Pretz N' Beanz Cafe New Menu @ IPC Shopping Centre

My last review for Pretz N' Beanz was a while back over at their Solaris Mont Kiara branch. Just recently they had a revamp of their menu, with some new creations to the list of food available. I had the opportunity to try the new menu out the other day over at Pretz N' Beanz, IPC Shopping Centre with a couple of other foodies. Check out what we had below.

Pretz N' Beanz Cafe New Menu Launch
Pretz N' Beanz Cafe New Menu Launch

Pretz N' Beanz IPC Shopping Centre
G23, Ground Floor, IPC Shopping Centre
No. 2, Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, 
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
Tel : +603-7732 0175

Operating hours:
Mon – Sun : 9am – 10pm.

Comfy, contemporary setting
Comfy, contemporary setting
Al fresco setting outside
Al fresco setting outside

Pretz & Beanz serves some really nice food, focusing on their signature pretzels, pretzel pizza and freshly brewed coffees. They serve a variation of pretzels and our signature pretzel infused menu. Located inside IPC Shopping Centre, just beside the entrance, they have an outdoor al-fresco section too, with comfy decor inside. 

Hot Pepper Chili Chicken Pretzel Pizza - RM17.35 (7inch), RM24.35 (10inch)
Hot Pepper Chili Chicken Pretzel Pizza - RM17.35 (7inch), RM24.35 (10inch)

Pretz N' Beanz, famous for their pretzels, have perfected the art of making pizza with pretzels as its outer crust. How awesome is that? On their menu, they now have this really spicy pretzel pizza, the Hot Pepper Chili Chicken Pretzel Pizza, hope I've got the name right, which is so spicy that will make you shed tears. Sprinkled on top are actual bits of cili padi, going rather well with the chicken, capsicum, onion and mozzarella cheese. 

Continental Breakfast - Choice of 3 with thick toast / croissant (RM17.35), Choice of 5 (RM22.05)
Continental Breakfast - Choice of 3 with thick toast / croissant (RM15.80), Choice of 5 (RM20.05)

Part of Pretz N' Beanz' all-day breakfast menu offered the very delectable and filling continental breakfast. We got a choice of going for either the smaller sized one with a choice of 3 yummy varieties of food, served with thick toast or croissant, or the larger portion one with a choice of 5 yummy varieties. You get to choose from any of the eight varieties consisting of beef bacon, chicken ham, chicken sausage, hash brown, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and eggs (sunshine, scrambled or omelette). Good stuff here. 

Chicken Con Carne Baked Egg - RM17.90
Champignon Baked Egg - RM17.90

New on their menu would be this very interesting dish, the Champignon Baked Egg. Served in a bowl with pretzels and sauces on the side, the dish is essentially eggs baked with tomatoes, mushroom and mozzarella cheese. I think it tasted rather good, lots of eggy goodness. 

Beef Goulash - RM20.05
Beef Goulash - RM20.05

Pretz N' Beanz introduced the Pretz n' Stew menu which offers freshly baked pretzels served with you choice of stew. On the list, we get to choose from the delectable beef goulash, green curry or cheesy chicken stew. We picked the Beef Goulash to try out that afternoon, and my it was good. Thick, flavourful servings of the stew, with lots of meaty delights to be found inside, it went really well with the pretzel. 

Volcano Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream - RM15.05
Volcano Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream - RM15.05

We ended our meal there with one of the best desserts off the menu. With smooth, hot chocolate flowing out from the Volcano Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream, I had to agree it was a great end to a good meal out at Pretz N' Beanz. Do check them out at IPC Shopping Centre or at their other branch in Solaris Mont Kiara the next time you're in the mood for that perfect pretzels, or some hot food to fill the stomach. 


suituapui said...

I sure would love to try the pizza...and the lovely looking goulash! Nice choc lava...but ouch! The price...for a dessert!

Small Kucing said...

baru noticed your new hair style looks good

congratulation on moving into your new home

Would love a taste of the pizza

Caroline said...

Always pass by there but never try it! Will definitely drop by to try out the Beef Goulash!

Miera Nadhirah said...

I'd love to try the Champignon Baked Egg.. I love mushrooms... and that one look super delectable.......oh ... tummy's growling now... huhuhu

wfc said...

i like their pretzel , soft n valuable!!

Sherry Go Sharing said...

wow... everything looks so yummy. IPC so long no go with family must go check this place soon.

Unknown said...

i'm a great fan dessert...the volcano chocolate cake with ice cream is calling out to me

Uncle Zuan said...

cool place to hangout :D

Bella Enveeus said...

Pretzel pizza? I'm intrigued. I've only liked eating pretzel as it is, but that also depends to my mood. No harm in trying out something new I suppose. Wanna visit this place lah if I'm nearby

Ivy Kam said...

Been there before with my friends, love their foods, so delicious and has a lot of varieties :)

仙妮 said...

Wow!the volcano chocolate cake seems very tasty to me, maybe am a big fan for chocolate 😊😉👍🏻 Cheers,

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Yummy! I jealous you always makan for FREE lol ;)

Jacqueline Khoo said...

Wow look so delicious! Definitely an awesome breakfast to kick start a new day ;)

Aliza Sara said...

Beef goulash looks sooooo goooooooooood! i should pop by one day when i pass by. hehe

Leona Lim said...

why beans seems a prominent feature in many cafes nowadays, is it becoz it's super healthy? the breakfast set does look amazing that's the kind of stuff id love to have to brekkie

5 Little Angels said...

Vocano chocolate cake looks so tempting. Gonna try it soon. Yummy...

cre8tone said...

I never try and dine in this place before... The food looks yummy!~

Shiv B said...

Oh I have yet to try Pretz and Beanz but I heard that it is good :) Plus the dishes look uber delish Isaac, now I will definitely give it a try ^^

Anonymous said...

I love pretzels esp. for breakfast. It's good to see that this cafe serves more than just pretzels for breakfast but other great meals as well!