ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH - Performance Smartphone For Selfies

If you have not read about the launch of this very cool gadget from Alcatel Onetouch, do head on here to read about the launch. Today's post will be to introduce in further details the Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH smartphone as well as the on-going #BeAFlasher campaign. Now I've grown up with the Alcatel brand, and it is pretty exciting that they're bouncing back into the game in recent times.

#BeASelfie Campaign by Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH
#BeASelfie Campaign by Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH

First off, an introduction on Alcatel Onetouch is in order. Did you know the French brand smartphone is the top 10 best selling smartphone brand in 2013 along side Samsung, Lenovo and many more. (Source:

Even as I type this, Alcatel Onetouch has found themselves being a strong contender for Xiaomi, offering priced phone with strong features.

Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH, Best Selfie Smartphone Launched In Malaysia
ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH, Best Selfie Smartphone Launched In Malaysia

Speaking at the launching ceremony, KL Kong, Country Manager from TCT Mobile Malaysia (ALCATEL ONETOUCH) said, “The features in FLASH makes it a powerful smartphone for selfie lovers. And to top it all, this model is selling at a very affordable price. We are confident the design, superior features and value will make FLASH the most preferred smartphone in its category”.

Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH - Peformance Smartphone For Selfies
Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH - Performance Smartphone For Selfies


Recently launched in Malaysia early of December, the Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH is available for sales nationwide. Branded as one of the best selfie smartphone for selfie lovers with a whopping 5MP HD Front Camera with 13MP Full HD Back Camera, I would think it is a rather good performing selfie smartphone.

Some of the features for the front camera is the beauty enhancer mode without the need for 3rd party apps. It's not a slouch in the performance department as well, coming with a 5.5 inch HD screen and true Octa-core processor for better gaming and watching shows. Inside there is a large 3200 mAh battery which is touted to last more than one day on average use, hence it lessens the need to depend on powerbanks as much.

Antutu Benchmark comparison
Antutu Benchmark comparison

From the Antutu Benchmark v5.3, the Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH can be categorized as a rather high performance phone, better than the Xiaomi Redmi Note. Do check out the animation video below on Alcatel ONETOUCH FLASH! 

#BEaFlasher Campaign by ALCATEL

Alcatel Onetouch recently launched the campaign #BEaFlasher to embrace the culture of expressing their individuality through selfies. Check out #BEaFlasher campaign on Instagram and FB. I've participated too! Check out my photo which I submitted below of my wilder days! 

My #BEaFlasher participation picture, join now!
My #BEaFlasher participation picture, join now!

More information can be found on their website at

Michael Chen, Marketing Director APAC for ALCATEL ONETOUCH said: “The ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH offers a great balance of features, performance and design and is the perfect phone to complement the lifestyles of the current smartphone generation, who express their individualities through selfies”. 

ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH is available in two colors: Crystal White and Gun Grey. 


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