Kyoto Lab @ The Pool Ampang KL

There's this rather new Japanese cuisine eatery in town, located just above the latest nightspot The Pool KL in Ampang. Previously Spasso Milano was here before they shifted to Pavilion KL, and in its place emerged Kyoto Lab, a Japanese Restaurant serving traditional Japanese fare with a twist. I was there the other night to sample some of their dishes before a party to kick off Leng Yein's new album began downstairs. 

Kyoto Lab @ The Pool Ampang KL
Kyoto Lab @ The Pool Ampang KL

Kyoto Lab
The Pool
Address: 347 Jalan Ampang
50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Phone: 017-998 5577
The really special Watermelon Slush - RM40
#1 The really special Watermelon Slush - RM40

I found out Kyoto Lab is managed by the same people that handled The Hill in Damansara Heights, hence this unique specialty drink the Watermelon Slush was actually available at both restaurants. Presented in a huge half-cut watermelon with the insides cute out and filled up with a concoction of Smirnoff Vodka, Midori, Lychee and lots of watermelon juice, it's no wonder this drink is Kyoto Lab's bestseller. 

A western dish, with chips and loads of cheese
A starter from their western menu, Nachos with Chilli Con Carne - RM25

We kicked off the evening of good food with this huge platter of nachos doused in loads of cheese. It was a perfect start, as we could munch into the sweet crispiness while waiting for the kitchen to whip up more Japanese cuisine for us.
Sashimi Nouyeou Salmon Trout - RM25
#2 Sashimi Nouyeou Salmon Trout - RM25

The next starter dish that came out from Kyoto Lab's was their Sashimi Nouyeou Salmon Trout, a delightful twist from the usual japanese sashimi offerings. Fresh salmon trout sashimi doused in this unique sweet and sour sauce, any sashimi aka raw food lovers must try this. I'm more of a cooked meat person, so I patiently waited for the subsequent dishes.

#3 Kyoto Lab Summer Salad - RM16
Salmon Potato Salad with Truffle Oil - RM18
#4 Salmon Potato Salad with Truffle Oil - RM18
California roll - RM18
#5 California roll - RM18

Come to a Japanese restaurant, get their sushis, and grab more sushis while you're at it. This was exactly what we did, with an overload of sushi that evening. The Kyoto Lab Summer Salad was okay, good for salad lovers, but if you want a dash of salmon and potatos to go with it, then do try out their Salmon Potato Salad with Truffle Oil. I wasn't exactly sure what that pink roll was called, but here I state it as the California Roll, as it had ingredients similar to that dish.

Green Dragon - RM24
#6 Green Dragon - RM24

Another special sushi dish from Kyoto Lab was their Green Dragon, which came in the form of prawn rolled with Avacado on the top for the greenery. It tasted good, probably due to the flavour from the prawn itself. Now does it look like a dragon to you? It should, hence the name. 

Soft Shell Crab - RM25
#7 Soft Shell Crab - RM25

Ah, finally the good stuffs, at least to me were starting to come out. Soft Shell Crabs has always been my staple whenever I dined at any Japanese restaurant, and it is good to say that the soft shell crabs served by Kyoto Lab was prepared just the way I like it. Not too soft, with enough crunchiness while maintaining the fleshy taste inside, one bowl of this dish was just not enough for me.

Yakitori - RM8
#8 Yakitori - RM8
Gyuniku Asparamki - RM10
#9 Gyuniku Asparamaki - RM10

Fresh from Kyoto Lab's grills, we were served with my favourite the skewered grilled chicken Yakitori, served in sweet Teriyaki sauce, and the Gyuniku Asparamaki (Grilled beef  with asparagus served with Teriyaki sauce) Things rarely go wrong with food being grilled, and I lapped it all up with delight. Wanted more, but none were to be found.

Green Monster -Lamb Burger with Mint Based Sauce - RM28
#10 Green Monster -Lamb Burger with Mint Based Sauce - RM28
A closeup of the delicious Lamb Burger served by Kyoto Lab
A closeup of the delicious Lamb Burger served by Kyoto Lab

Usually as with the case of burgers, we would have the usual beef, or chicken. Here Kyoto Lab served us with their rendition of their Lamb Burger, with mint sauce on top served on a huge platter with fries and onion rings. Aptly named the Green Monster, the lamb tasted succulent and moist without having too much of the lamb smell. 

Australian Grain Fed Chilled Tenderloin - RM60
#11 Australian Grain Fed Chilled Tenderloin - RM60
A cross section of the steak
A cross section of the steak

We ended the evening with Kyoto Lab's western offering, their Australian Grain Fed Chilled Tenderloin dish. It was a generous slab of steak, thick and all, as I munched down on the moist yummy delight. I've always loved my steak, and here it was pretty good, although I much preferred sirloin or rib-eye though, but that's just me. 

Skittles Bomb - RM20
#12 Skittles Bomb - RM20

This drink really intrigued me, both the name as well as the taste of it. Skittles Bomb, a mixture of  Cointreau, Red Bull and Skittles, it really had a fun candy type of kick to it. Drinking this made me feel like a kid again, mostly because of the candy-like taste of this alcohol infused drink. So the next time you're at The Pool KL partying, do keep in mind they have Kyoto Lab on the 1st floor. The pricing weren't exactly the cheapest in town, but I guess if you can afford to go partying, you won't mind paying that extra for some good food. 


  1. Nomnomnom! I totally enjoyed the green dragon too teehee! :D


  3. the food all look gooooood! presentation wise, i love the green dragon and tenderloin! the cross section of it is sexay :P

  4. At first I thought this is a post about facial stuff...because of the word lab. Haha :D

  5. Goodness...the Salmon Potato Salad with Truffle Oil looks so darn beautiful. It's like a butterfly. Ha :D

  6. Oh my English!!! What's this with these "Lab" Burger Lab also? I know a lab is where we do science the same with these places called "Lab" lah? Try, try only...and you go and eat, you become their guinea pigs.

  7. wow the watermelon really very special. definitely can give it a try despite RM40. lol

  8. Uuuuuuu skittles bomb, I wonder if it gives the person who drinks it a bomb! :P I like the drawing of the geisha, nice :D

  9. Oh, I'm with you.. I just love Japanese Crab.. ha ha ha.. :D..

  10. Watermelon SLUSH!! . . . *telan saliva*


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