Kopi Corner @ Jaya One Petaling Jaya

Jaya One has got its fair share of food and beverage, and Kopi Corner happens to be one of the few casual eatery serving some rather nice Terengganu cuisine. Back a couple of days, I took the chance to try out this rather new restaurant at Jaya One. Check out my review below on the food served. 

Kopi Corner @ Jaya One Petaling Jaya, Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken - RM8.50
Kopi Corner @ Jaya One Petaling Jaya, Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken - RM8.50

Kopi Corner
D59-LG2-2 Jaya One
No.72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Simple, nice decor of Kopi Corner
Simple, nice decor of Kopi Corner

Located on the ground floor of Jaya One, Kopi Corner opens for breakfast and lunch. When I arrived at the restaurant, there was already a rather sizeable crowd, there to enjoy the local cuisine offered. From my short conversation with the owner and chef who hails from Terengganu, I was informed of the signature dishes, one being the Nasi Lemak which was our first dish that afternoon. 

The Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken came in a rather large serving, with fragrant coconut lemak rice, with very flavourful spicy sambal on the side. Always a fan of peanuts, they were not stingy with the ingredients, especially the kacang. The dish itself looked pretty simple, but served hot and fresh, it did make a good meal by itself. 

Thick coffee (RM2.50) to go with our nasi lemak.
Thick sweet coffee (RM2.50) to go with our nasi lemak.
Fried Mee Hailam - RM8.50
Fried Mee Hailam - RM8.50

Another one of their signature dish, we were served with Kopi Corner's Fried Mee Hailam next. The taste of the thick black sauce reminded me of the usual Hokkien Mee, but here it was a tad more watery. The sauce was a bit too salty, butit went well with the mee and ingredients which sort of neutralized the saltiness of the dish. It was basically a seafood dish, where inside we had prawns, fish cake, squid and vegetables. I miss my meat. 

Keropok Lekor - RM5
Keropok Lekor - RM5

Original and fresh from Terengganu itself, the Keropok Lekor was purchased direct from the state, guaranteed authentic. One bite into it, and I could literally taste the huge amount of fishes which went into each piece, unlike some of our local keropok lekor which had more flour than fish. Served with the accompanying sweet and sour dark sauce, it complemented the keropok perfectly. 

Wholesome bun - kaya and butter - RM4
Wholesome kaya and butter bun - RM4

It was lunch time, yet we decided to give one of their breakfast meal a go, in the form of the wholesome kaya and butter bun. Not unlike other toasted bread with kaya and butter, what sets this apart would be the sweetness and creaminess of the kaya. It wasn't much to shout about, but I would think this will go well with a cup of hot coffee. 

Durian Rolls - RM10
Durian Rolls - RM10

We ended a nice lunch out at Kopi Corner with their delectable Durian Rolls. Deep fried rolls with thick, creamy real durian inside, I really like this dessert or appetizer snacks as referred to by Kopi Corner's owners. The durian flavour was really thick, not watered down at all, that it literally felt like I was eating fresh durian with some crunch from the deep fried 'popiah' skin. So the next time you're in the vicinity of Jaya One Petaling Jaya, do drop by Kopi Corner for some nice local fares. 


Ken said...

Oh my... i would love to have a bite on those durian rolls!

suituapui said...

Nice! Simple's the best - most important is the place is clean and the food must be nice. Ooooo...durian rolls! Yum! Yum!

ChrisAu said...

I want the durian rolls too !

Koh Kian Fai said...

this looks so good! (the nasi lemak), would drop by if I free XD

Philadelphia venues said...

Indoors is equally impressive with multiple bar, dance areas and plenty of space for all but the largest of the parties. I don't know much organizing such affairs but this looks like a great place to attend.

TNS said...

still available at jaya one now?