ALCATEL OneTouch Flash Plus, Selfie Like A Pro

I wrote about the ALCATEL OneTouch Flash earlier this year, and it's awesome to know the brand is back with a fresh, more powerfu device, aptly named the ALCATEL OneTouch Flash Plus. I'm privileged to get the opportunity to review this device which arrived at my doorstep today. My device came in Matt Slate colour, which looks like a mix of grey and blue, in matte surface. With a tagline that reads "Selfie like a pro",  this new Alcatel comes with superior 8MP bright front and 13MP back camera and a whole bunch of new features.

ALCATEL OneTouch Flash Plus, Selfie Like A Pro
ALCATEL OneTouch Flash Plus, Selfie Like A Pro

It didn't take long for me to cut open the plastic wrapping the packaging, unboxing it on the spot. I'm really excited to find out how the 8MP bright front camera fares, but first check out what is inside the packaging. The Alcatel Onetouch Flash Plus unit comes with a charger, USB cable and an earphone.

Unboxing the Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus
Unboxing the Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus

The unit that I chose came in Matt Slate, with a rather curvy look. For a smartphone with a 5.5" HD display, it is really quite light, weighing in at only 147g with a thin 7.95mm profile from the side. Lightweight, it's perfect and easy to selfie with the Alcatel OneTouch Flash Pro.

8MP Front Camera
8MP Front Camera
Acceptably thin profile, at 7.95mm, with sim1, sim2, and micro SD slots at both sides
Acceptably thin profile, at 7.95mm, with sim1, sim2, and micro SD slots at both sides

The highlight for this Alcatel Onetouch Flash Plus is the 8MP bright front camera with optimized camera software of voice recognition capture function. I immediately had a go, taking a quick selfie at home with my youngest kid, baby Karlson, and the facial-enhancement capabilities and wide angle took me by surprise. Stunning, and so easy to look good. Check out our picture below!

Our first selfie with the Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus
Our first selfie with the Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus

If the front camera having 8MP is great, do remember this piece of gadget comes with a 13MP rear camera, meaning you can take beautiful shots with it. You can leave your camera behind, and use the Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus for that quick on-the-go shot, and it won't disappoint. The video quality is exceptional too, capturing videos at 1080P 30fps.

13 megapixels of goodness in its rear camera
13 megapixels of goodness in its rear camera
Video is exceptional too
Video is exceptional too

Packing all the useful features into one small package, the Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus comes with dual SIM functionality using TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE technology. Yes, that means you can slot in 2 sim in your smartphone at the same time. Good job, and here I am wondering why the other giant manufacturers don't implement dual sim across all their devices.

Love the matt slate colour, with a matte surface, good grip
Love the matt slate colour, with a matte surface, good grip

The Alcatel Onetouch Flash Plus is no slouch in the power and battery department, packing in a 3500mAh lithium-ion polymer battery with power saving mode can stand up to non-stop 8 hours of video gaming, 28 hours of music play or 6 hours of camera shooting according to the test done by Alcatel. Real life conditions stood up pretty well, lasting me more than half a day. Bear in mind I'm a real power user, literally on my smartphone every other minute.

Powerful, long lasting battery
Powerful, long lasting battery
Love the feel of the casing
Love the feel of the casing

The unit I had is equipped with 64Bit 8 core 1.5Ghz Octa-core Processor that gives a powerful, efficient and smoother experience especially when we are doing multi-tasking. Watching movies and doing work on the 5.5" IPS HD Display does wonders to the enjoyment and comfort of my eye. With 2GB RAM, pages on the internet loads faster while videos and games will be able to support colour at higher resolutions.

The Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus runs up to 4G LTE, giving us smooth and fast internet all the time.  It supports both TDD-LTE / FDD-LTE technology and is compatible with a wide range of network spectrums worldwide. If the internal space doesn't suffice, fret not, as the smartphone also comes with 32GB expandable memory.

Anytime is a selfie time!
Anytime is a selfie time!

After using it, my first impression is that the Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus is indeed a value-for-money smartphone that allows us to take stunning selfie. The convenience of dual SIM and a longer battery life, plus a good large display gives lots of plus points to the phone. For a price of RM549, I really do think it's worth the money you splash out on.

