OLDTOWN White Coffee Celebrates Hari Raya With The Community

Last weekend was rather packed with events, one of which deserves a notable mention here. OLDTOWN White Coffee’s inaugural Hari Raya Open House, which was held at its outlet in Bandar Baru Bangi attracted a huge crowd of more than 2000 people from Bangi and its neighbouring vicinities.

Hunny Madu entertaining the crowd with her charms
Hunny Madu entertaining the crowd with her charms

Visitors at the open house were there not just to savour OLDTOWN’s special Hari Raya delights but also to join in the excitement of a carnival-like event with exciting line-ups of fun games, contests and stage performances. Hunny Madu, Malaysia’s sought-after talent who was also the master of ceremony at the event, wooed the crowd with her wit and charm as well as her renditions from her latest album.

Children from Yayasan Sunbeams Home, Yayasan Chow Kit and RACTAR were entertained by a clown on stilts
Children from Yayasan Sunbeams Home, Yayasan Chow Kit and RACTAR entertained by a clown on stilts

Approximately 100 children from the less fortunate homes namely Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (RACTAR), Yayasan Sunbeams Home and Yayasan Chow Kit were also treated to a sumptuous meal and fun activities at the event. OLDTOWN through its CSR arm, OLDTOWN Children Care Fund (OCAF), also handed out Duit Raya and some goodies to the children who were present at the open house.

Kids competing to give their best at a colouring competition
Kids competing to give their best at a colouring competition

Datuk Ahmed Tasir, Chairman of OLDTOWN Berhad said he is thrilled to see such good response from the public at their open house. “We’ve always positioned OLDTOWN as an ideal place for friends, family and business associates to meet. Our menu reflects the diverse Malaysian culture and tastebuds. This Hari Raya open house is definitely a demonstration of what OLDTOWN is,” said Datuk Tasir.

The large crowd turnout that afternoon
The large crowd turnout that afternoon

I would think OLDTOWN’s inaugural open house was a success, achieving its aim for a good cause. From what I gathered, the company aims to make this event an annual event where all Malaysians can come together and celebrate being Malaysian. 

*OLDTOWN White Coffee offers a variety of food and beverages that are clean, pure and suitable for Malaysian palates. OLDTOWN White Coffee has also successfully complied with JAKIM to ensure the ingredients and services are adhered to Halal standards. 

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