Tao Cuisine All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Ala-Carte Buffet @ Sunway Giza

Looking for an All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Ala-carte buffet? Then you must go for the unlimited delicious Japanese cuisine, which is ordered from their ala-carte menu, available for lunch and dinner at Tao Cuisine Japanese Restaurant, Sunway Giza. I was there last week for lunch, and my, it was a feast. Check out some of the food available from their ala-carte buffet below.

Tao Cuisine All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Ala-Carte Buffet @ Sunway Giza
Tao Cuisine All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Ala-Carte Buffet @ Sunway Giza

Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine
Sunway Giza Shopping Mall
Block D, S.02A, S.03 & S.05
2nd Floor, No. 2, Jalan PJU 5/14
PJU 5, Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-6148 2826
Fax: 03-6148 5826

GPS: GPS: N3°9′5.6″  E101°35′30.36″

Daily lunch: 12pm to 4pm

Dinner (Mon - Thurs) 5.30pm to 10.30pm
Dinner (Fri-Sun, Eve of PH, Public Holiday) - 1st section 5.30-8pm, 2nd section 8.30-11pm

Lunch (Mon - Fri) : 59.16 nett
Lunch (Sat & Sun, Public Holiday: RM71.92 nett

Every Dinner: RM71.92 nett

Clean, very japanese-like interior of Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine
Clean, very japanese-like interior of Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine

The restaurant includes specialties such as Japanese, Chinese, Thailand, and other foreign or ethnic food. Tao restaurant with 300pax sitting capacity is catering for special occasions such as birthday, Family gathering, anniversaries, banquets, special event, receptions and meetings. 

Dine in comfort and style
Dine in comfort and style

The buffet concept offers unlimited service with customer’s food ordering from the menu provided at the table. With the unlimited choices customer can order any items from the menu and you can repeat order without any limits until you are satisfied. How awesome is that! With more than 130 dishes to choose from, we were basically spoilt for choice. Each dish is served pretty fast too, each made ala-minute and fresh. 

Motoyaki Scallop
Motoyaki Scallop
Kaki Hiroyaki
Kaki Hiroyaki 

Two dishes which looked almost alike, but are very different inside, both the ingredients and sauces used. The Motoyaki Scallop came on a plate with 3pcs of baked scallop with spicy mayo. Love how the spicy mayo sauce gives that oomph to the freshly baked scallops. If you like oysters, then do order the Kaki Hiroyaki, which is basically baked oyster with cheese mayo. Both these dishes can be found on Tao's menu under the Yakimono section. 

Soft Shell Crab Kaarage
Soft Shell Crab Kaarage

My all time favourite dish from any Japanese menu would be the Soft Shell Crab Kaarage. Here at Tao, they serve these delectable crunchy deep fried soft shell crab with accompanying assorted vegetables. Love how they sprinkle some sort of chili flakes on top, adding to the flavour. Available under the Age Mono section of the menu. 

Awabi Ebiko
Awabi Ebiko - Zensai section of the menu
Green Dragon Roll
Green Dragon Roll 

Lovers of sushi and and maki will be delighted to know they have an assortment of varieties available to order from their menu as well. We tried the Green Dragon Roll which contained deep fried prawn, cucumbers, kani, avacado, and mango, going rather well with our palate. The Awabi Ebiko is pretty good too, abalone with ebiko sauce. 

Ika Teriyaki
Ika Teriyaki
Idako with bacon
Idako with bacon
Grilled chicken
Grilled chicken
Tao Cuisine is proud to present some really nice grilled seafood and meaty dishes too, found on their ala-carte menu which can be ordered during your dine-in. Love the cutesy Idako, baby octopus served on a plate with bacon by the side and nicely done grilled chicken. If you're in the mood for grilled squid, then be sure to order their Ika Teriyaki, served in teriyaki sauce. 