Color: Glossy Gold & Matt Slate
Price: RM549

Get it now from

Availability: Now you can start to Pre-Order this Alcatel One Touch Flash Plus 16GB Slate at RM549 (ETA: 10 September 2015) at with 1 Year Official Alcatel Warranty. 

* Use the voucher code "FLASHPLUS" to get RM50 off at checkout. (Voucher Code: FLASHPLUS)

For more information about the Alcatel Onetouch Flash Plus and Pre-Order check out Lazada Malaysia's link at


suituapui said...

So very affordable! They gave you one, is it? You're keeping this one...or your old one. I don;t mind either. Hint! Hint! :D

Emily said...

Hi Isaac,

I'm contemplating this or wait for Xiaomi Redmi Note 2.

Please help me experiment:

1) 2nd SIM is 4G or not?
2) Can 3rd party apps (camera & audio recorder) save files directly to SD card?


Pamela Yeoh said...

looks affordable. and i love ur lil son posting style .

Unknown said...

- Both sim is 4G enable
- Yes it can depend on your setting

Unknown said...

Is the voucher still valid?

5 Little Angels said...

I love this phone. So many functions available and friendly to use. Hope to get one for myself.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

nice selfie smartphone. Price looks affordable too.

cre8tone said...

Looks like it's a great phone to use... Nice nice..

Betty's Journey said...

so long never heard about Alcatel phone. The design not bad and is affordable price.

Jacqueline Khoo said...

The selfie look damn clear! What a nice and affortable phone for everyone!

cindyrina said...

They even give a pouch? Look a bit curvy but the function not bad weiiii!!!

Unknown said...

Seems like their main competitor is Lenovo A7000

Unknown said...

wah....u so pro Iris

Emily said...

Thanks for your replies, Iris.

Unknown said...

I did check on other news on Flash Plus from Philippines & Indonesia, selling like!

Janice Yeap said...

This would be a perfect choice for a person like me who loves taking selfie. It's not that expensive after all.

Miera Nadhirah said...

Loving this selfie phone... envy... envy... I want one too... huhuhuh

Maple Shuh Hong said...

not bad wor~~~ great camera at only Rm 549. thanks for inform! another option other than Asus zenfone 5 now, hahahaah

Elle said...

Which other phone is this comparable to - Redmi Note 2 ? Looking for a dual sim phone. Right now have shortlisted Redmi Note but this also looks good ..... :)

ReiAyunan said...

This is one great tech review. I am indeed looking for a good cellphone with very good camera (front and back). Might consider this.

zzz said...

Wow!! The front camera is so clear and bright! And the price is only RM549? Whatttt, considering buying this for my parents as their birthday present! hehe thanks for sharing isaac :)

Aliza Sara said...

The price is so reasonable! OMG! and i got my eye on the rose gold. would it be too much to own 2 phones at once? :p

Sharon Lee said...

The outer design is really pretty and classy! The selfie quality looks not bad too. With the price so affordable with such quality is worth to buy! You son looks so cute >.<

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

So good always get new phones! I need a new phone too maybe could consider Alcatel

Shiv B said...

Oh my that Rose Gold one Isaac, major love! And considering that the pricing is RM549, it is very affordable indeed ;) Definitely got my eye on that one :)

仙妮 said...

Wow! A nice and affordable phone....moreover the selfie would be an attractive factor to consider though...I like the on do rose gold ....nice!😉

Christine said...

Another phone to add to my KIV list. Thanks for the review!

Pooja Kawatra said...

Phone looks quiet affordable and sleek, good to option to explore the new features.

Arisa Chow said...

pro selfie master Isaac Tan XDDD
but i seriously like the gold one, really sleek,

Leona Lim said...

that's really cheap for a good performing phone like this, now everyone can get good smartphones.

Ivy Kam said...

Yay, with superior 8MP bright front camera, I can selfie like a pro liao :)

Happy walker said...

wow, so many good comment for this phone, must buy liao lah~ said...

That so good