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How time flies. It seems like yesterday I was at XPLAY 2012 (XPLAY 2012 Aquasonic Club Sunway Pyramid), and it is time again to experience the hottest clubbing series in town. Time to Muxic With XPLAY 2013 is back in town this coming November 2013, with more action than before in four major cities nationwide; Penang, Kuching, KK and KL.

Time To Muxic With XPLAY 2013
Time To Muxic With XPLAY 2013

Time to MUXIC With XPLAY 2013 Penang
Venue : Soju Room, Penang
Date : 1st November 2013

Time to MUXIC With XPLAY 2013 Kuching
Venue : Hitz FM Birthday Invasion Borneo Convention Centre
Date : 8th November 2013
Time to MUXIC With XPLAY 2013 KK
Venue : BED, KK
Date : 16th November 2013

Time to MUXIC With XPLAY 2013 KL
Venue : The Rootz, KL
Date : 30th November 2013 
Get entertained by international DJs like DJ Jam, DJ Sidney Samson, DJ Lil Jon, DJ Jewelz & Scott Sparks and more!  They’ll be hitting up some of the hottest clubs in Kuching, KL, Penang and KK and you’re invited to party with them all night long! Visit http://www.xpax.com.my/xplay2013, register and stand a chance to win FREE passes to XPLAY 2013. 

Time to MUXIC With XPLAY 2013 Penang
Time to MUXIC With XPLAY 2013 Penang

First up this coming 1st November 2013, Time To Muxic With XPLAY 2013 will be rocking up Soju Room in Penang. Check out the DJ lineup for the Penang party as below:

DJ Agent Smith
Coming out of Hollywood, Agent Smith, DJ, producer and remix GOD, has done it all! Busting into the DJ world as ‘DJ DoYou’ with his smash hit mix ‘Stuntin Mustafa’, Agent Smith now treks the globe bringing parties to life with his live mash ups that are as awesome as they are electrifying! 

DJ Gianni MarinoAmsterdam’s hottest beat mixer, DJ Gianni is the next big star in electro dance music! Taught the skills of spin by the legendary Laidback Luke, he’s remixed for Pitt Bull, Lil Wayne and more! He’s even been given the nickname ‘Remix King’!

Home grown boy DJ XU is the master of Malaysian beats! A game changer, he helped put the famous indie night ‘Twilight Actiongirl’ on the map! Now he revolutionises the local party scene with his awesome funky electro house mixes! Best known as Su the hairstylist he’s even better at stylin’ the beats!

Time to MUXIC With XPLAY 2013 Kuching
Time to MUXIC With XPLAY 2013 Kuching

Heading to Kuching at the Hitz,FM Birthday Invasion Borneo Convention Centre, the Time To Muxic With XPLAY 2013 will be pumped up with the likes of DJ Sidney Samson, DJ Lil Jon and the aweome Project E.A.R! Check out the DJ lineup for the Kuching party as below:
DJ Sidney Samson
The platinum record DJ no one can resist! His house mixes always get the house packed and people ripping it up on the dance floor! He’s into how beats set a new feeling, not just the sounds and mixes everything from dance house to spicy Latin tracks! Producer first and off the chain DJ second, he’s set to take over the DJ world!  

DJ Lil Jon
The bad boy of the bunch! Gangster rapper and DJ, Lil Jon started out rollin’ on the streets of Georgia USA and now people are rollin’ into the club to hear him mix his beats! Wherever the party takes him, Lil Jon Brings rapper attitude and gangster style to the turntable! 

DJ Project E.A.R
It’s The East Asian Revolution, singing, rocking, raping and hip hopin’ to create a fusion of Asian awesomeness! Project E.A.R brings together the best sound makers from all across Asia! With this much talent in one place they bring the ultimate performance to any club!

Time to MUXIC With XPLAY 2013 Kota Kinabalu
Time to MUXIC With XPLAY 2013 Kota Kinabalu

The folks from over the seas in East Malaysia gets to enjoy not 1 but two Time To Muxic With XPLAY 2013 parties with the second location at BED Kota Kinabalu. A short introduction to the DJs that are going to spin this coming 16th November 2013 at KK as below:
DJ Jam
DJ Jam is the man! The real deal, his list of “hommies” includes Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre and Notorious B.I.G! The tour DJ for Snoop and Dre, his mixes are heard in every club around the world! From mixing R&B, Hip Hop and reggae, to soul music, there isn’t anything Jam can’t do! A full part of the crew, when Jam throws a party, even Eminem turns up to hang out! 

DJ Noodles
Representin’ out of Taiwan, DJ Noodles is the Miss of Beats! The champion of DMC 06, she’s a Hip Hop spinning goddess that turns it up and turns any party on! DJ Jazzy Jeff gave praise saying, “DJ Noodles was amazing!” 

DJ Jerryca Misty
Local girl DJ J is one of the hottest new talents behind the turntables! She’s the first female DJ to represent Joe Flizzow’s ‘Kartelhitmen’ and is recognised as the #1 She-Jay in Malaysia! Her Smooth mix of blended Hip Hop, Pop and Electro Dance gets the dance floors of the hottest clubs pumping! 

Time To Muxic With XPLAY 2013 KL !
Time To Muxic With XPLAY 2013 KL !

The Time To Muxic XPLAY 2013 series would not be complete without the final party this 30th November over at The Rootz KL. Yes you heard that right, the party to be at is coming to town, so be sure to get your free pass now! A short introduction of the DJ lineup below.

DJ Jewelz & Scott Sparks
The new wave German duo, Jewelz & Scott make people move to a different beat, breaking with the norm and bringing dance beatsback to minimal basics with pounding bass and steady kicks in smash hits like ‘Toxic Rush’! They’re movin’ music forward and movin’ people at huge festivals!

DJ Da Candy
Da Candy is the complete package! DJ, dancer, Maxim model, MC and singer. This hot model was born to perform! Mashing up electro, pop, Hip Hop, dub step and dirty house, plus kickin’ it with her microphone skills, she makes every crowd lose control! 

DJ Nasty & Guru-Guru
DJ Nasty takes creativity to the max! Artist by day and DJ by night, this beat mashing superhero hides his identity behind his awesome robot mask! His mission is to redefine what “nasty” really means! Linking up with Guru-Guru to form Bass Agents they’ve taken hard style Electro to new levels at ‘In--‐qontrol’, Amsterdam’s biggest hard style festival! 

Register now at http://www.xpax.com.my/xplay2013

Remember, passes are free so be sure to visit http://www.xpax.com.my/xplay2013, register and stand a chance to win the FREE passes. Do it now to avoid disappointment. Register now, and come to the hottest synced beats n’ lights, cutting edge live performances and experience where digital sights and sounds come to play. Time To Muxic With XPLAY 2013, see all you party people there!

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