Dettol High Performance For Men Shower Gel

Shower gel for men must be one of the really under-rated cleansing product out there. Over the years, I have used shampoos, facial washes and the occasional acne cream, but never have I actually gone out of my way to look for a good shower gel. It's a different world now, and instead of my usual "dove" bar soap, I have the chance to shower with the new Dettol High Performance for MEN Shower Gel. 

Dettol High Performance For Men Shower Gel
Dettol High Performance For Men Shower Gel

Just saying out the name of the shower gel, Dettol High Performance for Men, gives me a sort of manly man feeling. Coming in these blue coloured easy to grip bottles, I am now showering slightly manlier than my usual "dove" soap showers. I've always trusted Dettol products, as they're suppose to be these anti-bacterial products. In fact I've actually used the Dettol bar soap to bathe with before too!

High Performance for Men - Aqua Shower Gel
High Performance for Men - Aqua Shower Gel (200ml)

Transitioning from no shower gel, to suddenly having two bottles of shower gel, so you must forgve me if I cannot actually differentiate between the two. One's named the Aqua Shower Gel while the other is named the Extreme Shower Gel. 

High Performance for Men - Extreme Shower Gel
High Performance for Men - Extreme Shower Gel (200ml)

Both of it have this nice shower and shaving cream type of smell to it. Of course having dettol inside means there's a slight hint of the anti-bacterial scent to it as well. The new Dettol High Performance For Men shower gel claims to cleanse deep into the pores of our skin, to keep us protected from germs and smelling shower-fresh throughout the day.

Squeeze some of that blue liquid, and you're good to go!
Squeeze some of that blue liquid, and you're good to go!

I have to agree to that I suppose, as I do come out from the shower with that really fresh feeling. No complains there, but to actually give a comprehensive review of this product, well I have not tried enough shower gels to really compare. I just know Dettol High Performance For Men Shower Gel beats those normal bar type of soaps anytime, heck it's like putting shampoo on your body! Rub it all over, then let the water do its job.

Probably that short advertisement explained the product way better than I did. Do check out Dettol Malaysia's Facebook page at and join their latest contest for a chance to win the latest Samsung S3. As for me, I'll just keep on using them like what I've done for the past couple of weeks. Dettol High Performance For Men Shower Gel, not bad at all.


suituapui said...

I saw Huai Bin's post on this sometime ago...but I have yet to see this in the shops here. Would like to give it a try.

Isaac Tan said...

hehe yup I saw Huai Bin's post too. He did a way better writeup for this than me though :)

Tekkaus said...

Good to use it before going to work. :D Will make you feel extremely energetic.

Wawa Kyoko said...

The best protection against bacteria ever ^_^

missyblurkit said...

Hehehe...there is more than just soap bars for men:P

Am glad that the hubster is quite adventurous with the shower gels and stuff that we often pick up during our weekly grocery shopping...Almost enough to set up shop with the many bottles that we have in the bathroom.

Henry Tan said...

paid post? or u join competition punya post? haha so sudden one to intro abt shower gel. haha but really makes me feel like trying la. XD

Koh Kian Fai said...

SOOONG AH :D :D :D extreme is dam cool lol

Merryn said...

Aiyo Isaac! You need to use more shower gel. Say NO to soap bar, YES to shower gel! Soap bar gets 'geli' after some time. Use shower gel, use DETTOL! LoL! *this is called advertising in comment form* Muahahahahaha...

Xue Ren said...

Me supporter of Dettol products too! :D

markthomson said...

I am hoping the same best effort from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing skills has inspired me. suatamcottage