Touching Video: AmMetLife "What's your dream for your child?"

Recently I was introduced to this very touching video on Youtube. Watching it the first time brought tears to my eyes, literally. It is part of AmMetLife "What's your dream for your child?" campaign, and I must say, a huge part of the video I could relate to it personally. Okay, before we proceed, watch it first! I've embedded it below after the introduction image.

AmMetLife "What's your dream for your child?"
AmMetLife "What's your dream for your child?"

Have you watched it yet? Well, in a nutshell, the video shows this father and his daughter walking through the park, where he starts reading a letter written to him from her. It starts off being very loving, as the daughter relates how he loves her so much, spend time with her, and always makes her happy. Everything's fine and dandy here, until midway through the video...

My father lies... , the piece of paper reads. My father lies about having a job.. my father lies about not being tired.. my father lies about having money. Initially it hit home pretty hard, as the visuals shows the dad going through his daily life working really hard at menial and hard labour jobs, while trying to secure a good job for the future of his daughter.

Why does it make me cry? Well for starters, it's so darn touching! I mean, this is exactly what every loving father would have done for their children. Slogging hard, day in, and day out to provide for the daughter, without a thought for himself. 

What's your dream for your child? For me, my #DreamForMyChild would be to provide for my sons, and family, to ensure they get what they need and live a better life than mine. My dream would be to see both my sons be successful in life, growing up healthy and happy. No matter how hard I will have to work out there, to bring in the $$ to support their needs to grow up, I will do it as there's no better happiness than to see your own flesh and blood smile back at you. 

AmMetLife is having a campaign to hear what is Malaysia parents' dreams for their children.
AmMetLife is having a campaign to hear what is Malaysia parents' dreams for their children.

So what are your thoughts after watching the video? AmMetLife is having a campaign to hear what Malaysia parents' dream for their children. Submit your dream for your child at their website (,  and the most inspirational answer can win 1 brand new iPad Air 2 every week, pre-loaded with education support apps. The #DreamForMyChild campaign starts from 23rd January till 3rd April 2015, so a total of 10 iPad Air 2 are up for grabs!

Yes, you heard it right. There will be 10 iPad Air 2s to be won so why not give it your best shot today! I have submitted mine, so do submit yours too!

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  1. Saw the video clip sometime ago, last week or so. Loved it, very touching. I have a policy with this insurance company...maturing this year.


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