Celcom First Elite New Postpaid Plan: Priority, Control, Convenience Made For You

Celcom Malaysia recently launched their new latest postpaid plans, with the ultimate being the Celcom First Elite plan. Being a long-time user of Celcom postpaid plans, this new one really piqued my interest. Imagine having your own concierge service, your SIM card delivered right to your doorstep, reserved parking whenever you visit Celcom and many more privileges. Read on below for more insights into this latest plan.

Celcom First Elite New Postpaid Plan: Priority, Control, Convenience Made For You
Celcom First Elite New Postpaid Plan: Priority, Control, Convenience Made For You

Introducing the ambassador of Celcom First Elite, Maria Sharapova, someone I believe is the right fit, as it has that elite feel to the whole idea. Here’s a Maria Sharapova fun fact! She has won 3 Grand Slams in her career: 2004 at Wimbledon, 2006 U.S. and 2008 in Australia. How's that for being world famous.

Celcom First Elite: First Advantage
Celcom First Elite: First Advantage

Some of the new features of Celcom First Elite is totally cool, with top priority given to its users ahead of others. With Celcom First Elite features like First Advantage, Priority Delivery, First Access, Device Care, First Assist, First Concierge, Priority Parking, you know you'll be treated like a VIP. Check out some of the Priority features elaborated in more detail below.

First Advantage: Doing mobile transactions are the norm in this modern age, and with this feature, you will get a dedicated Personal Service Consultant to help you all the way. Imagine the convenience of paying your bills, replacing your SIM card and more all with just one phone call. Even if you're overseas, just dial 1881 or 1800 111 888 or +603-28488000 and you will be served. Walking in to the numerous Blue Cube outlets nationwide is a breeze now as there will be priority lanes provided at the Celcom First Elite Exclusive Counter.

Celcom First Elite: First Access
Celcom First Elite: First Access

First Access:
When new devices are launched, Celcom First Elite will prioritize you for first access. Exclusive privileges to reserve and own the latest devices and gadgets are also accorded to you. How cool is that? Collect the devices at your convenience or have it delivered direct to your doorstep!

Preferred Number:
This is one of the perks I feel would be useful for businessmen or folks who must have that 'special' one of a kind lucky number. Choose your preferred mobile number from a pool of reserved numbers which is guaranteed to be yours at the point of registration.

Celcom First Elite: First Concierge
Celcom First Elite: First Concierge

First Concierge:
Hey, you even get your very own 1-on-1 personal concierge and mobile expert to assist in all your mobile-related needs. His or her personal contact will be provided where you can call from 9am - 6pm, Mondays to Fridays. After business hours, just dial 1881 for your Personal Service Consultant.

Priority Delivery: 
Have a personalized delivery scheduled right to your doorstep, wherever you are, be it for you SIM Card replacement, new device, new line activation and many more. All this would be at your convenience of date, time and location. Now that's what I call true service.

Reserved Parking: 
Sometimes during peak hours, it can be a hassle and a slight inconvenience to locate a suitable parking bay. With Celcom First Elite, you get a uaranteed parking space, exclusively reserved for you when you visit Blue Cube Menara Celcom, Celcom Centre Johor Bahru or Celcom Centre Alor Setar. Enjoy priority treatment when you arrive, simply name your time and preferred outlet to reserve a spot.

Celcom First Elite: First Assist

On top of all the priorities given to Celcom First Elite users, don't forget the perks and convenience accorded through the 'Convenience' features. Check them out below.

First Assist:
Enjoy attractive packages of exclusive lifestyle experiences, all at reasonable prices for you. Take your pick from our Top 10 favourite packages, brought to you by Celcom's partner, RedRibbon Days.

Free Anniversary Device:
When I read this, I gaped in disbelieve initially. Get upgraded to the latest device every year, absolutely complimentary. Choose your device, and have it personally delivered to your doorstep. It's Celcom's way of always keeping you ahead of others. Your Free Anniversary Device comes with complimentary Device Care. Of course, do read their terms for more details on this.

Device Care:
Each device accorded to you via the Free Anniversary Device benefit, will come with a complimentary Device Care. Enjoy a temporary device delivered to you when yours is being serviced. In the event of a lost or stolen device, Celcom will replace it 1-for-1. Even better, Celcom will extend your 2-year manufacturer warranty by another year.

Celcom First Elite plan as seen from their website linked https://www.celcom.com.my/personal/plans/elite

Now I'm already contemplating to upgrade my current Celcom postpaid package to Celcom First Elite. If only I could successfully justify all these new perks and features to my home finance minister and close an eye to the new monthly commitment. Let's see how it goes. I leave you with a video showcasing Maria Sharapova as the ambassador of the new Celcom First Elite New Postpaid Plan. 


  1. I'm on CELCOM prepaid. This one better, lazy to read lah.... Ask them to call me, talk to me better.


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