Sasagawa Authentic Japanese Restaurant @ Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Now I don't always get the chance to dine at an authentic Japanese restaurant, hence when I had the opportunity to check out the 10 dishes 'course' menu from Sasagawa Authentic Japanese Restaurant @ Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel, I was elated to say the least. Recently opened, back in June 2015, the restaurant is located inside the very posh Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel, serving genuine authentic Japanese cuisine.

Sasagawa Authentic Japanese Restaurant @ Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Sasagawa Authentic Japanese Restaurant @ Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Sasagawa Authentic Japanese Restaurant 
Address: Level 2, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel, 
Jalan Sultan Ismail, 
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: 03-26023288

Operation hours: Opens daily
Lunch : 12 - 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm - 10pm 

Beautiful decor of Sasagawa, complete with a bonsai tree in the middle of the restaurant
Beautiful decor of Sasagawa, complete with a bonsai tree in the middle of the restaurant

The decor and design of Sasagawa is based on Japanese traditional style, complete with wooden furnishings, bonsai tree, water, and sakes all around. Even the staff there are from Japan, which adds a nice touch to the authentic Japanese feel. Sasagawa Authentic Japanese Restaurant prides itself to give its diners a sense to be dining in Japan, with premium ingredients imported direct from Japan. 

Love the decorations and elaborate furnishing
Love the decorations and elaborate furnishing

Sasagawa aims at providing a full-scale Japanese dining experience. Their target are high end consumers who will appreciate simple and healthy Japanese food, just like how the Japanese does it. Creating a traditional ambiance and atmosphere of the good old ancient city of local Kyoto, not only do they import the best ingredients directly from Japan, their methods and recipe are unlike any other Japanese restaurants in town. 

Choose from a selection of Japanese liquor and alcohol
Choose from a selection of Japanese liquor and alcohol

That evening, we were served with some delectable authentic Japanese cuisine prepared by Chef Hitoshi Sasagawa, a pleasant, youthful and good-looking chef who is trained under the Iron Chef "Tadamichi Ota". Sasagawa imports and replenishes their fresh stock of Japanese fishes and vegetables directly from first-rate fish markets from Tsukiji Market Tokyo in Japan.

Dine in comfort and style
Dine in comfort and style
Sasagawa's menu offers 4 selections of Lunch Bento including Chef's Special Bento, Tempura Bento, Sushi Bento and Teppan Bento Set too. Dinner patrons can choose from their 3 selections of Dinner Set Course, namely Yuki, Hana and Tsuki besides the a la carte dishes of Sashimi, Sushi, Pot Stew and Steak among others. They have their full menu online as well, so do check it out linked here

Our evening at Sasagawa entails a luxurious dining experience with their HANA Course Menu priced at RM350 which includes Aperitif, Appetiser, Sashimi, Simmered Dish, Main Dish, Deep Fried Dish, Rice with soup and Dessert. 

Appetiser - Fruit Tomato, Fish Cutlet, Egg Tofu
Appetiser - Fruit Tomato, Fish Cutlet, Egg Tofu
Egg tofu
Egg tofu

We kicked off our HANA Course Menu with appetisers in the form of Fruit Tomato, Fish Cutlet and Egg Tofu. The fruit tomato has a refreshing effect, all the way from the Kochi prefecture in Japan. I found the Egg Tofu to be quite interesting, made from egg and japanese dashi stock mixed well and steamed. The topping is made from salmon egg, golden powder, radish and wasabi. We had the Nanbanduke Fish Cutlet as well, served with Kikka flower and loofah marinated with vinegar.

Sashimi - 4 types of fish
Omakase Sashimi (Otsukuri) - Ocean Fresh Platter - 4 types of fish

Up next, a plate of really fresh imported seafood from Japan. The main course will follow the "Kaiseki" style, categorised by cooking method, with each dish representing one of the methods. Some dishes may vary, according to the season and chef's individual style. The Omakase Sashimi Set of Chef Sasagawa's daily recommendation comes with 4 selections of freshly air-flown fish for the day. A combination of Maguro (Tuna), Chutoro (Tuna belly), Shimaaji (Striped Jack) and Salmon Aburi (Braized Salmon) filled the plate, so much raw goodness. 

