Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014 #ShellFSC

Driving has always been a passion for me, from the time I got my first car, up until now where I literally drive more than 80 kilometres daily for work. The high mileage usually translates to a very high petrol bill every month, hence I'm always on the hunt for better solutions towards fuel efficiency. No thanks to peak hour jams, driving nowadays has become pretty tedious especially when it's a nasty slow crawl on the road.

Carpooling is out of the question even though it did come up during my thought process to save on my petrol budget. Using my Fuelly mobile app to record down every time I pump petrol, I am able to roughly gauge which petrol manufacturer and even petrol stations that gives me more mileage. In tandem with that, I've learnt to control my right food so that I can drive more efficiently, saving more petrol in the process.

Being an avid user of Shell FuelSave 95, especially to fuel up my car for the long journeys back to my hometown, I am pretty hyped up over their latest on-going challenge contest. Shell Malaysia is hosting the 6th Shell FuelSave Challenge, an annual driving event that showcases how easy it is for everyday individuals to become advocates of fuel efficiency. They will be rewarded too when they practice the Shell FuelSave Tips, coupled with the use of Shell FuelSave 95 – a fuel that is Designed to Last Longer per Tank.

Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014 #ShellFSC
Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014 #ShellFSC

Join the driving challenge that will test how fuel efficient your driving is. If you can put Shell FuelSave Tips into practice, you can win up to RM 20,000! Now that's a huge sum of money, which can be won easily by following the steps which can be found at Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014's website (

Join the Shell FuelSave 95 Challenge today!
Join the Shell FuelSave 95 Challenge today!

The purpose behind this challenge is to educate Malaysian motorists on fuel efficiency by making smarter choices on the road with Shell FuelSave 95. The Shell FuelSave 95 containing Active Efficiency Ingredients helps to improve fuel and engine efficiency. 

For this year’s driving challenge, participants will be able to learn to make smart choices through a new experience by being part of an exciting online Shell FuelSave Journey at the same time getting the opportunity to win exclusive prizes and rewards.

vAre you ready to win exclusive prizes and rewards
Are you ready to win exclusive prizes and rewards?

So what happens after you have registered to join the Shell FuelSave Challenge? Well, if you are one of the chosen ones to proceed to the next step, that is to compete in the regional driving challenge. From what I've heard, a Hyundai Elantra 1.6 will be used this year, and the top fuel efficient drivers from Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuantan and Selangor will proceed to the National Final.

Lots of cash prizes to be won at every stage!
Lots of cash prizes to be won at every stage!

Wondering on how can you be a part of this year’s Shell FuelSave Challenge?

If you are aged between 21 to 60 years old, with a minimum of two (2) years driving experience, you can make your way to the Shell FuelSave Roadshows which will be held in four cities across the nation to answer a few simple questions and go through a short listing process.

You can also register online at

After registration, you are required to complete the assigned online tasks and missions on the Shell FuelSave Journey to make it through the Driving Challenge. If you did not make it through the next round, don’t worry as you will still stand a chance to win exclusive prizes and rewards!

The driving challenge on the hand will be divided among four regions (North, East Coast, Central and South) where 4 winners will walk away with RM 2,000 each and also stand a chance to compete at the National Finals for the grand prize worth RM20,000

The Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014 Roadshows Schedule
The Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014 Roadshows Schedule

For this year's Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014, four locations have been identified according to the schedule above. The grand final is scheduled to be held on the 18th October 2014. So what are you waiting for, register now at today!


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Saw this in Huai Bin's blog sometime ago. You're joining too? Good luck.

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This is great contest!

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Great news, great contest.
Set registration!!

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