Paranorman 3D Movie Review (2012)

The trailer for Paranorman 3D got me chuckling, so I was pretty excited when given the opportunity to catch the premiere screening of this movie over at GSC 1 Utama last night thanks to ChurpChurp. I've always loved animated films and zombie flicks, Paranorman 3D was a mix of these two delights.

Paranorman Movie 3D (2012)
Paranorman Movie 3D (2012)

Paranorman is this 3D animated adventure film produced by the Coraline creators Laika and distributed by Focus Features. Not exactly your run of the mill type of animated film, as this one takes a comical look at zombies, with very vivid colours.

My Paranorman in 3D tickets
My Paranorman in 3D tickets

It has been a while since the last time I caught a movie in 3D, and that was in IMAX. This round however, we had to get used to catching Paranorman in normal 3D. The 3D effect itself wasn't very apparant, even though this was an animation. I have always thought animated 3D films always have a very huge effect in 3D but it wasn't the case here. Catching it in 2D wouldn't make much of a difference.

Paranorman 3D Movie Review (2012)
Norman with the zombies

"The voice cast includes Casey Affleck, Tempestt Bledsoe, Jeff Garlin, John Goodman, Bernard Hill, Anna Kendrick, Leslie Mann, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Elaine Stritch and Tucker Albrizzi. It is the first stop-motion movie to use a 3-D color printer to create character faces."

Paranorman 3D Movie Review (2012)
Norman and the school bully, Alvin

Coming back to the movie itself, the storyline begins with focus on our main character Norman. Norman has been living with the special ability of being able to see and communicate with the dead all his life, being a social outcast when he reveals it to his parents and friends. We see him getting bullied in school and all, until a trigger of events raised the dead, and zombies roamed the town.

Anna Kendrick as Courtney Babcock, Norman's older
Anna Kendrick as Courtney Babcock, Norman's older sister and cheerleader

 Only Norman Babcock, our hero is able to save the town from the zombies as well as the evil witch. We then see the comical and rather funny antics of all the characters in the movie, namely Norman's new found friend Neil Downe, Mitch Downe, Neil's older brother and a jock, and a whole town of people. Personally I liked the way Paranorman pokes fun at all the zombie stereotypes. Here, it wasn't about zombies terrorizing the town, but rather the town people bullying our poor zombies. Funny stuff indeed.

Love the vivid colours of Paranormal 3D
Love the vivid colours of Paranormal 3D

At the beginning of the movie, we were shown the PG13 rating, which actually took me by surprise, as Paranorman 3D movie was more of a zombie comedy flick. There were some dismembered limbs though, but mostly from the zombies. Overall I rather liked this movie, if only the plot had been better thought out. The movie premise is really simple, so just sit through it and enjoy the jokes. A word of warning though, nearly all the funny parts have already been shown in the trailer.


Small Kucing said...

sounds like a very good show. I wuld love to watch this

Koh Kian Fai said...

Neil is so looks like me? :P

suituapui said...

My daughter would love to watch this, I'm sure.

Merryn said...

We did not catch this as Ethan said he's afraid after watching the trailer >_<

Isaac Tan said...

Small Kucing,
Yup, bring your kids! but not sure why it's rated PG13 though.. ><

haha! very cute weh :)

STP, you're right, ask her to catch it!

Aww, probably it's good too he didn't watch, there were some torn limbs being thrown around in the movie. PG13.. hmm

Charmaine Pua said...

Neil=Kian Fai! Agree! XD

Isabel said...

Sounds like something I would like xP

Isabel said...

Sounds like something I would like xP

bendan said...

LOVE IT!! VERY!!! *im a zombie*

wenn said...

I would love to watch it!

Tekkaus said...

I heard it was not easy to make this movie. So it should be worth it to watch. :D

Tekkaus said...

We are still very much into zombies huh! :D