Smashies Burger Launch Event @ Metro Genting Setapak

So there was a launch event earlier today over at the rather new burger spot in town, Smashies Burger. With a name that gives me images of "smashing burgers", the launch was smashing too, to say the least. We had our Asia's very own Barrack Obama in attendance to launch the event. 

Smashies Burger Launched @ Metro Genting Setapak
Smashies Burger Launched @ Metro Genting Setapak

Smashies Burger
Address: Lot 126-G-5, Metro Genting,
Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak,
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operating Hours: 6pm-11:30pm daily

Smashies Burger Location Map
The rather colourful and comfortable ambiance of Smashies Burger
The rather colourful and comfortable ambiance of Smashies Burger

Following some anticipation, "President Obama" arrived in true presidential style at Smashies Burger in Setapak, complete with the top-level fanfare including his official limo, bodyguards and all. He received his first taste of the Smashies Burger, and officiated the opening of Malaysia's newest burger sensation.

"President Obama" arriving in style
"President Obama" arriving in style

Smashies Burger derives its ame from the method by which their burgers are made - by literally smashing a ball of pure, ground beef on a grill, searing in its natural juices to lock in the patty's natural flavours. Adding to the unique experience, Smashies Burgers come in a variety of coloured buns from yellow, orange, to red and black charcoal buns. Check out one of the burger I had that afternoon, the "Annoying Orange" burger. 

My Happy Cow Smashies Burger - RM16.99
My Annoying Orange Smashies Burger - RM18.99
Check out the various ingredients inside.
Check out the various ingredients inside.

I must say the beef patty was indeed really juicy, without being too burnt at the sides like some of the "burger bakar" I had lately. With generous amounts of cheese, hashbrown and cheese, with crispy beef bacon and single patty of beef all bundled into one Orange bun, I must say, I was full just from having one of these "Annoying Orange" Burger. 

A quick shot of the kitchen and how the burgers were prepared.
A quick shot of the kitchen and how the burgers were prepared.
Here's Mr President giving a burger oath
Here's Mr President giving a burger oath

With names ranging from Annoying Orange, Red Moo to My Mistress burger, among others, they do really take effort in naming their Smashies Burgers. Although it draws inspiration from American influence, Smashies Burger is very much Malaysian. It was started by former investment banker, Mr Will Soh. 

The first VIP card being presented to "Barrack Obama"
The first VIP card of Smashies Burger being presented to "Barrack Obama"
Smashies Burger founder Will Soh having a bite with the President
Smashies Burger founder Will Soh having a bite with the President

"Throughout my academic and professional career in the finance industry, I had the opportunity to travel to many countries around the world. While I was in the United States, I discovered that there was nothing like a good, wholesome, juicy mouthwatering burger. During my career, I would reminisce being in the company of great friends, having fun over a delicious burger. That's the experience I wasnted to create with Smashies Burger," explained Soh. 

Yours truly with "Mr President"
Yours truly with "Mr President"

Smashies Burger is located in Metro Genting on Jalan Genting Klang in Setapak. Do check out this new establishment should you be in the vicinity. More information about the outlet can be obtained on its facebook page at

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suituapui said...

Not bad. Quite like Obama, maybe a younger version. Oh no!!!! Not another burger joint! When will this come to an end?

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Tony Teh said...

HAHAHA brilliant

Small Kucing said...

looks like him wor :p

June Tan said...

Serious is obama? =O

Anonymous said...

Wow, Obama was here?? Good job Smashies! Their burger looks so good! Can't wait to sink my teeth into one...

TZ said...

more and more burger place opened... like mushroom :p
Maybe i should pay a visit to taste this since it's not far away from where i stay.

titan said...

mana dapat obama ni. cerah betul mukanya. hoho..

Anonymous said...

The burger oath shot doesn't look like the real Obama but the rest of the shots really look like him.
Hey but who cares, it's the burger that matters.
Really delicious. I tried the beef patty ones but not yet the chicken patty ones.

Bro Framestone said...

Nak tahu siapa "Barrack Obama" ini? sila baca di

Shristhi Ahuja said...

Annoying Orange Smashies Burger and beef patty are my all time favorite. I too came to know that Obama was here, but I can't manage to come that day. Nice post and awesome pics.
B&B Brugge

Anonymous said...

Hi Isaac,...thanks for our togetherness,...hope someday we can meet agai in other event

ilham "Obama" anas

hazman aka species1980 said...

They is burger eating championship every week....