Casahana Mooncake Promotion 2014 - New Flavours

The Mid Autumn festival mooncake promotions are still underway, albeit towards the end, where eateries and restaurants everywhere are showcasing and selling their mooncakes. I had the chance to be given a box of Casahana Mooncakes to try out a couple of days back, with the highlights being their two new flavours, Crimson Opera and Dark Knight. 

Casahana Mooncake Promotion 2014 - New Flavours
Casahana Mooncake Promotion 2014 - New Flavours

Truth to be told, when I was presented with these new flavours, I was a bit hesitant to try them out. To me, nothing beats the good old White Lotus Paste with an egg yolk inside. Check out my previous writeup a couple of years back on Casahana's mooncake. (Casahana Mooncake For Mid Autumn Festival 2012) Nevertheless, it's always good to try out new flavours. 

Nothing beats the traditional Casahana Lotus paste mooncake
Nothing beats the traditional Casahana Lotus paste mooncake
The new Crimson Opera mooncake from Casahana
The new Crimson Opera mooncake from Casahana

The new paste flavour from Casahana, aptly named the Crimson Opera due to its reddish hue is an artistic presentation of a flower. The lotus paste filling had a hint of sweetness from beetroot, followed by the flavorful cheese and creamy white chocolate at the centre

Casahana Dark Knight Mooncake
Casahana Dark Knight Mooncake

It does look the part, being black and all, Casahana's Dark Knight Mooncake comes in black encasing. The fragrant black sesame and black bean paste filling inside comes with soft brown sugar omochi wrapped in a charcoal pastry cloak. Unique flavour, yet somewhat appetising once you bite into it. 

Casahana 2014 Mooncake Packaging
Casahana 2014 Mooncake Packaging
The various flavours from Casahana
The various flavours from Casahana

Pure Lotus Paste
* Pure Lotus (RM15.90)
* Pure Lotus with 1 Yolk (RM16.90)

White Lotus Paste
* Low Sugar White Lotus 1 Yolk (RM17.90) - Made from 100% lotus seeds with single egg yolk and added with an aromatic presence of pure peanut oil with low sugar taste.
* Scarlet Snow (RM17.90) - A unique combination with the sweet fragrance of pomogranate omochi and aroma of rose petals, filling with tasty honey, it makes you crave for more!

Pandan Lotus Paste
* Pandan Delight (RM17.90) - Enjoy every mouthful of the aromatic pandan paste with a hint of milky butter taste; added with single egg yolk for different layers of taste.

Tea Paste
* Green Tea Apricot (RM17.90) - Luscious apricot bits in green tea smoothness with refreshing taste.

Chocolate Paste
* German Black Forest (RM17.90) - Indulge in double chocolate paste with blackcurrants, chocolate chips and red cherries that set to delight your western taste buds.
* Chocolate Peppermint (RM17.90)

Red Bean Paste
* Citrus Red Bean (RM12.90)

Nut Paste
* Golden Mixed Nut (RM18.90) - Enjoy the savoury taste of spicy chicken floss and dried meat squashed in thick layers of wholesome mixed nuts, melon seeds and grains.

Individual Paste
* Violet Harmony (RM17.90) - The rich taste of taro and sweet potato with the breezy taste of omochi, simply delightful on its own!

2014 promotion
2014 promotion

The mooncakes from Casahana are available in different gift sets this year and purchased from the outlets below:
Klang Valley - Great Eastern, Sg. Wang, Leisure Mall, 1 Utama (New Wing), The 19 USJ City Mall, IOI Puchong, The Mines, Casahana factory outlet
Johor Bahru – City Square, KSL City, Sutera Mall
Penang – Sunway Carnival Mall
Others – Jusco, The Store, Giant, Cold Storage, Tangs Empire, Isetan KLCC, Village Grocer Giza, Ben’s Independent Store, Ipoh Parade
Singapore – Takashimaya, Vivo City

For more information, do visit or call 03-78055339.


  1. Can't say I'm fond of the colours. Traditional pastry, lotus paste salted egg yolk - that's what I like.


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