Kuroge Wagyu Steak with Japanese Seasonal Vegetable
Kuroge Wagyu Steak with Japanese Seasonal Vegetables

Not so much a fan of sashimi, I was delighted with the next dish, the delicious Kuroge Wagyu Steak with Japanese Seasonal Vegetables. A grilled dish or Yakimono dish in Japanese, often features local wagyu, which is exactly what we had that evening. Love how it was served medium rare, with a pink centre, but lightly seared browned sides, I could not get enough of that juicy tender meat. Good stuff. 

Pot Stew (Nimono)
Pot Stew (Nimono)

It was an interesting Pot Stew dish which came next, Nimono in Japanese, a dish made by boiling, simmering or stewing vegetable and meat or seafood, often in a mixture of soya sauce, sweet cooking sake and sugar. Our pot stew for the day was Chef's creation of Japanese style onion soup stock with braised pike conger, seabass and octopus. 

Cooked to simmered perfection in front of us
Cooked to simmered perfection in front of us

The dish is cooked in front of us, with Kujo green onion, Mizuna, rolled Chinese cabbage, Maitake mushroom and lime thrown into the mix. The final soupy goodness actually tasted really good, so tasty due to the onion and fresh fish. Needless to say, I slurped my way to a happy stomach, cleaning the bowl up. 

Steamed Dish - Special Chawanmushi
Steamed Dish - Special Chawanmushi

Steamed to perfection, the special Chawanmushi served by Sasagawa is unlike any I've tried. The egg custard dish is steamed together with Goma (Sesame) tofu to create that really super smooth and soft texture. Topped with thin sliced winter melon, wolfberry, and lots of Goma cream, I found out the reason Sasagawa prides itself as serving real authentic cuisine. 

Deep Fried Dish (Agemono) - Tempura
Deep Fried Dish (Agemono) - Tempura

I'm so used to the usual crispy battered tempura that when Sasagawa served their tempura creation, I had trouble coming to terms that this was indeed a deep fried dish. So different, the created tempura consist of Cha Soba Sushi served in mixed stock sauce with glazed Daikon radish, topped with white onion and wasabi. The soba didn't quite sit with me, as it added a slippery, almost slimy texture to an otherwise flavourful tempura dish. 

Shokuji Set (Rice)
Shokuji Set (Rice)
Shokuji Set, consisting of rice, miso soup and pickles
Shokuji Set, consisting of rice, miso soup and pickles

Usually served just before dessert, would be the Shokuji (Rice) set. The set consists of rice, miso soup and pickles (tsukemono). The rice is cooked together with salmon slice, burdock and salmon egg. I like how the rice is mixed together with a ladle before being served in these cute white bowls. After having our fill of the rice, we were all but satisfied, saving up for the final course, my favourite dessert. 


We ended our HANA course menu meal with sweet desserts in the form of four choices of japanese ice cream, Yuzu Sorbet, Macha Ice Cream, Black Sesame Ice cream and Yukimi Daifuku. A special mention should be made for the Yukimi Faifuku (mochi ice cream). I really liked it, wrapped in thin coating of sticky mochi was the sweet vanilla ice cream, perfect end to a rather filling authentic japanese cuisine at Sasagawa. 

Dining at Sasagawa Authentic Japanese Restaurant @ Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel is a wonderful experience, where we learnt to appreciate the fine art of dining with real authentic japanese cuisine. Do try out Sasagawa the next time you're in town, and looking for authentic japanese cuisine in a nice hotel setting. 


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Unknown said...

JAPANESE FOODS is my favourite food! Planning to have birthday celebrations over there. Thanks for sharing! =)

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The food looks pretty high quality. I hope it lives up to my expectations!