Ferry Corsten @ The New Heineken Bottle Launch Party

It's been a while since my last party event, and there I was again tonight at KL Live having a really good time with bloggers and friends at the New Heineken Bottle Launch Party event. It was rather hyped up with the appearance of the Dutch DJ, Ferry Corsten mixing some hot party tracks up. The masses on the dance floor really loved the tracks, as the heart thumping music blasted into my ears the whole night. 

New Heineken Bottle Launch Party
New Heineken Bottle Launch Party

New Heineken Bottle Launch Party
Venue: KL Live
Date: Wednesday, 11 July 2012
Time: 8.30pm till late

A toast for you? From your friendly neighborhood blogger, Isaac Tan
A toast for you? From your friendly neighborhood blogger, Isaac Tan

Reaching the venue just pass 9pm, the party was just getting heated up, with throngs of people still making their way to the registration counter and entering the venue. It was going to be a party with free-flow of Heineken the whole night through, so all was good.

The New Heineken Bottle
The New Heineken Bottle

Heineken New Iconic Bottle

"The bottle features an embossed curve, inspired by the label ‘racetrack’, on the neck and back. The back of the bottle features the same curve motif, set above an embossed Heineken logo and the iconic star. The curve acts as a thumb groove and is perfectly placed to meet the drinker’s fingers which add tactility and grip as they grasp the bottle whilst keeping the beer to stay cooler. Additional bottle updates include a slimmer body accentuating the bottle’s premium feel and an elongated appearance emphasized by both vertical neck branding and a higher label position."

Cheers to the launch!
Cheers to the launch!

I took a while to get accustomed to the crowd as it was overflowing with people, but finally managed to catch up with some wonderful bloggers ready to rock the night away. Do check out some of the photos I managed to capture of us having a jolly good time.

Happy bunch of bloggers and friends. (Henry, Choulyin, Isaac, Marc, Kah Mon, Qian, Benjamin, Jackie and Tony)
#1 Happy bunch of bloggers and friends. (Henry, Choulyin, Isaac, Marc, Kah Mon, Qian, Benjamin, Jackie and Tony)
Caught up with Cindy, Huai BIn and Tian Chad too!
#2 Caught up with Cindy, Huai BIn and Tian Chad too!
Marc, LouiseXin and friend
#3 Marc, LouiseXin and friend
Benjamin and his sweet girlfriend
#4 Benjamin and his sweet girlfriend

Of course, everyone was waiting for the main act, to see Ferry Corsten come unto the stage which he did at 10.20pm. By that time most of us already had our fill of Heineken, and ready to shake and roll. The theme was green that night, with rather cool green neon lights everywhere. Even the dancers that came down had these really reflective suits which reflected the green lasers to the crowd. Check her out below!

DJ Ferry Corsten mixing up the tracks to a pumped up crowd, forgive me for the poor picture quality
Shine babe shine!
One for the album, Kelly, JFLynn, Choulyin, Benjamin and I

Overall it was a great night, we got a feel of the new Heineken bottle in our hands. I personally went over to the bar counter more than 5 times just to get more bottles for the bloggers. The best thing was, everyone could just let their hair down and let loose for the night. That's what I like to keep in my memory, sweet memories of happy faces, and moving bodies. Congratulations again to Heineken for their new bottle launch!

To be part of Heineken’s exciting calendar of events, log on to www.facebook.com/heineken or www.heineken.com/my for more information.

Fact box for Heineken's New Iconic Bottle

The bottle caps all now have QUALITY written on them. 

A longer neck gives the bottle a slimmer and more modern shape. It also proudly bears the Heineken name. The neck then leads to a strong and manlier shoulder.

The thumb groove is an added feature that encourages you to hold the bottle with a better grip, and allows the beer to stay cold longer.

The embossed logo gives the bottle a stamp of authenticity and class. 

A transparent label lets you see your beer clearly. It also sits higher, emphasising the shoulder.

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Unknown said...

Oh God...My face....

Isaac Tan said...

hehe. oops.. seems like fun! :P

Henry Lee said...

wahhh! u guys had so much fun! hehehe

The One said...

Hahah cheers!^^

suituapui said...

Launching again? Or what I saw before were the promos...and this is the real event! Must be a whole lot of fun. Hope you didn't drink and drive... Wink! Wink!

Henry Tan said...

party all day longgggg!!! and i didnt get to go again. sigh

Saimnicy said...

Wow~~u joined the New Heineken Bottle Launch Party too~~

Nikel Khor said...

got any different on beer taste?

Kelly Siew said...

Wah you are so fast! Good seeing you again. :)

foongpc said...

I like Heineken : )

nicccchang said...

Ben looked so drunk. LOL

FurFer said...

so much fun over there. *envy*

Huai Bin said...

Nice! :)

Yeah, good set by Ferry Corsten, the pyrotechnics were awesome, stood too close to the stage with my white shirt. Haha.

Koh Kian Fai said...

nice bottles . . . . wait . . . macam tak ada beza sangat lol :X