Super GT 2012 Round 3 Wild Card Entry

I've done a short writeup on this upcoming Super GT race a couple of weeks back. Today's post will serve as another heads up for the race this 9th and 10th of June 2012. Super GT 2012 Round 3 Malaysia, the fastest Grand Touring Race in the world, and the only Super GT race outside of Japan. To the casual fans, this event is so much more than just motorsport. It integrates all forms of fun into one event.

Super GT 2012 Series

This year, JPM Motorsport is striving to create an ICHIBAN! event that is not only fun, exciting, and unforgettable, but one that is returns the maximum value for the money of the fans. Imagine two whole days filled with activities, performances, bazaars, competitions, car shows, and many more.

Wild Card Entry

Not only that, but there may be a grand surprise in store on the track this year! There will be a wild card entry into the grid of SUPER GT! A Malaysian team (Malaysia Drivers, Malaysia Engineers and Malaysia Crew) will enter as a wild card to the race, would that be the Mosler MT900m! 

This year, it will be piloted by our Top Malaysian Driver, Fairuz Fauzy who achieved a wonderful season in A1 GP have come back again to make Malaysian proud by competing against the best GT Drivers in the world in this competitive SUPER GT Series.  As fellow Malaysians, it would be a tremendous moral support to the Team if we can all just showed up and cheer for the team. As this is reasonably new, keep checking out for more news! 

There are so many prizes to be won via the lucky draws – 33 more to be exact! There are another 4 43” Samsung Plasma TVs, 4 50” Panasonic Plasma TVs, 4 32” Panasonic LCD Tvs, 9 Fujifilm Instant cameras, 2 Canon 7Powershot cameras, 2 Olympus mirrorless cameras, 2 Olympus cameras, 2 Samsung Galaxy SII phones, 2 Nikon D5100 DSLR cameras, and 1 Canon12 Powershot camera!

Some pretty Super GT Babes pictures courtesy of 3bittersweetlemon

This year, all these great prizes amount to more than RM40,000, and you may just be that next lucky winner! Hurry up and buy your tickets now from and!


  1. You are attracted by the cars or the girls... Some contest, is this? Good luck!

  2. vrooom vroom! i can't wait for this event! :D

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  4. Wow.. Been away from super gt for too long! Their beast looks so chic and sexy! Style!

  5. this is POWAH! LOL (last photo)


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