Sushi Mentai @ USJ Subang, Selangor

Sushi lovers would have heard of Sushi Mentai. Serving affordable and quality Japanese food to the masses, allowing all to enjoy Japanese delicacies against a modern and casual backdrop, Sushi Mentai has many branches naitonwide, with more to come. I was at one of their branch in USJ Subang the other day for lunch to try out some of their noms. Check out what we had that afternoon.

Sushi Mentai @ USJ Subang, Selangor
Sushi Mentai @ USJ Subang, Selangor

Sushi Mentai USJ Subang
35, Jalan USJ 9/5S
UEP Subang Business Centre
47620 Subang Jaya

Modern, casual dining with a kaiten belt filled with sushi
Modern, casual dining with a kaiten belt filled with sushi

At Sushi Mentai, authentic Japanese food is no longer an experience reserved just for the privileged – the restaurant serves superior ingredients and condiments mostly imported from Japan to treat one to a gastronomical fare.

Pick and choose your favourite sushi
Pick and choose your favourite sushi

Did you know all the sushi from Sushi Mentai's menu either comes in a very low price of RM1.80 or RM2.80? How's that for affordability! Check out the menu pictures I've taken below, all you can eat at a low price. No wonder their outlets are always packed every day.

All these for only RM1.80 each, RM1.91 after GST :)
All these for only RM1.80 each, RM1.91 after GST :)
Only RM2.80 per plate? Wow.
Only RM2.80 per plate? Wow. 

The name Sushi Mentai stems from Mentaiko, a sought-after top fish roe dish lightly flavoured with sauce, and a household Japanese dish. Sushi Mentai’s signature dishes are also specially served with an in-house concocted Mentai sauce to bring out the flavours of the inherent ingredients. The culinary experience will necessarily be a palatable one.

Spider Maki - RM13.80 (4pcs)
Spider Maki - RM13.80 (4pcs)
One of my favourite at Sushi Mentai
One of my favourite at Sushi Mentai

Under Sushi Mentai's special maki roll menu, we found the Spider Maki to order. It came with generous portions of soft shell crabs, my favourite ingredient in any sushi rolls. I like the fact the soft shell crabs were crispy, with a tasty savoury flavour. Coupled with fish roe and their special sauce, this dish can be shared with a friend, or taken alone.

Ebi Mentaiyaki - RM9.80
Ebi Mentaiyaki - RM9.80

Up next, we tried Sushi Mentai's signature dish, the Ebi Mentaiyaki. Relatively large tiger prawns were used in this yakinomo dish, with generous serving of mentai, lightly seared to give out that burnt mentai flavour. Love the marination and sauce, which goes well with the fresh tiger prawn. Recommended dish, and for RM9.80, I think it's pretty affordable too.

Sashimi , Take (3 types combo) - RM16.80
Sashimi , Take (3 types combo) - RM16.80

Sashimi lovers should go for the Take, served in a bowl with a combination of octopus, salmon belly and white tuna. Served on ice, it's a refreshing dish, which doesn't have to break your wallet. Fresh, chilled and tasty, this is a must order if you have a thing for fresh, raw fish and seafood.

Tempura Moriawase (3pcs prawn with vege) - RM13.80
Tempura Moriawase (3pcs prawn with vege) - RM13.80

For some variety, do go for Sushi Mentai's Tempura Moriawase. Served with sauce on the side, the dish contains 3pcs of deep fried tempura prawns and assorted vegetables. Love the prawns, more so the sweet potatoes and other vegetables. Perfect for those who love to have some deep fried crunchy noms.

Overall, I left Sushi Mentai USJ Subang with a satisfied tummy, one which I will come back again, for their sushi and more. Do drop by any of their branches which can be found at should you be in the mood for affordable yummy sushi.


suituapui said... cheap!!!

Miera Nadhirah said...

Wow... Pretty cheap... And looks absolutely yummy too... Should check it out.. Is there any other branches around... Hehebe

Anonymous said...

Omg! I love Japanese foodssss! This is gonna be my next point of visit to fill in my stomach very soon : )
Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

cre8tone said...

I always love japanese food especially sushi! Yet to try out this restaurant but definately in my to-try list..

Ellie said...

Isaaaaaaaaccccccc....bojio again. Lol. Love sushi. Hubby too. Got to try these out soon.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

wow in Subang USJ, need to visit some day. As not easy to find parking there.

Unknown said...

Interesting. I've been walking pass the shop a few times but usually in a rush. Have to drop by there one day :)

Jacqueline Khoo said...

Wooo yummy yummy! Price cheaper than others leh! Can consider this shop next time hehehehhe

Leona Lim said...

Wah yummy I love sushi always! And the sashimi looks like very worth the price for they portion

cindyrina said...

Whoa! so least this is alternative for sushi king. The portion all look good!

Sebrinah Yeo said...

OMG!!! I Laaappp Uuu!!! I'm heading there this weekend!! TQVM!! Salmoooonnn..... 1.80.... 2.80... Some more so near!!

Ivy Kam said...

RM1.80 & RM2.80 for a plate of sushi, that's cheap!

Xin A Day said...

I want to try Sushi Mentai long time ago!!!
Have to find one day to try it!!!

Aliza Sara said...

SASHIMI! very affordable and cheap. Bet its way better than sushi k***. haha. Cant wait to pay a visit. Thanks Isaac!

Sylvia Lye 美娇娘 said...
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Sylvia Lye 美娇娘 said...

So so yummy!! how many you eat?? lol

renaelyng said...

Sushi Mentai is indeed really cheap though. There's one in SS2 which I have managed to try, though I didn't find it that superb, at least it's easy on the wallet haha.

yjc said...

Ahh I love prawns!! Feel like having Ebi Mentaiyaki and the tempura now!

zzz said...

Sushi mentai is my favourite sushi restaurant for currently! it is cheap, but the things I don't like is the shop is too small always have to queue up to 30-60 mins to get seat :(

Sharon Lee said...

sushi!!! Their sushi is quite affordable too <3 They have different outlet in KL area also right?