Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) Movie Review

Resident Evil's movie franchise is back with yet another installment titled Resident Evil Retribution. Same main character Alice, with a couple more really hot looking chicks Ada (Li BingBing) and Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) did make the screen a bit more interesting. Anyway I had the opportunity to catch the special screening tonight thanks to Nuffnang over at Cathay Cineplex, e@Curve.

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) movie poster
Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

Now I've been a fan of the original first Resident Evil movie, and the sequel was great as well. However subsequent movies after that sort of ran out of the creative ideas, and resorted to re-use the plot to death. Reaching the cinema quite early this evening, I went in with a not so high expectation, and yet it did not excite.

Resident Evil Retribution screening ticket
Resident Evil Retribution screening ticket

The opening scene was a rather cool sequence with a short "reverse view" of the scenes where the previous movie left off. Resident Evil Retribution was a continuation of the increasingly confusing and not so believable storyline. Here we see our heroine, Alice (Milla Jovovich) reprising her role as the butt-kicking sexy lady in black.

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) Movie Review
Run Alice Run

Waking up in Umbrella Corporations headquarters, where the corporation actually ran tests after tests in these virtual environment, Alice walks us through the past movies with some narration.  We had these virtual cities, where it seems the Red Queen is still alive, and controlling the whole Umbrella now.

I just love the rather cute and sexy looking Ada played by Li Bingbing
I just love the rather cute and sexy looking Ada played by Li Bingbing

Tokyo, Moscow, New York, and Washinton DC were virtually recreated as test environments, and here our heroes have to battle it out. Here we see some really cool monsters on top of the usual zombies, headed by the main antagonist of the film, Jill Valentine. Maybe its just me, but all the main stars of Resident Evil Retribution were really hot.

Alice and Ada battling it out in sexy outfits
Hot ladies in black and red, cool colours

The plot was so thin we could actually tear through it like a piece of paper. So we got to see the previous Resident Evil's villain Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) join forces with the humans outside to fight against the evil Umbrella Corporation and aiding Alice. The zombie sequence began to look like the 80's horror movies, very retro-like, one which I did not expect from a Resident Evil movie.

Jill Valentine looking sexy here in Resident Evil Retribution
Jill Valentine looking sexy here in Resident Evil Retribution

Overall, I was pretty disappointed in this movie. I have always liked the Resident Evil franchise even when it got worse as the sequels piled on, but this latest one went off track in more ways than one. Heck, even the ending felt like the beginning of another movie for the franchise.

Michelle Rodriguez makes a comeback as Rain Ocampo in Resident Evil Retribution
Michelle Rodriguez makes a comeback as Rain Ocampo in Resident Evil Retribution

I felt shortchanged when I saw the ending, as it actually felt like we should have just skipped this whole movie, and wait for the next installment. Probably I'll give this movie, Resident Evil Retribution a 4/10 just because I like the franchise, and the ladies inside were rather hot.

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Tony Teh said...

No doubt the worst instalment of the already bad franchise.

Sherry said...

Yeah saw it, still prefer the the dogs

Koh Kian Fai said...

well, the shortest movie series from all other series right? lol

FBS Headmaster said...

4/10 you are really being generous. I am so so disappointed. truly am. just like you even when it got worse previously but still acceptable but this one is just unacceptable.

Isaac Tan said...

but.. i still like the Resident Evil word.. it's like really cool and all. This installment, not cool :(

I saw you too! with your boy boy eh :P

Kian Fai,
It was short? didn't really notice, but it did feel very short. Only show how our hero escape the facility. Should have named the movie .. Resident Evil: The Escape ..

Isaac Tan said...

Sad times T___T. Resident Evil: Escape of Alice, should be the title .. huhuhu

Tekkaus said...

They should have made it a better movie...guess...only the 1st and second are good...the rest of the franchise... :(

suituapui said...

No, thank you... Will give me a headache, me old man. :(

FurFer said...

the ladiesssssss... are hot

Merryn said...

BingBing can act wan kah??

Yee Ling said...

aijor...i have to wash secretly at home. Cannot let the girls watch.

Charmaine Pua said...

Heard so many bad reviews!
I'm going to watch tonight though.

BTW how u know my blog improved a lot? I din do anything pun :/

[SK] said...

everyone is talking about this movie!! and i am yet to watch it..

Aki said...

i keep hearing this movie isn't good.. so, will skip it as usual.. :D.. thanks for the info bro.. ^_^.v..

Meitzeu said...

Both of them are hot!!!

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wenn said...

haha..I just came back from watching this movie in Ipoh Parade..

Isabel said...

Gah! Was so looking forward to this but so many bad comments..