McDonald's Prosperity Gives Back Campaign

McDonald's has always been one of my favourite fast food chains, offering nice burgers and to me, one of the nicer fried chicken meals around. I do love the way McDonald's spice up their spicy fried chicken. Anyway, did you know this 19th and 20th of January 2013, Malaysians from all walks of life can enjoy a prosperity meal for a good cause, as RM1 from every Prosperity Meal purchased will be donated to local charities across Malaysia. Read on below.

McDonald's Prosperity Meal, Order It for a Good Cause
McDonald's Prosperity Meal, Order It for a Good Cause

In conjunction with the seasonal return of the McDonald’s Prosperity Burger, made for Malaysians by Malaysians, fans can also look forward to spreading and sharing the true meaning of prosperity with their local community through Prosperity Gives Back (PGB), a charity drive that aims to create and foster long-standing relationships in the community among Malaysians and local charities. 

‘PROSPERITY’ stands for 10 values that McDonald’s holds dear – Happiness, Friendship, Love, Satisfaction, Peace, Abundance, Sharing, Family, Affection and Joy.

Prosperity Burger for all
Prosperity Burger for all

“As a brand, McDonald’s is well represented within the diverse Malaysian communities and what better way to support the neighborhood that McDonald’s services than by going one step beyond serving great tasting food by organising a charity drive that gives back to the disadvantaged within McDonald’s neighborhood?,” said Sarah Casanova, Managing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia and Regional Manager of McDonald’s Malaysia & Singapore.

Curly Fries to accompany that delicious Prosperity Burger
Curly Fries to accompany that delicious Prosperity Burger

Last year, 10sen was given away for every Prosperity meal bought throughout the campaign period, and the amount that was raised with the support of Malaysians was shared amongst 52 local charity homes nationwide. With the Prosperity Gives Back Campaign now into its third year and in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of the Prosperity Burger, McDonald’s is wanting to share its efforts in a bigger way. McDonald’s will be dedicating a single weekend, 19th and 20th January 2013 to raise proceeds for identified local charity homes. On these two days, RM1 will be donated with the purchase of any Prosperity Meal.

Not forgetting the drinks to quench your thirst
Not forgetting the drinks to quench your thirst

To help foster the spirit of Prosperity Gives Back, McDonald’s has made available a microsite where Malaysians can share true, heart-warming stories behind their experience of the 10 Values of Prosperity. Selected stories will be published in the newspaper to be shared with Malaysians in February 2013.

Log on to to share your story of true prosperity.
Find out more about McDonald’s Prosperity Gives Back Campaign and the Prosperity Burger on


suituapui said...

Business tactic...but something's better than nothing. Unfortunately, I'm no fan of prosperity burger though...don't like black pepper sauce.

wenn said...

prosperity burger..that's the auspicious phrase..

Agnes CF Lee said...

I don't like the black pepper sauce too..If for good cause, will have more drinks to ease off the hot hot tongue burning pepper taste lp..;D

Small Kucing said...

ooo i didnt know that. But i like their curly fries

Xue Ren said...

same same! i like their curly fries too! :D