Lobbee Thai Connection @ Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana

Newly opened outlet in Empire Damansara, serving some delectable Thai cuisine, I was over at Lobbee Thai Connection a couple of weeks back. Located at the lower ground floor in Empire Damansara, the restaurant isn't too visible to the public, but you should be able to find it once you're on the lower ground floor. Check out what we had that afternoon. 

Lobbee Thai Connection @ Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana
Lobbee Thai Connection @ Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana

Lobbee Thai Connection
LG-07, Empire Damansara
Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 603-7629 4869

Interesting pictures and decor at Lobbee Thai Connection
Interesting pictures and decor at Lobbee Thai Connection
Simple, modern and comfy
Simple, modern and comfy

The name of the restaurant, Lobbee is derived from their specialty lobster and the head chef’s name Bee, Get it? LOBster BEE, pretty unique twist, and very creative. The decor is simple, clean and modern, which I was told is still in the midst of being perfected. They serve reasonably priced yummy thai cuisine. 

Red Lemon Soda - RM8
Red Lemon Soda - RM8

Even before our meal began, we were presented with some of the unique and signature drinks from Lobbee. Introducing the Red Lemon Soda, Thai red syrup mixed with refreshing soda, lemon juice and malt drink. I like how the sourish lemon juice and soda is placed in a smaller bottle upside down inside the glass. The moment we want to drink it, just lift it up and the two liquid will mix, creating a rather interesting sweet and sourish concoction. 

Iced Butterfly Pea Lime Juice - RM9
Iced Butterfly Pea Lime Juice - RM9

Another interesting drink, the Iced Butterfly Pea Lime Juice starts off being dark blue in colour. The colour is natural, made from Butterfly Pea leaves, the same material used for nasi kerabu. To enjoy this drink, pour in the lime juice and stir thoroughly to obtain a nice shade of purple color.

Lobbee Iced Tea - RM9
Lobbee Iced Tea - RM9

If you're one to go for a more conventional drink, then you must try the Lobbee Iced Tea. A rather sweet drink, here you have fragrant rose tea instead of your usual teh tarik, with blended lychee at the bottom for that natural sweetness.

Fried Potato Salad - RM11
Fried Potato Salad - RM11

I wonder why do they call this a salad, when it's plain ol' french fries, probably because it's served with their special Thai salad dressing. I do like the fried potato strips though, as it's freshly made from actual potato strips, not your usual McD styled fries. The Thai dressing itself made me dip my potato strips furiously into it, made from peanuts, long beans, fish sauce and palm sugar. You can choose to use it as a dip, or pour it into the bowl of fried potato. 

Chicken Skewers with Sticky Rice - RM9
Chicken Skewers with Sticky Rice - RM9
Good stuff
Good stuff

My favourite, the Chicken Skewers with Sticky Rice came served on a platter with marinated chicken breast and thigh on a skewer. Served with sticky rice that's chewier and less oily than normal, this popular Thai street food tastes great! 

Fried Prawns with Sesame - RM8
Fried Prawns with Sesame - RM8

Deep fried prawns, taken whole with the shell and all. I'm surprised we could actually take in the prawn shells too, as it is deep fried to a crisp. The Fried Prawns with Sesame goes well with the accompanying dip. 

Thai Squid Cake - RM12
Thai Squid Cake - RM12

A special mix of chewy squid rings placed inside the herbed fish paste, Lobbee's homemade version of the Thai Squid Cake is something I haven't tried before. The squid rings and different batter used makes this squid cake firmer and chewier than usual. 

Stir Fried Flat Noodles - RM15
Stir Fried Flat Noodles - RM15
The Stir Fried Flat Noodles is a tasty dish with flat noodles served doused in yummy oyster soy sauce. Served together with crispy fried chicken skin, chewy brown squid, scrambled egg and fresh lettuce, the chef actually used ‘chee cheong fun’ instead of the normal flat noodles for a smoother texture. How's that for creativity. 

Lobbee Combo - RM98
Lobbee Combo - RM98

Ah, we finally come to Lobbee Thai Connection's specialty signature dish, the Lobbee Combo. Made to share, recommended for 3-4 pax, Lobbee Combo is a whole big bowl of seafood goodies. We have the Asian green lobster, king crab legs, salmon, squid, mussels and soft boiled eggs inside, where diners get to choose their noodles from a choice of Thai kuey teow, Thai instant noodles, flat noodles or vermicelli noodles. Spicy enough, if you love seafood in piping hot tomyum-like soup, then you must order this dish. 

It was a really nice meal out, so do remember to check out Lobbee Thai Connection @ Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana the next time you're in the vicinity and want some good Thai cuisine. 


suituapui said...

Not really as cheap as it looks, some of the things but I love Thai. As long as they taste great, that's what matters most!

Happy walker said...

picture looks very nice, would love to try one day, but the price quite expensive, poorfags nowadays no $$ eat this kind of food jor~ =(

Miera Nadhirah said...

I saw squid cake.... I like squid... I would love to be able to try that.... hehehe

Sherry Go Sharing said...

Empire Damansara many nice shops to eat, but I feel I also get lost often lol. I seldom go that area, the food in your post sure looks yummy need bring go try out someday.

cindyrina said...

Lobbee combo totally delicious and wann try for instant. I love the way they serve the Red Lemon Soda. So unique! Oh! Iced butterfly pea lime juice...don't think I see it anywhere else yet! I would love to try this place.

Jacqueline Khoo said...

Wow, their drinks are so unique and I'm so tempted with red lemon soda :P all must be very deliciosus! :D

cleffairy said...

Waaaaaa. Nice food Isaac. Bojio. Next time I wanna makan these too.

Elle said...

The red lemon soda looks so unique and the Lobbee Combo ...oh my ! This will be my next stop !

cre8tone said...

I think I'm gonna like their drinks from your photo.. :) Looks so special!~ The food looks great as well..


zzz said...

Wow the foods looks super delicious and I love your photo quality! Keep it going ;)

Aliza Sara said...

HOLY GOD OF LOBSTERS! This looks really good. thank god i just had dinner cause you photos are very tempting. haha. Slightly pricey tho, good for special occasions :)

Aliza Sara

Alan Lim said...

Hungry looking at your photo... I like the drink presentation...

Ivy Kam said...

The Lobbee Combo looks really appetizing! Planning a visit there soon with my makan kaki.

Betty's Journey said...

The iced butterfly pea lime juice look attractive. The food picture so attractive and my stomach feel hungry

Sharon Lee said...

The food looks definitely worth to visit!! omg!! I love lobster so much <3 Thai food is one of my top favorite cuisine too!


Sin Yee said...

It doesn't look like authentic Thai food. Anyway, I shall try first before judging it from the photos. Thanks for sharing!

little miss smexy said...

Thanks for sharing! I would love to visit Lobbee :D

Sylvia Lye 美娇娘 said...

I like to see you blog about food!! The food always looked so yummy and made me want go for it ^^

Miriam said...

Omg Thai food is always so delicious!!! Plus your photos. Isaac.. I need to remember not to read your blog during lunch!


Unknown said...

Your photos looks so crisp and clear. I think your photography skills might have even made the food looks more delicious! I can't take seafood though, damn my allergies.

Leona Lim said...

I feel lobster buttered but this place has really interesting dishes especially the way the drinks are served, so creative

Isabel said...

Very very interesting dishes! The red lemon soda is so fun haha!