Huawei Honor 7 Launched in Malaysia @ The Bee, Publika

Huawei's latest and greatest smartphone, the Huawei Honor 7 was launched recently over at The Bee, Publika. I had the opportunity to attend the media launch event, and with the slogan "Your unfair advantage", I was might impressed with the new device. Honor 7, Huawei's new, fully metallic flagship device comes equipped with a host of innovative smart functions and multimedia capabilities that will help you and me tremendously in our daily routine.

Huawei Honor 7 Launched in Malaysia
Huawei Honor 7 Launched in Malaysia 

One very cool feature of the Honor 7 smartphone is that all these capabilities can be unlocked by using smart buttons and a gesture-enabled fingerprint reader. My first impression on holding and feeling the device was that it had a really solid feel to it. The form factor isn't much to shout about though, but the colours when switched on came out vibrant and vivid. 

Even the models were decked in the signature Huawei colours
Even the models were decked in the signature Huawei colours

Speaking at the launch, Allen An, Director of E-Commerce South Pacific said: " Developed to make operating it as simple as possible, the honor 7's solid performance will be a true reflection of the user's identity. Its multi functionality enables young working adults to outperform their peers no matter at work or leisure. Its smart and multimedia capabilities will also inspire action and creativity that will surprise everyone else in their circles"

Mr Liu Kang, CEO of Huawei Technologies Malaysia at the launch
Mr Liu Kang, CEO of Huawei Technologies Malaysia at the launch
And its officially launched
And its officially launched

The device itself came in precise dimensions and metallic finish to offer an optimal form factor along with a premium feel. Touted to be highly reliable, Allen An added that all of these will allow the users to keep their competitive edge in today's fast paced society. 

Honor 7, 5.5" screen, perfect in your hands
Honor 7, 5.2" screen, perfect in your hands

Established in April 2004, the honor Malaysia series strives to unleash the maximum potentials of Malaysians and help them to discover their best self beyond any expectation by brining revolutionary devices to the market. In line of this pursuit, it constantly seek feedback from its users, of which will be put to good use in the development of their upcoming products. 

Honor 7 on display during the launch
Honor 7 on display during the launch

Solid metallic build with ergonomic single-handed design

The honor 7's fully metallic body is air-brushed with a ceramic coating, offering an unmistakably premium finish. The device's ergonomic 5.2 inch encasing and carefully positioned buttons and sensors meanwhile allows for ergonomic single-handed operation like never before. 

Smarter fingerprint technology that speaks to users' needs

Included in the smartphone is a frame-free metallic fingerprint reader which allows for rapid 360-degree fingerprint authentication from various angles, and even boasts a self-leaning capability that allows scanning accuracy to be enhanced through the subtle re-recodring of registered fingerprints during use. 

Speakers, and charging port at the bottom
Speakers, and charging port at the bottom

Performance capabilities and tuning for the constantly connected

Powered by HiSilicon octa-core Kirin 935 processor with its A53 and punchy 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM offering, the honor 7 has the muscle to offer consistently smooth performance. When it comes to connectivity, Huawei's Signal+ technology and a smart dual-antenna design allows for the networks with stronger signals to be found at 80 times the average speed of similar devices. 

Inside, the 3100 mAg battery is pretty awesome, offering exceptional standby and use times as well as reverse and quick charging capabilities. 

It's pretty thin
It's pretty thin

Multimedia might to unleash your inner creativity

The honor 7 comes with a 20MP rear-facing camera powered by a Sony IMX 230 sensor and honor's PDAF fast focusing technology that allows its f/2.0 aperture lens to capture strikingly vivid low-light condition images. The 8MP front facing camera allows for pretty awesome selfies and wefies. 

Intuitive design and smart functionality

Built to redefine mobile Internet experiences, the honor 7 offers exceptional smart capabilities aided in part by its smart key, an additional button placed on the left side of the device that can be used for snappy Google searches on-the-go. The device features various voice capabilities too, including the ability to take screenshots with its knuckle-tap feature that allows users to tap the screen twice with their knuckles for an instant full-screen capture. 

Two colours of honor 7, the Mystery Gray and Fantasy Silver
Two colours of honor 7, the Mystery Gray and Fantasy Silver

Huawei's honor 7 will be available in two colours, Mystery Gray and Fantasy Silver for RM1,399. Pre-orders were made available to the public at from September 21st 2015 onwards. For more information do visit their website at today. 


Anonymous said...

I use their wireless modem, I guess everyone does.

cre8tone said...

Their smartphone looks great.. Never try one before though~~~

FiSh said...

Looks powerful yet affordable :D time to consider getting one hahaha

Xoxo, FiSh @

Sylvia Lye 美娇娘 said...

Planning to buy a new phone~~ Will put Hua Wei in my consider list, thanks for sharing bro~~

5 Little Angels said...

Honor 7 seems interesting. Times for me to get one for my hubby as I love the design and the functions

Sherry said...

wow this look so nice. We can't have enough of gadgets and phones. Shall save money for this.

Unknown said...

never tried this before but the pricing seems eye-catching with the functions given

Emily said...

I like Honor phones but I am waiting for Huawei them to switch their Back button to the right side. That's my pet peeve!

Michhysaurous said...

I've not tried Huawei phones before Haha. I didn't know they have phones 😂

Betty's Journey said...

I heard this phone is good and worth for money.

renaelyng said...

Never really tried Hua Wei phones before, nor held them haha. But looks like a good phone for those with tight budget, as opposed to those ranging more than 3K now :P

Jacqueline Khoo said...

Quite a few friend using Honor 7, gonna have a look on HuaWei Center next time to check it out ;)

Xin A Day said...

It looks so great!!!
Should I change my phone??? *thinking*

Xin A Day said...

It looks so great!!!
Should I change my phone??? *thinking*

SY said...

Recently has so many new launch~ Head cracking which to buy... Haha~~~

wfc said...

Honor 7 smartphone , seem like one of good choice!!

Janice Yeap said...

looks nice! might consider buying this since it's not that expensive =)

Maple Shuh Hong said...

the price not too expensive, considering the 20MP front camera. and the stylish design is really a plus point, but the hp so thin, would it be hotter earsier?

Sharon Lee said...

Looks like a cool new gadget! hehe Planning to change hp this might be a nice choice! hehe

Aliza Sara said...

Mhmm, this is new. I wonder how good it is. haha. will check it out at stores

Leona Lim said...

all these phones are looking better and better eh, who needs an expensive phone nowadays haha.

cleffairy said...

Eh...the lenglui looks so cute in the pastel baju. I want that more than the phone. Whwhahahaaaa.

Ivy Kam said...

Time for new phone :) Interesting and detail write up!

Shiv B said...

Been hearing about Honor 7 for awhile now Isaac. Seems like an nice phone and the price tag on it is quite affordable as well :)

AngelBong said...

wish to have a look today after knock off ^^
thanks for sharing ...

Happy walker said...

Good to see Kelly jie there too, hihi

Anonymous said...

My friend recommended this to me. I am looking for a phone that would be able to take great photos. I wonder if this is actually any good.

Arisa Chow said...

Nice and sleek looking! So when la you gonna do personal review for this? :p

仙妮 said...

This is a nice model from Huawei. Do you get a free phone? :)
This attract me as I like to take photos! :)

Ailany Zabidin | Urban Hippie KL said...

Octacore, that's certainly has got to be awesome! plus the camera capabilities are amazing, can go down all the way to 2.0 aperture, that's crazy man :)
Totally signed up to your blog :) great review!

Lany xoxox

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John said...

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