Celcom Talk & Surf 2013 Latest Promotion

Being a loyal Celcom user for the past 5 years or so, I'm always in touch with their latest and greatest promotions. Sometimes it can be rewarding, an example would be this latest offer promotion the "Talk N Surf" recently introduced by Celcom. 

Celcom Talk & Surf 2013 Latest Promotion
Celcom First, Your Calls, Your Data, Your Way.

Using a smartphone nowadays without a bundled internet plan wouldn't be fun at all because there's just so much to do, so many websites to surf. A data plan has become a neccessity, especially for me, hence I am actually using the Celcom First plan with addition bundled data.

The purpose of this post today would be to share on Celcom's latest promotion which gives even cheaper data plan together with the Celcom First voice plan. Named the "Talk & Surf" promo, Celcom First now lets us talk and surf a lot more for less. Starting from only RM88 per month, users get to enjoy 226 minutes and 5GB data. Check out the value-for-money plans below.

Celcom Talk & Surf 2013 Latest Promotion
Celcom Talk & Surf 2013 Latest Promotion

As a comparison, my current Celcom First plan with MPro data package costs me RM128 minimum per month. Now I can get the same package for only RM88!

These prices are special promotional prices, with a simple price comparison done below.
  • Celcom First Prime + mPro = RM88/month (Usual price: RM128)
  • Celcom First Premier + mPro = RM128/month (Usual price: RM168)
  • Celcom First Elite + mPro = RM198/month (Usual price: RM238)
Curious to see what you can do with 266 minutes and 5GB data?
  • 266 minutes gives you over 3 hours of calls to your loved ones.
  • 5GB data lets you send up to 150,000* emails @30kb/email, download up to 1,000* MP3 songs, stream up to 1,500* videos or watch up to 3* HD movies. *Terms and conditions apply

Value-for-money plans offered
Value-for-money plans offered

Check out too some of the FAQs prepared by the good folks from Celcom as below:
  • Who can sign up to this Talk & Surf plan?
    • This plan is applicable to all new and MNP customers only
  • How long is the campaign period?
    • The promo is valid from 14th October till 31st December 2013
  • How long is the duration of the discounted mPro price?
    • Customers can enjoy the discounted mPro price for 6 months
  • What happens after 7th month?
    • The price of mPro fee will be back to normal price, which is RM88
  • Does this plan come with contract?
    • No, there’s no contract
  • Can a postpaid customer add on mPro after the activation and still enjoy the discounted price?
    • No, the discounted price is not available for existing customer, hence customer must sign up the bundle at the point of  registration to be eligible
  • How a prepaid customer wants to subscribe to the Talk & Surf plan?
    • Prepaid customers who activates within the campaign period can enjoy the promo when they sign up to mPro plan by sending ‘ON MI’ to 28882
  • If I change my voice plan from prime to premier after I subscribe to this bundle, do I still eligible for the mPro promo?
    • No, the promo will be forfeited

I don't know about you, but I'm heading to the nearest Blue Cube, Celcom Xclusive or their nearest participating outlets as soon as I get the chance to check out more details on this plan and how I can take up this "Talk & Surf" promotion. Be quick though, as it is only valid up until this 31st December 2013. For more details about this offer, do visit their official website at https://www.celcom.com.my/personal/promotion/talknsurf?pid=1360826467841 .

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