Carlsberg Malaysia 2014 Chinese New Year Promotional Campaign

We have rolled into the year 2014, meaning Chinese New Year is just a couple of weeks away. With that in mind, Carlsberg Malaysia recently charged into the new lunar year with fresh promise of success and prosperity for its consumers. As a symbol of the magnificent steed set to usher in the year, Carlsberg is spreading good fortune with its cash abundant Chinese New Year promotional campaign that will see more than 80,000 prizes in cash and other giveaways going into the hands of lucky Carlsberg consumers. 

Carlsberg Malaysia 2014 Chinese New Year Promotional Campaign
Carlsberg Malaysia 2014 Chinese New Year Promotional Campaign

As part of the exciting campaign kicking off on December 16, there are 30 cash prizes in tier 1 worth RM8,888 which will go to each of the lucky consumers who find a rearing Carlsberg horse image with an ‘A’ on the bottle cap liner from either a large bottle of Carlsberg, Asahi Super Dry or Danish Royal Stout at participating restaurants, food courts, hawker centres and coffee shops.

Carlsberg brings more festive cheer when consumers find a ‘B’ on the bottle cap liner. This time RM388 goes to each winner from a pool of 3,000 such prizes comprising tier 2.

Henrik Juel Andersen, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, said, “Every Chinese New Year, we reach out to our Chinese consumers to show we share their values and respect their traditions. The Year of the Horse holds great excitement for Carlsberg as we plan to unleash more success, prosperity and good fortune in meaningful ways that will touch as many lives as possible.”

Carlsberg Malaysia 2014 Chinese New Year Promotional Campaign
Carlsberg Malaysia 2014 Chinese New Year Promotional Campaign

Cash isn’t the only thing that consumers stand to win. Each contest form, also comes with the opportunity to bag fortnightly bonus prizes in the form of LED televisions  courtesy of Carlsberg. Consumers are advised to submit their contest forms sooner rather than later to stand a greater chance of winning.

Discover a ‘C’ on the bottle cap liner? This will net 80,000 lucky winners a small bottle of Asahi Super Dry with which to toast the success and prosperity of their families and loved ones.

To redeem cash prizes from Carlsberg’s consumer promotion, consumers with ‘A’ or ‘B’ bottle cap liners can call the respective redemption centres, details of which can be found at participating outlets.  ‘C’ bottle caps liners with the horse image can be redeemed immediately at participating outlets, where contest forms are also readily available.

For more information on the consumer promotion and other festive activities lined up, visit us online at or


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