Bibiwok Thai Cuisine Glenmarie Shah Alam

It's a Friday, everyone loves a Friday as we look forward to the weekend to recuperate and rest. This afternoon, a couple of my colleagues decided we needed a change from our usual economy rice lunch, and tried out this very nyonya looking thai restaurant over at Glenmarie Shah Alam called Bibiwok Thai Cuisine.

Bibiwok Thai Cuisine Glenmarie Shah Alam
Bibiwok Thai Cuisine Glenmarie Shah Alam

Bibiwok Nyonya & Thai Cuisine Glenmarie Shah Alam
No 26, Jalan Pekedai U1/36,
Hicom Glenmarie Section U1,
40150 Shah Alam,
Tel: 03-55670229
Business Hour: 11.30-4pm, 5.30pm - 9pm

The nyonya like interior with the waitress all wearing these sarungs to serve you
The nyonya like interior with the waitress all wearing these sarungs to serve you

So I heard they have another branch in Puchong. Bibiwok in Glenmarie had this rather traditional decor, with a brown wooden theme to the whole restaurant. There weren't many diners though, which was the first warning sign, but since it was a sponsored company lunch we just went ahead to try it anyway.

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab - RM20
#1 Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab - RM20

One thing about Bibiwok was that the dishes were prepared really fast. We only had roughly 1 hour to dine there, and the dishes all came out within 15 minutes of ordering. Probably this was due to the lack of diners this afternoon. Anyway the first dish that came out was the Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab. It was crispy enough, and rather savoury, but not enough crab meat if you ask me. For RM20, no major complains here though.

Stir fried Belacan Paku Vegetables - RM10
#2 Stir fried Belacan Paku Vegetables - RM10

Foo Yong Omelette - RM8
#3 Foo Yong Omelette - RM8

We only ordered one vegetable dish, the belacan paku pakis vegetable dish on top of the Foo Yong Omelette. It has been a long while since I had the "paku" vegetables, and being stir fried in belacan, it was indeed very flavourful. I still think anything fried with belacan will come out nice. The Egg Omelette was normal though, not enough prawns inside though.

Thai Creamy Butter Prawns - RM22
#4 Thai Creamy Butter Prawns - RM22

I expected a dish of fresh large prawns, but the Thai Creamy Butter Prawns came in this rather small dish of even smaller prawns. The prawns tasted okay though, with enough buttery salty taste from the sauce. I do wish they served bigger prawns, but I guess then the price will be way higher.

Pandan Chicken - RM15
#5 Pandan Chicken - RM15

This dish had to be one of the nicer one among the rest, one of my favourite anyway, the Thai Pandan Chicken. It was moist and tender, Bibiwok uses the thigh part of the chicken and deep fried the pandan wrapped chicken so it tasted really good. One piece just was not enough, but that's all I got.

Seafood Tom Yam Soup - RM20
#6 Seafood Tom Yam Soup - RM20

I was rather disappointed with the Seafood Tom Yam Soup from Bibiwok as I had expected at least a couple of prawns inside. Instead we had the soup, with some squids, fish, and mushrooms. As you can see above it doesn't look very appetizing, and is really empty. At least the soup was good, with enough sourness and spiciness to it.

Overall, I left the restaurant with mixed feelings. The total cost came up to RM130 for a table of 5 people. If only the dishes had more ingredients in it, it would have been way better. Bibiwok Thai Cuisine, nice decor, just slighly lacking in terms of the food quality but I guess the prices does fit the working lunch crowd.


  1. bro, bila u gonna cheng me pandan leaf chicken? :P

  2. Is the Bibi Wok same with the bandar Puteri Puchong ?

  3. Kian fai,
    Sure. bila? haha :)

    Yes it is! I heard they have a branch there. Never been to that branch yet though.

  4. See the fat nyonya, you know the food is going to be good already! Never trust a skinny chef! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  5. When cooking paku, we usually split the stalks into halves...or if bigger, into quarters so that it will not be so difficult to chew. From your photo, they do not seem to do that there. Anyway, I certainly would love to try - nyonya & Thai - my kind of cuisine!

  6. bibiwok, sounds so cutee! LOL!

  7. scrumptious! I envy for being able to enjoy all those kind of dishes!

  8. Lan eh... RM130 for just all that a bit the ripoff right? Premium Rush review


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