Petronas 2012 Deepavali Campaign - Be The Light

Let the festivities begin, as the nation celebrates Deepavali today nationwide. Even for those not celebrating, it's a public holiday today! Petronas recently launched their Deepavali campaign, "Be The Light 2012" with a tagline that reads A Celebration of Culture and Tradition. 

Petronas 2012 Deepavali Campaign - Be The Light
Petronas 2012 Deepavali Campaign - Be The Light

Found on Petronas' official Facebook page ( was their statement. Check it out below.

When viewed in its entirety, our Deepavali campaign is inspired by and revolves around the positive energy that is inherent in all of us, epitomized via the passion, drive and resolve of Malaysia’s Indian community which are indeed attributes that are universally relevant to all of us.

In conjunction with Petronas' Depavali campaign, there are various activities being lined up as well over at the Galeri Petronas at KLCC. Check out this link to see the schedule for events running from 8th November until 25th November 2012. 

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Deepavali, and happy holiday!


  1. Saw these on youtube... "People who did not get into THE Deepavali video this year", why have special clips for each of them? I do not see the point.

    I actually like the video clip proper - the one like some old Tamil movie - very lively, very colourful, very Malaysian. Don't understand why so many haters...and all still stuck to Yasmin who had been dead and gone for so long already. Move on, peeps...

  2. This is the one:

    Looks like they've done away with it:
    "The video was pulled out from Petronas Youtube Channel after strong protests from Malaysian Indians. Disclaimer: The video is for archive purposes only and NO official link with Petronas or any company."

  3. Happy Deepavali to you Isaac! :)


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