Plates And Bottles Space U8 Eco Mall Shah Alam

Just a stone's throw away from my new work place, was this new eatery at Space U8 Eco Mall Shah Alam. Aptly named Plates and Bottles because it has two fronts to the eatery, one which opens up to their "Bottle" bar, while the other front entrance opens up to their "Plates" restaurant. I was pretty intrigued by this setup. 

Plates And Bottles Space U8 Eco Mall Shah Alam
Plates And Bottles Space U8 Eco Mall Shah Alam

Plates And Bottles Space U8 Eco Mall Shah Alam
Space U8 Eco Mall
6, Persiaran Pasak Bumi, 
Taman Bukit Jelutong,
Seksyen u8,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
Opening Hours: Everyday
10.30am – 10pm
Dual entrance, one to their Bottles bar, and another to their Plates restaurant
Dual entrance, one to their Bottles bar, and another to their Plates restaurant
Located in Shah Alam, Plates and Bottles served non-halal food, one of the few non-halal eateries in the vicinity. I had the opportunity to dine there with a bunch of awesome bloggers a couple of weeks back for a scrumptious dinner. My first thoughts of the place was that they had a really unique idea to incorporate a bar as well as a restaurant in the same venue. 

Plates: Oriental Cuisine
Plates: Oriental Cuisine

Reaching the venue at around 8pm, we were quickly ushered to our seats, with the owner himself coming out to serve us, introducing each dish as it was served. We were in for a treat of some meaty delights, so do check out below on what we had for dinner that wonderful night. 

Honey Chicken - RM11.90
#1 Honey Chicken - RM11.90

One of the first dishes that arrived on our table was this delicious Honey Chicken. Chicken glazed with sweet honey sauce and sesame seeds, this was a healthier version of the usual Marmite Chicken. The owner advocates healthy eating, hence the honey. I found the chicken to be on the tough side, which I did not fancy much. The glazed honey was a nice touch though. 

Grilled Chicken Spaghetti Pesto - RM15.90
#2 Grilled Chicken Spaghetti Pesto - RM15.90

I'm so used to having those seafood pastas, that it was a refreshing change to see Plate's Grilled Chicken Spaghetti Pesto. One huge chunk of grilled chicken thigh was used, which had a really soft texture to it. The spaghetti was okay, enough spring to it, but nothing to shout about. I liked the way the grilled chicken tasted though, with  enough peppery flavour in it to whet your appetite for more. 

Mushroom Soup - RM7.90
#3 Mushroom Soup - RM7.90
Mashed Potato - RM6.90
#4 Mashed Potato - RM6.90

The appetizers for the night were Plate's Mashed Potato and Mushroom Soup. Frankly speaking when the mashed potato was served, I stared at it for a longer period than usual, wondering why more effort wasn't spent on making it look better. Fortunately it tasted good, with a creamy buttery and savoury feel to the dish. As for the Mushroom Soup, it was indeed thick. I guess Plates did not hold back on any mushrooms, serving a soup which was so thick we could actually get full by just having this soup alone. 

Spaghetti Meatballs - RM15.90
#5 Spaghetti Meatballs - RM15.90

The Spaghetti Meatballs were pork meatballs doused in creamy carbonara sauce and spaghetti. It tasted good, with roughly 4 meatballs included inside the dish. The spaghetti sauce was a delight in itself, with the meatballs acting to complement its taste. I personally felt the price for this dish was a bit steep though, as compared to their other more affordable offerings. 

Homemade Tofu - RM9.90
#6 Homemade Tofu - RM9.90
Sambal Belacan with 4 types of Vegetables - RM9.90
#7 Sambal Belacan with 4 types of Vegetables - RM9.90

Before we proceeded to more meat dishes, we had some lighter vegetables dishes in between which came in the form of the Homemade Tofu as well as the Sambal Belacan Vegetables. The Tofu dish was akin to the claypot tofu except here, it was served in a white plate instead. The tofu itself was silky soft, peppered with minced meat in a soupy base. I felt it was rather tasty. The stir fried Sambal Belacan vegetables wasn't bad too, with enough spices and chilli to make you break some sweat. 

