Windows 8 Launched In Malaysia

Windows 8 was launched not too long ago in Malaysia, being the next 'must-have' software for most folks out there. I had the opportunity to catch the launch over at Lowyat Plaza (Windows 8 Launch Event @ Lowyat Plaza Malaysia) and subsequently was given a copy of Windows 8 Pro to try out courtesy of Nuffnang and Microsoft. 

The All-New Windows 8 Pro
The All-New Windows 8 Pro

“With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft is unveiling a re-imagined Windows to the world. Whether you want a tablet or a PC, whether you want to consume or create content, whether you want to work or play – Windows 8 delivers a no-compromise, immersive personalized experience that fits your unique style and needs.” said Ananth Lazarus, Managing Director of Microsoft Malaysia

"Unboxing" of the package

Inside the Windows 8 Pro package contained two DVDs, both for 32-bit or 64-bit platforms. Of course, the most important thing contained within was the legit Windows 8 Pro CD Key which enables one to register and successfully claim their Windows 8 Pro after installation. 

Personalize it with your name
Personalize it with your name

First off, it is good to note there are a few different versions of Windows 8 out there. We have the Windows 8 Basic, Windows 8 Pro, and the Windows 8 Enterprise, the difference being its targeted audience. The Windows 8 Basic is intended for the home user, and most people who would otherwise purchase Windows 7 Home editions. The Windows 8 Pro is intended for enthusiasts and business professionals, the successor to Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. Folks like myself would be most comfortable with Windows 8 Pro without the extra application level-level security which is extended to Windows 8 Enterprise. 

A quick installation, and you're on your way to Sign in to the PC
A quick installation, and you're on your way to Sign in to the PC

So what's new in the latest Windows 8? Well, to the average Windows 7 user like myself, basically everything changed in terms of the interface! As for the functionality however, it remains nearly the same. What I could do on my Windows 7 desktop PC, I could do in with Windows 8, including blogging and photo editing. The interface however needs some getting used to, as it is optimized for next-gen devices (tablets, smartphones, etc) which utilizes the touchscreen primarily. 

Touch optimized.

Microsoft has replaced its tried-and-true desktop interface with what the techies call the Metro interface. Metro modernistic design, instead of a start button, taskbar and windows filled with applications and folders, Metro features a screen full of program “tiles” and applications that run full-screen. It sort of reminded me of the UI for smartphones instead of a PC. 

The Home Screen, best used with a touchscreen device or monitor
The Home Screen, best used with a touchscreen device or monitor

Personally, I feel this interface would be perfect for a tablet PC, but on a conventional PC like mine, you'll need to master it over time. Currently I'm still testing the Windows 8 software out, so a more  comprehensive review are in the works. Until then, my first take on Windows 8 Pro would be that it gives a fresh new breath to the next-gen OS, and would fit perfectly with that super cool tablet PC. In the meantime, let me go get myself a touch screen monitor.

Check out the latest offers out currently for Windows 8 as below. These offers are ending on 31 January 2013 so do act fast cos it’s savings of about RM800! 

  • The promotion is valid up to January 31st 2013, and can be redeemed by customers up to February 28th 2013.
  • A customer can redeem a maximum of five promotions, one per PC purchased.  For example, if a user buys two new Windows 7 PCs during the promotional period, that person can qualify for a maximum of two promotion codes (10 upgrade offers) in total.
  • If upgrading an existing PC, customers can visit for promotion details


Nikel Khor said...

touch screen monitor world soon.. Or maybe change Mac?

suituapui said...

"not long ago"? Gee!!!!

KY said...

most important windowws since 95 in my opinion, loving it so far!

Sycookies said...

yay!! Now I just have to wait for Dell with the new windows! Time to change.. Is touch screen monitors necessary?