Oversea Mooncakes For The Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival today is a time for families to actually re-unite with mooncakes becoming the symbolic gifts of appreciation to each other. To make the Mid-Autumn festival celebration more meaningful, and in conjunction with its 30th anniversary, Oversea has put together a variety of mouth-watering Mooncakes and a special set menu just for the occasion.

Oversea Mooncakes For Mid-Autumn Festival
Oversea Mooncakes For Mid-Autumn Festival

So there I was at Oversea Restaurant in Jaya One the other day with bloggers and friends, all ready to savor some really nice Oversea mooncakes as well as their special set menu made just for the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations this month. Even before entering the restaurant, I had pretty high expectations of Oversea mooncakes as they happen to be some of my staples for every year's Mooncake celebration.

Oversea Restaurant Jaya One
Oversea Restaurant Jaya One

Along with its collection of signature Mooncakes, this year Oversea features the deliciously made Shanghai Mooncake made with luscious egg yolk and lotus. The hand-made Shanghai Mooncake was created in 1982 and is specially baked fresh in the kitchens of Oversea Restaurants. In fact, each of us had the chance to try our hands at making these unique Shanghai Mooncakes that evening. Best served warm so that its crumbly crust and fragrance can be fully appreciated.

#1 Shanghai Mooncake
#1 Shanghai Mooncake with Single Yolk - RM15

It was an experience to be able to roll the dough together, and prepare these Shanghai Mooncakes, with the help of the chef of course. We had lots of fun and laughter, especially when the shapes didn't turn out perfectly after coming out from the oven.

Janice trying her hands at shaping up her Shanghai Mooncake
Janice trying her hands at shaping up her Shanghai Mooncake
The end result, still very delicious, cracked a bit though
The end result, still very delicious, cracked a bit though

Introducing the mooncakes as well as the special set menu was none other than the Oversea Enterprise Berhad Founder and Managing Director, Mr Yu Soo Chye himself. His presence together with his really detailed experience explanation was really informational to say the least.

Mr Yu Soo Chye, Founder and Managing Director of Oversea Enterprise
Mr Yu Soo Chye, Founder and Managing Director of Oversea Enterprise

"We take pride in offering Mooncakes of superior quality. Made in a central kitchen,  our traditional Mooncakes have remained an Oversea bestseller. Oversea customers can be assured of the highest level of food integrity and quality because we prepare our own dough and filling, and closely monitor the entire preparation process, from baking to packaging", said Mr Yu Soo Chye. 

Supreme Nut with Ham Mooncake
#2 Supreme Nut with Ham Mooncake
Snowy Lotus with Mango Paste - RM13.50
#3 Snowy Lotus with Mango Paste - RM13.50

Ensuring the highest standards of excellence, in addition to its popular scrumptious Lotus Series Mooncake which is made from 100 percent Hunan lotus seeds, Oversea has created several other great favourites. Notably were their delightful Pandan Lotus or better known as the Golden Emerald; the delectable Golden Starlight, Malaysia's first double layer paste of pandan and mung bean with an egg yolk; the popular flavourful Noble Delight, which is made with dragon fruit essence and lotus, and their delightful Snowy series.
#4 Golden Starlight Mooncake - RM14.25
Chery Blossom - RM15
#5 Cherry Blossom - RM15

 Pictured above were some of the mooncake offerings from Oversea, from their Lotus Indulgence, Exquisite Creation, all-time delights, as well as their snowy mooncakes series. I'm not a fan of snow-skinned mooncakes but Oversea do make really good traditional mooncakes, especially the uniquely flavoured Cherry Blossom mooncake. The Cherry Blossom mooncake was made from pink pigment extracted from the freshly imported Sakura flowers originating from Kyoto which is then gradually blended with lotus paste.

#6 The mixing of the Mid-autumn Treasures Platter
Wrapped and enjoyed as an appetizer
Wrapped and enjoyed as an appetizer

The Mid Autumn Treasures Platter was the first dish of the special set menu prepared by Oversea. It did remind me slightly of the yee sang, except instead of the fish, for this dish the special ingredient were the lotus seeds. Generous amounts of lotus seeds were tossed together with all the other ingredients, wrapped in a "popiah"-like skin, it was a perfect start to the dinner.

Pan Chai / Pun Choi
#7 Pan Chai / Poon Choi
Pretty sight on our plates
Pretty sight on our plates

The famous chinese delicacy, Poon Choi was a medley of ingredients which consisted of roast duck, chicken feet, braised sea cucumber, abalone, black mushrooms, lotus seeds, tiger prawns and 3 layered porks. You can imagine how tasty the soup was. The unique thing about this dish was that each of the meat or ingredients were actually separately cooked before being thrown into the boiling pot, to preserve its individual flavours.

Fried lotus roots with asparagus and almond flakes
#8 Fried lotus roots with asparagus and almond flakes
Steam Lotus leaf glutinous rice
#9 Steam Lotus leaf glutinous rice

We ended the meal with Oversea Restaurant's Fried lotus roots with asparagus and almond flakes and the Steam Lotus leaf glutinous rice. Both of the dishes were a tad too salty though, but still it was a good meal.

Janice and I with the founder, Mr Yu Soo Chye having a photo opportunity
Janice and I with the founder, Mr Yu Soo Chye having a photo opportunity

Oversea Mooncakes are specially packaged in exceptionally designed boxes to reflect its uniqueness and are certified 'Halal' by Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS). Oversea Mooncakes can be purchased from Oversea outlets within the Klang Valley, Ipoh and hypermarkets throughout Malaysia.

Do check out the restaurant's Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/OverseaMooncake to place your order of great tasting mooncakes or make a dining reservation by calling Oversea Restaurant at 03-78459911. 


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I baru went to their factory mooncakes sale. very cheap.

@STP: Mooncakes are too sweet la. Not ngum for you. Muhahaha

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their mooncake not cheap at all! sigh. but one year once, so no choice, pokkai also must eat. LOL

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Bananaz is nuts going crazy over the nutty moon cake but very cold towards those snowy skin. Can call Bananaz 'old horse' still prefer those traditional ancient moon cakes.

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My dad loves that 5 spice nut mooncakes. :)

I prefer regular ones and had a really good Musang King durian one in Singapore.

OMG that poon choy looks delicious bro! :)

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