Curry Pork - RM10.90
#8 Curry Pork - RM10.90

One of my favourite that night, hats off to Plates' Curry Pork. It was a combination of lots of herbs and spice, curry leaves and chillies, to make up a really tasty curry pork dish. The meat itself was really tender and soft, just the way i like them to be. Served with the curry and loads of onions, this dish was perfect to be taken on its own with a plate of white rice. 

Salted Fish Pork Belly - RM10.90
#9 Salted Fish Pork Belly - RM10.90

More claypot type of dish came next, in the form of the Salted Fish Pork Belly dish. Now the meat here had lots of fats to it, which contributed to the really nice taste. This was on top of the salted fish, which gave out a really tasty dish. It was a bit salty though, but I guess it's okay since we took it with rice
Drunken Prawns - RM16.90
#10 Drunken Prawns - RM16.90
One of the traditional Chinese cuisine was the Drunken Prawns. Cooked to perfection in a soup of Chinese Liquor and herbs, the prawns had to be fresh to taste good. The liquor brought out a different taste to the prawns, ridding it off the sea taste. But if you think that you'll get drunk on these, think again. Good stuff though. 
Braised Pork Belly Fried Meehoon - RM7.90
#11 Braised Pork Belly Fried Meehoon - RM7.90
Braised Pork Belly Fried Meehoon looks simple, but tasted really good, thanks to the braised pork belly which contributed to the overall taste. Personally I felt the pork belly tasted similar to the ones I had in those cans, but I might be wrong. It was a good dish though. 

Pork Chop Set
#12 Pork Chop Set
Pork Burger - RM15.90
#13 Pork Burger - RM15.90

Towards the end, we had some western styled dishes, namely the Pork Chop set and the Pork Burger. I liked the way the Pork Burger was prepared, with these thick pork meat patties sandwiched in between some heavenly melted cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers. Served with a bed of fries, it tastes really meaty, as the patties did contain a lot of dense meat in it. The Pork Chop however was not as hard as I feared from the outlook. I guess the chef must have tenderized it before cooking it as the meat felt soft, which was the way I felt pork chops should be served. 

Gui Ling Gao in Egg Shells
#14 Gui Ling Gao in Egg Shells

We ended our meal at Plates and Bottles Shah Alam with a really unique dessert in the form of Gui Ling Gao inside these cute egg shells. Served cold, I found it really interesting. It was a sweet herbal dessert, one which I liked, and went well to clear our throats off all the oily food we had throughout the night. Overall, Plates and Bottles do serve some really good non-halal fares, and for a new eatery they are gaining grounds in terms of customers really quick. 

"Set Lunch are available with a main course (oriental style noodles/rice) with a drink and dessert RM11.90"
"All prices are subject to govt & service tax. Prices indicated above were for the small portions. Every weekend, the restaurant is serving Dim Sum."


  1. Gui Ling Gao in egg shells? wow! :)

  2. Xue Ren,
    Lol! yep, i found it to be really unique. Plus it's sweet enough to make me love it :P

  3. Isaac Tan,
    The gui ling gao in egg shells look awesome!
    Are the rest of the eggs on the plate have the same gui ling gao inside?
    And would certainly dine with you one day to enjoy all the scrumptious dishes!
    Cheers mate!

  4. omgggg.... the gui ling gao so cute. k im going to purposely go there and eat the eggs LOL

  5. guai lin gou in egg shell is something special!

  6. Can't say the place looks nice - judging from the first photo..but the food looks good and that's most important. What's with the big screen tv in such a small place? Hope it's not loud...

    The honey chicken looks like what we had in my blogpost yesterday...and at least, for this one, they do put in a bit of effort in the presentation.

  7. Bro, near to your place ar?? This one is quite near to my place too.. worth to try also weyh.. :)

  8. Is it newly opened? Didn't remember seeing during the last time I was in U8 :D So many food!! The meatball pasta looks extra yummy for me :D and wow, gua ling gou in egg shells!!

  9. unique gui ling gao

  10. wah all the dishes look so good...the sambal belacan with 4 types of vegetables brings back memories of how my dad would cook it T.T

  11. a non halal restaurant eh?

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