Imperial Chakri Palace Suria KLCC Christmas Menu

Tis' the season to be jolly, Christmas is near, as restaurants everywhere come up with their unique Christmas food menu. This time around, I was invited for a taste of Imperial Chakri Palace Suria KLCC's turkey themed thai christmas delights. Located on the 4th floor of Suria KLCC, the restaurant itself looks rather cozy.

Imperial Chakri Palace Suria KLCC Royal Thai Cuisine
Imperial Chakri Palace Suria KLCC Royal Thai Cuisine

Imperial Chakri Palace Suria KLCC
Lot 417B, Level 4,
Suria KLCC, Shopping Centre,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

"Since Imperial Chakri Palace first opened its doors in 1999, they have been providing the best experience of authentic fine Thai cuisine in KL with their highly skilled Thai chefs who are personally hand-picked from Thailand. They also have a sister outlet Chakri Xpress which caters to customers who prefer a quicker meal without compromising quality. "

Mieng Kam
#1 Mieng Kam - RM19.90

This wasn't my first time over at Imperial Chakri Palace, and I do enjoy some of the dishes they served. However that evening, we were there to sample their christmas menu, hence it was slightly different from the usual fare. The opening dish, Mieng Kam however remained the same, a Thai appetizer to whet our appetites for more to come.
This is how you fold it before enjoying the Mieng Kam
This is how you fold it before enjoying the Mieng Kam

The Mieng Kam is essentially a traditional Thai handroll served with seven types of ingredients. We have the peanut, baked shredded Coconut, Chili Padi, Diced Onions, Diced Lime, Diced Ginger, Sun Dried Shrimp and "Kaduk" Leaves served with the yummy shrimp paste sauce. Rolled into these cute bite-sized servings, I personally had more than my fair share of this dish.

Turkey Thai Salad ( Larb Gai Nguang) - RM21
#2 Turkey Thai Salad ( Larb Gai Nguang) - RM21

Some Turkey Thai Salad ( Larb Gai Nguang) ensued, now this was a specially prepared dish for Christmas, as it uses Turkey meat instead of the usual chicken meat. The meat is minced, and prepared with a myriad of spices, with a dash of lime, it does tantalize our taste buds with spiciness and a dash of sourness.

Chakri Tom Yam Gung Mae Num - RM19.50
#3 Chakri Tom Yam Gung Mae Num - RM19.50

A Thai meal is never complete without having some Tom Yam, and here at Imperial Chakri Palace KLCC, we were served with their Chakri Tom Yam Gung Mae Num. This dish is the clear type Tom Yam, originating from Bangkok. Inside, we had some seafood, squids, prawns with some mushrooms. Overall it went well with my tastebuds, as it had just the right amount of spiciness and sourness to it.

Thai Red Curry Turkey - RM20
#4 Thai Red Curry Turkey - RM20

After the spicy Tom Yam, we had Chakri Palace's Thai Red Curry Turkey. The Christmas menu consisted mostly of turkey based dishes, and this was one of them. The dish however was not as spicy as I had hoped it to be, but the turkey meat did go well with the curry, being really tender and all.

Hong Kong Kailan with Sliced Turkey - RM39
#5 Hong Kong Kailan with Sliced Turkey - RM39

It was truly a night of Turkey meat, as the next dish consisted of Hong Kong Kailan served with lots of Sliced Turkey meat. The turkey meat was a tad too tough for my liking though, but I have to say the sauce that was served with this dish made up for it. A rather healthy dish if you asked me, as the turkey meat was lean without any fats at all.

Stir Fried Turkey with Thai Basil - RM25
#6 Stir Fried Turkey with Thai Basil - RM25

One one of my favourite dish for that night would be this Stir Fried Turkey with Thai Basil. Stir fried with really nice fragrant from the basil, it tasted similar to a chinese cuisine, except for the added taste from the spices. The turkey meat here was surprisingly tender, which went well with the rest of the meal.

Khow Neow Ma Moung - RM14
#7 Khow Neow Ma Moung - RM14

#8 Ai Tim Tab Tim Krob - RM15

We ended our Thai cusinine Christmas meal with sweet desserts in the form of  Khow Neow Ma Moung (Mango Sticky Rice) and Ai Tim Tab Tim Krob (Red Ruby Dessert). Both were nice, but I would have prefered if my favourite dessert, the red ruby dessert could have come less thick as it was really thick which might be good for some people. Check out Imperial Chakri Palace Suria KLCC's Christmase promotion set below.

During the Christmas Month, find Chakri's Christmas Special Set online where you may get the exclusive offer at RM 299++ for 4 person for the Chakri Christmas Special instead of RM 350++ .

And for the Chakri Santa Special, the price will be at RM 399++ instead of RM 430++ for 4 pax. The exclusive offer is available online and it can be used in 3 outlet which is the Imperial Chakri Palace, Suria KLCC, Chakri Xpress, Alamanda Putrajaya as well as Sticky Fingers Bangkok Bistro, Pavilion KL.

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