Sanook Restaurant & Bar Kelana Jaya

There I was again at this really nice restaurant and bar located in Kelana Jaya, this round it was to try out some more of their new menu. Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar is no stranger to us as we have been here before, and the lake view really makes the environment pleasant to dine in. Check out my previous writeup on Sanook here. (Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar Kelana Jaya)

Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar Kelana Jaya
Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar Kelana Jaya

Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar Kelana Jaya
Block C-06-G / 1 / 2 
Plaza Kelana Jaya, SS7 / 13A,
47301 Kelana Jaya,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +603-7877 3636

Opens on Monday to Saturday (Saturdays dinner and drinks only)
For Reservation, please call 03-7877 3636 or
GPS Coordinates: 3° 5’ 40.66” N 101° 35’ 52.61” E

Dine with pleasure by the lake
Dine with pleasure by the lake
That evening, we were greeted warmly by the owner and subsequently brought to our table to have some really nice food for the night. We were there that night to try out Sanook's brand new menu focusing on Fusion food, combining the complex and delicate tastes of Asia with the wholesome robust flavors of the West.

"Sanook, meaning "fun" in Thai, is a guiding principle of Thai social life. And indeed, it’s a principle that transcends all borders and cultures and is applied by all and to all who wants to enjoy life."

Moogus Salad – RM22
#1 Moogus Salad – RM22

The first dish to kick off a night of dining with friends was Sanook's Moogus Salad. It was a good thing the salad came with generous bits of meat, sirloin beef to be exact. The meat was tossed with wild rocket salad topped with parmesan cheese and roasted red capsicums in house special dressings. Now that's a pretty good start to our "dangerous" themed menu for the night. 

Gyro Lamb Pita – RM18
#2 Gyro Lamb Pita – RM18
Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets – RM52
#3 Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets – RM52

Lamb lovers would love the subsequent two dished, namely Sanook's Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets as well as their Gyro Lamb Pita. Made from sliced boneless marinated lamb leg, the Gyro Lamb Pita was a delight, but what really interested me was the Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets. Here we have really juicy pieces of lamb cutlets coated in the special Korean sauce, with accompanying Kimchi. 

Sushi Nori Hailam
#4 Sushi Nori Hailam
Expresso Chicken - RM25
#5 Expresso Chicken - RM25

Fancy some poultry in sushi form? Then go for Sanook's famous Sushi Nori Hailam. Coming in these cute bite sized sushi, it was similar to having our favourite hailam chicken rice in sushi form. Now that's really unique. If you're more of the traditional type, then go for their Expresso Chicken. Made from tender chicken chop with espresso honey giaze roasted, I rather liked this dish. 

Big Tree Sang Har Mee - RM22
#6 Big Tree Sang Har Mee - RM22

Another one of Sanook's bestseller would be their Big Tree Sang Har Mee. Made from crispy noodles with wok fried freshwater prawn in rich prawn gravy, Janice did love this dish. Served piping hot, the prawn flavour was really evident and strong, perfect for seafood lovers. I'm more of a meat lover though. 

3S Crispy Salmon - RM38
#7 3S Crispy Salmon - RM38

Up next was Sanook's 3S Crispy Salmon, with a huge chunk of salmon seared to perfection with a crispy skin. Served on a bed of special 3-taste sauce (sweet, sour and spicy), again seafood lovers would love this dish. I for one enjoyed the subsequent meat dishes even more. Check them out below. 

Tangier Moroccan Steak - RM42
#8 Tangier Moroccan Steak - RM42

Being a steak lover, any good meat that was served hot be it on a skewer or a platter, I just had to have some whenever I'm given a chance. The Tangier Morrocan Steak (sirloin steak in tangy apricot glaze, grilled to perfection) came in generous servings which I found to be really juicy and tasty. Good stuff there I tell you.

Margaret’s Bread Butter Pudding - RM14
#9 Margaret’s Bread Butter Pudding - RM14

We ended the night with desserts in the form of Margaret’s Bread Butter Pudding. It was basically an old fashioned bread pudding with creamy egg custard. Tasted really good though, especially with the sweetness of the syrup and all. Prices at Sanook were relatively low and all quoted as net prices in the menu, which was a plus point. Do drop by Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar should you happen to be around the vicinity of Plaza Kelana Jaya.


  1. Yum yum.. Nice food 😍😘😚

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  3. Yeah. Can say the price is affordable. Does it has 'halal' cert?

  4. the lamb cutlet look so good la...i want it right away!

  5. Kelana Jaya? I stayed at a hotel there when I went over to KL...but nobody took me here. Sobssss!!!! Food looks so good.... Yummmmm!!!!

  6. salmon actually looks good!


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