They serve good Gyoza too, panfried to perfection, the minced chicken dumpling goes well with soy sauce, or just taken on its own. I personally called for more of their very unique mentai sauce, perfect to be dipped into. 

Black Pepper Beef Teppanyaki
Black Pepper Beef Teppanyaki

On top of ala-carte dishes from the menu, you can opt to order their teppanyaki sets too. We had the Black Pepper Beef Teppanyaki, which came with generous amount of pan fried beef doused in teppanyaki sauce. On that same teppanyaki menu too, you can order duck, snapper, beef bacon and even kimchi teppanyaki. 

Sake Hamaguri
Sake Hamaguri

Stir fried clams with Japanese rice wine makes up the Sake Hamaguri dish, something which goes well with a glass of Japanese green tea if you asked me. We had so much other dishes during our lunch meal at Tao Cuisine that day

With over 130 dishes to choose from, my advice would be to come hungry, real hungry as you will walk out being filled to the brim. The prices at Tao Cuisine All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Ala-Carte Buffet @ Sunway Giza are pretty affordable too, for the quality and variety available, going for lunch RM59.16 nett mondays to fridays, RM71.92 nett Saturday, Sundays and public holidays. Dinner is pegged at RM71.92. 

Current pricing, it's really worth the price you pay!
Current pricing, it's really worth the price you pay!


suituapui said...

What's an Ala-Carte Buffet? You order what you want from a menu, no buffet spread to go and pick your choices...or there is both ala carte and buffet.

Isaac Tan said...

I actually asked the same question! hehe, they have a mini buffet spread, but the rest, you order from their ala-carte menu, and it will be served. Pay once, order as many times as you want until you are filled.

Miera Nadhirah said...

Oh wow.... that is fascinating... an Ala-Carte buffet.. I am intrigue... looks just amazing... must go check it out soon.....

Betty's Journey said...

A lot of people mention Tao food is nice. Fresh and worth for price.

Emily said...

Japanese cuisine seems to be the in thing right now. Many friends have already recommended Tao. It is definitely going into my makan list when I am in KL.

5 Little Angels said...

The price quite reasonable and able to get some delicious food. Will try it soon

Unknown said...

Japanese foodssssss...gonna try out these!

cre8tone said...

I'm always craving for japanese food.. So yummy!


Pooja Kawatra said...

What a beautiful platter of food and i am loving the photos you have captured.

Jacqueline Khoo said...

Woo their grilled chicken look damn nice! So tempted to try it out. Thanks for sharing ya!

elanakhong said...

Wow... all the foods pic makes me drool. I love ala carte buffet style!

Sherry Go Sharing said...

hehe. love to eat buffet, it's time eat nonstop. But don't over eat, hard to sleep at night.

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Oh I went there with frens many years back. Their price not bad still maintain at low prices oh.


仙妮 said...

omg....Isaac, why you always do your blogging on Japanese foods! So tempting....now I am hungry for supper when I read your blog post. Another Japanese place for me to check out soon for their buffet : ) Hmm...there is slightly price difference, lunch and dinner selection same same? Cheers, https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/

Shiv B said...

The seafood selection here is impressive Isaac! Major love on Japanese food, so will definitely head over and try it out soon ^^

Syafiera Yamin said...

halal tak isaac? I nak makan sushi

Leona Lim said...

all you can eat 130 dishes that's really spoilt for choice, i love the interiors and the private seating area, quite romantic

Sharon Lee said...

Its been a long time since I am here with my college's mate. The price increase alot since then. Interior and sitting area still looks comfy and nice!

Ivy Kam said...

OMG look at the baked oyster, with so much cheese!!!

Aliza Sara said...

Never ending with food. haha. I need to prepare my tummy first, before visiting your blog the next time. *Cries*

cleffairy said...

All you can eat? That is nice. Ahhhhhhhh nom nom non!

Sin Yee said...

I actually want to try Tao few years back but still haven't. No one wants to go with me. =3=

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Just a quick question. Do they serve Sashimi too?