Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar Jaya One

Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar recently launched its fifth outlet over at Jaya One, with the other outlets being in Suria KLCC, Sooka Central, Pavilion KL and The Curve. Established since 2009, Malones offers a delightful menu filled with an array of authentic Irish specialties. I was there a couple of weeks back with a bunch of foodies for a nice dinner. 

Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar Jaya One
Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar Jaya One

Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar
Unit M-4-G, Palm Square, Jaya One,
72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Website :

Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar Jaya One
The bar like atmosphere of Malones Jaya One

Now I've been to Jaya One a couple of times, mostly for it's food as there were really a huge number of nice restaurants and food outlets inside the area. I've not been to Malones yet, so this would be my first visit over. It is interesting to note that all other outlets of Malones were pork-free except for this one in Jaya One, so we were going to be served with loads of pork dishes. Prepare yourself for an overload of meat. 

Porky Platter - RM37.90
#1 Porky Platter - RM37.90

The first dish that came out was the Porky Platter, which felt like a huge plate of finger food consisting of Traditional Crackling Pork Belly, BBQ Ribs, and Pigs in blanket (these bacon wrapped sausages). Served with shallot vinegar, BBQ sauce and mustard, one could do no wrong here. Have it with a glass of beer, and this should be the perfect dish to kick off an evening with pals. 

Paddy Steak Sandwich - RM28.90
#2 Paddy Steak Sandwich - RM28.90

Malones Paddy Steak Sandwich came looking really pretty with a poached egg sitting on top of an Irish styled steak sandwich. Served with mustard spread and deep dried sliced russet potatoes on the side, I enjoyed this dish. The egg was nicely done, and the steak came medium rare, which was good as we got to bite into all the juicy goodness. 

Irish Sausages on Colcannon and Guinness Onion Gravy - RM29.90
#3 Irish Sausages on Colcannon and Guinness Onion Gravy - RM29.90

If you love sausages then you can't go wrong with Malones' Irish Sausages on Colcannon and Guinness Onion Gravy dish. Consisting of grilled pork sausages served with Guinness onion gravy and Colcannon (cabbage and spring onion mash).

Irish Seafood Pasta - RM27.90
#4 Irish Seafood Pasta - RM27.90

Go for the pasta if you're too overwhelmed with the meat as it makes for a nice diversion. The Irish Seafood Pasta came with prawns, clams and dory cubes tossed with extra virgin oil, garlic, white wine and chilli flakes. Usually I'm always afraid of seafood pasta dishes as there may be a heavy fishy taste to it if the clams weren't fresh, but after having some of these, I would say it is nice indeed. 

BBQ Ribs - Full RM49.90, Half RM24.90
#5 BBQ Ribs - Full RM49.90, Half RM24.90

Up next were one of Malones' pork specialties, the BBQ ribs. The one we had was the full version, a full rack of baby back pork ribs slow cooked to perfection. It was however a tad harder than what I would expect of its tenderness. Served with BBQ sauce, chips and coleslaw, this dish is one of the crowd favourite, the other being the following Pork Knuckle dish below. 

Pork Knuckle - RM39.90
#6 Pork Knuckle - RM39.90
The giant pork knuckle with it's flesh unveiled
The giant pork knuckle with it's flesh unveiled

Another pork specialty, the Pork Knuckle surprised me when kit arrived as it looked huge. By the time this dish arrived however, I was pretty much filled from the various food earlier, yet I still had some reserved space for this specialty. The meat was tender enough, and I was told the traditional German Style knuckle was actually marinated in beer and brined for a day before being served. Be prepared to wait an estimated 25 minutes cooking time before being served when ordering this dish though. 

Special On-going promotion

For a limited time, Malones Jaya One is offering a special promotion of RM48 nett for 3 pints of Guinness/Tiger. 

On top of that, 30 pints of Guinness is given out free daily for a limited time - guests have to locate the QR code on the lift doors at Jaya One to download the e-voucher. 


  1. Oooo...I want to porky platter! I want the knuckle!!! Wait a minute. This place is Irish - how come to food like German leh?

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  3. the giant pork knuckle look so de-lish!

  4. what a Knuckle! I dont think I can finish all of that.. perhaps divide by 3 ladies! So big portion...

  5. The price looks reasonable and feels like trying it out! Awesome weh the knuckle!!!


  6. oh my ur porky platter and the pork knucle! @.@ pls deliver some for meeeee!!!

  7. so when u wanna cheng me ?? I wan siew yuk!


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