MeatWorks Restaurant @ Citta Mall

The other day, my colleagues and I decided to drop by one of the newer restaurants in Citta Mall for lunch. Meatworks Restaurant, the name itself brings forth images of meaty delights, which was close to what we had that afternoon. Located near the entrance of Citta Mall, the restaurant was not that hard to locate. 

MeatWorks Restaurant @ Citta Mall
MeatWorks Restaurant @ Citta Mall

Meatworks Restaurant
Lot 26, 27, Ground Floor, Citta Mall @ Ara Damansara,
Jalan PJU 1A/48, PJU 1A, Ara Damansara,
47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7832 0871

The interior deco of Meatworks Restaurant Citta Mall
The interior deco of Meatworks Restaurant Citta Mall

It was my first time over to Meatworks Restaurant, and from what I had gathered they do have a couple of other branches in KL and Singapore. The restaurant itself looked really clean and white, with chairs and tables which were of minimalist design. With a tagline that read, "For all your meaty cravings, and more", I was pretty hyped up at the prospect of some nice food. 

Cream Of Mushroom Soup - RM15
#1 Cream Of Mushroom Soup - RM15

The first to arrive at our table was our soup appetizers, namely the Cream Of Mushroom Soup. Unlike the usual mushroom soup available elsewhere, here you could actually taste the texture of the mushrooms used inside the soup. Essentially mixed mushrooms and cream topped up with buttered croutons and parsley, this soup alone filled up a third of my stomach, yes it was that filling. 

Meatworks Potato Salad - RM20
#2 Meatworks Potato Salad - RM20

Believe it or not, this Meatworks Potato Salad was one of my colleague's main dish, as it came in this really big serving of potatos tossed in mayo with spicy meaty chorizo and roasted capsicum. Personally I liked the meat pieces, but not so the potatoes.

Mushroom Melt Burger - RM32
#3 Mushroom Melt Burger - RM32

For an RM32 piece of burger, it wasn't exactly the cheapest in town, but the size of the grilled 200g beef patty makes up for it. Aptly named the Mushroom Melt Burger, it was topped with sauteed mix of mushrooms and melted aged Cheddar. The burger was a meal on its own. In fact I would say nearly everything on the menu in Meatworks Restaurant came in oversized servings, especially the next one below.

Honey Chilli Mini Ribs - RM33
#4 Honey Chili Mini Ribs - RM33

No matter at which angle I looked at the dish, my Honey Chili Mini Ribs wasn't mini at all. Tender moist beef ribs which literally came off the bones with a slight push, which got me suspicious whether the meat was actually from these bones or not. Nevertheless, the triple blasted ribs with honey-chili BBQ sauce, served with chips and coleslaw made my day.

Banana Split - RM18
#5 Banana Split - RM18

It was indeed a blissful end to my lunch as I had my favourite dessert, the Banana Split. I did not expect it to be so big though, with 3 scoops of ice creams, bananas and nuts, topped with some cherries. The best part was, I had the whole dessert to myself! Overall it was a good meaty meal out at MeatWorks Restaurant in Citta Mall, so do drop by if you're in the vicinity of Ara Damansara.


  1. Name sounds like a place selling pork and pork products...or some kind of meat.

    1. Suituapui,
      Yup, haha, thats pretty much the idea they're trying to sell i guess, good meat. :D

  2. prices are on the higher side for penang standard, but certainly looks good, can you finish the banana split on your own? haha :P

    1. Ken, ya bro, finished it all on my own! *flex muscles.. hahaha. The best part about it was, the company paid for the meal.. nom!

  3. the mini ribs looks good bro but the mushroom melt burger doesn't look appealing to me

  4. yeah been there ! like the food !!! :D

  5. Lovely food.. I'm sure you must have enjoyed.. The dessert is simply fantastic.. I'm a new blogger... Do visit my blog..

  6. been there before. as a student i cant afford the normal price. so i choose the lunch hour set just only at RM10. only on weekdays. totally worth it!


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