A Different Kind Of GST - AirAsiaGo Launches Monthly ‘GREAT SAVINGS TODAY’ Campaign

Today marks the first day of April in 2015, as well as the day our Malaysian government implements nationwide the Goods and Service Tax (GST). How will it affect our daily routine, our finances? Let's hope it doesn't have too much of a negative impact. Anyway, today's short posting would be this interesting article that came in my email recently with regards to AirAsiaGo.com and their all-new monthly 'GST - Great Savings Today' campaign. 

A Different Kind Of GST - AirAsiaGo Launches Monthly ‘GREAT SAVINGS TODAY’ Campaign

With 1 April 2015 being the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), travelling Malaysians are bracing themselves for the possibility of extra expenditure on hotel bookings, flights and other travel necessities. With this in mind, AirAsiaGo.com, Asia’s leading one-stop online travel portal reassures its customers today by announcing the launch of a different kind of ‘GST’ – the ‘Great Savings Today’ monthly campaign! 

With the introduction of ‘Great Savings Today’, avid travellers are given access daily to the best deals on flight and hotel packages. Amazing discounts of up to 60% off are up for grabs monthly, when they book Flight and Hotel or Hotel-only packages via AirAsiaGo.com’s user-friendly website or the AirAsiaGo Mobile App. 

Darren Goh, General Manager of AirAsiaGo.com said, “In light of the upcoming application of GST in Malaysia, we want to give our consumers that extra boost of confidence when they choose to spend on AirAsiaGo.com. Travel deals will be just as accessible, and as affordable as before. This is partly due to the current competitive landscape in the industry, where more and more hoteliers in Asia are working closely with Online Travel Agents (OTA) such as AirAsiaGo to give the best offers in terms of price and packages.” 

AirAsiaGo Great Savings Today! Website
AirAsiaGo Great Savings Today! Website

“Although the GST may be viewed as an additional cost or tax burden for the consumers, here at AirAsiaGo.com it simply functions as a replacement to the current 6% government tax. Rest assured, our customers won’t have to worry about paying additional fees when they book with us,” he continued. 

The first ‘Great Savings Today’ is available for booking for the whole month of April 2015, and bookings will be valid for a travel period from 1 April 2015 till 31 May 2015. The offers cover travel packages to exciting holiday destinations within Malaysia, as well as Thailand, Indonesia, Indochina, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, India, United States, Europe and many others. 

The layout and some of the great deals
The layout and some of the great deals

“We are committed to providing only the best deals which are available for Flight and Hotel packages and Hotel-only bookings. In fact, prices on Flight and Hotel on AirAsiaGo.com have dropped between 15% - 20%, resulting from AirAsia’s decision to remove the fuel surcharge on its flights since last month,” said Darren. “There will be more exciting offers every month, so do look out for that.” 

To find out more, visit: www.airasiago.com.my/gst. For further information, log on to www.airasiago.com and download the AirAsiaGo Mobile App at http://www.airasiago.com.my/app. For real-time updates, search and follow AirAsiaGo.com on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 


suituapui said...

Quick! Quick! Buy! Buy! Any cheap fare to Sibu? Come...come!

Small Kucing said...

LOL....good idea of an ads

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