BAC Offers Free EduNation Programme For All Malaysian Students

So this piece of news came in my inbox today. As I regale to my youth; I realised I could never really grasp the topics that the teacher taught us during maths, chemistry, or even history. I continually struggled to comprehend all the various concepts and formulas. In fact, when I was in Form 5, I used to sit at my desk for hours on end trying to memorise the significant events that led to our country’s independence during History class– of which resulted in little success.

Now, with the help of technology, it’s easier than ever to access a variety of educational resources. Riding the technological wave, the good people at Brickfields Asia College (BAC) have devised  an initiative to help all Malaysian students learn in a fun and new age way. If you’re a Malaysian student seeking additional assistance and support to excel in your studies, fret not! You now have a new resource to turn to, EduNation.

BAC Offers Free EduNation Programme For All Malaysian Students
BAC Offers Free EduNation Programme For All Malaysian Students 

Recognising the need to aid struggling students in their studies, EduNation was born. EduNation, a volunteer-driven non-profit educational initiative funded by BAC, provides educational resources for Malaysian students who are seeking solutions for their academic challenges.

By uploading the Malaysian school syllabus online and by mapping the US-based Khan Academy videos and creating their own unique content, EduNation offers a comprehensive and free resource for public school kids looking for additional tuition and aid in their studies.

BAC Offers Free EduNation Programme For All Malaysian Students
BAC Offers Free EduNation Programme For All Malaysian Students 

The interface is user-friendly, and provides an efficient platform for kids to find the academic answers they need at their fingertips. When a student becomes confused or has doubts about a certain topic that he or she is studying, all they need to do is go online and watch the relevant videos corresponding to that particular topic on the EduNation website:; or on EduNation’s YouTube channel. Check out one of their promotional videos embedded below.

Mr. Raja Singham, Managing Director of Brickfields Asia College said:

“EduNation is a great resource for students because we have prepared videos that follow the entire Malaysian school syllabus, so these students can watch the videos, followed by exercises for them to attempt. On top of that there's also a community element, a social platform where people can interact and assist each other with the exercises and concepts for each subject and topic.”

The videos are simple and engaging, and the best part is, if you still don’t get it after you have watched it once, you can watch it over and over again! The videos cover subjects such as math, science, physics, chemistry, accounts, economics and languages, tailored for Malaysian public school students. EduNation also has a platform for students to review their work and take tests online to practice what they have learnt from the videos, enabling them to keep track of their progress. Sample video as below

“We don’t charge for the usage of these resources. It’s free for the students; it will always be free. They can come in and access the resources that are provided, as and when they need to. They don’t even need to register. It’s just like watching any other YouTube video, except that these are educational, informative, and relevant to their studies, “ added Singham.


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