45 minutes, for it to go into your system, and needless to say, after undergoing it, I did feel rather refreshed and pumped up to face the rest of the day. For more details you may visit Esme Aesthetics Clinic website at and their Facebook Page at


suituapui said...

No wonder looking more & more handsome by the day! :D

Jessie Koo said...

Looking great isaac. And bravo. I haven't had d gut to try. Lol

Jessie Koo said...

Looking great isaac. And bravo. I haven't had d gut to try. Lol

Emily said...

This looks like a quick and dirty way to beauty and health. I wonder if there would be any side effects. If you were paying for it, how would you know you were not dripped with a placebo instead?

Betty's Journey said...

No bad har Isaac, Man also need to care about their skin. So you feel energetic now? :P

cindyrina said...

can't wait for your transformation. but the drip sounds horror for me.

Sebrinah Yeo said...

Wah... ok... it's like... vampirism lolx... Minus the blood and all. Not pain meh?!?!

Adeline Lee said...

Seems like very pain. >< I wish i dare to do it 1 day. ><

wfc said...

wow...isaac. u become hansome now!! :)

Unknown said...

Ohmy! I wish to try this too! It looks great! Can you please contact me if there is any events like this next time? Hahahaha!

zzz said...

Wow you're so brave to try!! I dare not to try this kind of drip! But it looks so great especially the detoxifier drip!

Miera Nadhirah said...

It looks interesting and scary all at the same time... at least to this big old chicken who is terrified of needles... LOL

5 Little Angels said...

I easily get tired sometimes. Maybe I should try out the drip treatment. Hopefully will mades me fresh after that.

Mike Yip said...

It'll be awesome if they have Whiskey drips.... imagine having that and then taking shots. damn... it'll be a fun day in town.

Leona Lim said...

I wonder how often do you need to do the drips to have optimum health and immunity from viruses

Sharon Lee said...

waa first time hearing about this Drip treatment. Thanks for the sharing and review hehe!

Pooja Kawatra said...

Great you are enjoying it! I am actually scared of needles so be it medical or beauty i totally want to ignore it.

Unknown said...

Wow! You so dare to try it out! I don't think I really want to try it out even if foc for me, hahaha

Isabel said...

Eeek! I wouldn't dare to try this x.x No needles for me please..

Little Clouds of Thought said...

Yikes!! Needles and me are not friends! Glad it helped you feel energized though!

Ivy Kam said...

No pain no gain, say yes to pretty pretty ;)

AngelBong said...

i'm not dare to try coz really scare "needle"
but for who always enjoy alcohol, should do it !

Anfield Yee said...

They really poke a needle through your skin? @_@ A little scare to try lol. But looks fun tho

Rawlins GLAM said...

So Isaac...
That is your secret eh