Carlsberg Where's The Party 2013 Coming Soon

It's the season of parties, and what better news than to hear that Carlsberg's Where's The Party will be coming back again this July 2013. Do check out my previous experience over at Carlsberg Where's The Party Hard Rock Hotel last year, link as follows. (Carlsberg Where's The Party Hard Rock Hotel Penang) 

Carlsberg Where's The Party 2012 meeting point before the epic party
Carlsberg Where's The Party 2012 meeting point before the epic party

Premised on the unknown, Carlsberg’s ‘Where’s The Party?’ (WTP) is not for the faint hearted, tired-after-one-hour, wallflower or need-my-sleep type. It is for those who are bold enough to take on a party of epic proportions because they know no other occasion can hold a candle to a Carlsberg WTP.

Where's The Party? Where?!
Where's The Party? Where?!

Bear with me as the photos attached in this post are mostly from the party I attended last year, which was a pretty awesome experience. In 2012, WTP III saw 1,200 revellers from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore being kept in the dark until the big reveal on which state the party was being held came merely days before. 

Still clueless on the venue and every other aspect, yet completely hyped about the endless possibilities that the unknown holds, people committed to WTP III and Carlsberg delivered on its promise of making it an epic experience.  

Happy with friends, love these guys :)
Happy with friends, love these guys :)

First there was the venue renowned for rocking the night away, the Penang Hard Rock Hotel. But not satisfied with an indoor bash, Carlsberg played host at a beachfront extravaganza that was the party ground for the brand’s first ever 3-nation WTP. The music was wicked, with a series of internationally acclaimed acts and local powerhouses taking the stage including Mad August, Rubberband, Love Cubic, Kelis, as well as DJs Norman Doray, Mayumi and Nikki, just to name a few.

Well, WTP is back and it holds the promise of being even better than the rest.  The fourth installation of one of Asia’s most unique and raved about parties this time around is set to take off on July 6 in Malaysia. Carlsberg’s lips are sealed on all the rest.

Carlsberg's Where's The Party at the seaside of Hard Rock Hotel Penang last year
Carlsberg's Where's The Party at the seaside of Hard Rock Hotel Penang last year

The same rules apply which means WTP IV will remain a mystery in all manner of speaking, asides from the date of course. One should mark July 6 in your diary if you’re serious about partying with Carlsberg. Check out or for more information. Till then, catch all of you there!


Small Kucing said...

wah great party wor. No panda eyes leh you

suituapui said...

Partayyyy!!! So happening, your life!

Isaac Tan said...

Morning SmallKucing,

:) these photos were taken from the pre-baby era last year. Lol

Isaac Tan said...

Good day Suituapui,

:):) yup fun times. It's an all-new different ball game nowadays

TheJessicat said...

See u there Isaac! :)

Jean said...

wanna go! =D

Henry Lee said...

so man itu party? Enjoy the party bro! :)

Isaac Tan said...

Yay! catch you soon yea

Isaac Tan said...

jom, lets go! :)

Isaac Tan said...

I'm not sure yet. haha :P .. enjoy?.. hmm..

Henry Tan said...

where i still never been to any of it. =(

Michelle Chow said...

I wanna go too

Anonymous said...

Do Carlsberg cover for your accommodation if you win passes?