Go For Gold With Jabra Move Wireless In Gold

Always a fan of the Jabra headset series, it's interesting to find out they have come out with more fashionable sets with the latest being the Jabra Move Wireless in Gold. After the highly successful global launch of the Jabra Move Wireless headset, Jabra the world’s award-winning Scandinavian headset maker now gives you the super stylish, Jabra Move Wireless in Gold which lets you stand out from the crowd in true fashionable style.

Go For Gold With Jabra Move Wireless In Gold
Go For Gold With Jabra Move Wireless In Gold

Packing all of the lovable features of the regular variant, the Jabra Move Wireless in Gold shines out with its striking colour that makes it the perfect fashion and music accessory for anyone seeking the perfect combination between staying trendy while enjoying high definition audio and music.

Jabra products have always been well regarded worldwide for premium wireless sound and ergonomical designs. 

Head out in style
Head out in style

Now, with evolving trends, the global headset maker is staying in tune with customers by providing products that not only sound and great, but also afford plenty of fashion appeal and style. As headsets increasingly become an essential digital device in daily life, looks now play a key role as consumers seek to reflect their personality to better distinguish themselves from the crowd.

With gold being a popular choice in Asia, it made sound sense to introduce the colour to a mass appeal product like the Jabra Move Wireless. The new colour variant is priced the same as the other choices in the Jabra Move Series.

The Jabra Move series is lightweight, simple to use and offers best in class performance at an unbeatable value. Designed by the world's top acoustics experts, it delivers unparalleled sound quality compared to similar products in its range.

Sleek and stylish
Sleek and stylish

Features include: 

  • Jabra's iconic DSP noise reduction technology for crisp digital reproduction with rich and full-spectrum stereo audio effects.
  • High-quality call performance in true HD Voice.
  • Control music and calls directly from your Jabra Move Wireless headphones.
  • Connects to all Bluetooth® ready devices
  • Ultra-light and adjustable headband that fits all head-types.
  • Cushioned, angled ear cups provide ultimate comfort
  • Premium durable design for life on the move:
    • Stainless steel headband
    • Tested to the max: Drop (1.5 m), bend (10,000x)
    • Dirt resistant fabric
  • Optional cord for analogue connection, perfect for use on flights or when the battery is low.
  • Up to 8 hours talk/ music time and up to 12 days standby time

Music and fashion enthusiasts should not miss this. The Jabra Move Wireless in Gold (and other variants in the series) are priced at RM399 and is sold at: ALL IT Hypermarket Sdn Bhd, epiCentre, Machines, Radioshack and Viewnet Computer Systems.

For more information about Jabra MoveTM  Wireless products, please visit:


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