Khunthai Authentic Thai Restaurant Teluk Kumbar Penang

Khunthai Authentic Thai Restaurant opened their newest branch in Teluk Kumbar Penang half a year back, their fourth branch after PJ, Kepong, and Butterworth branches. The location of this restaurant was actually only less than 1km from my Penang house in Teluk Kumbar, but I have not visited it until last night when my in-laws came over and we decided to give this restaurant a try. 

KhunThai Authentic Thai Restaurant Teluk Kumbar Penang
KhunThai Authentic Thai Restaurant Teluk Kumbar Penang

KhunThai Authentic Thai Restaurant Teluk Kumbar Penang
1052, Mukim 9, Pasir Belanda, 
 Teluk Kumbar, Bayan Lepas
11920 Penang
Phone: 60 4-625 1155
Business Hour: 11am - 12midnight
*No Pork Served*

KhunThai Authentic Thai Restaurant Teluk Kumbar Penang
The very authentic Thai beach environment, overflowing with diners

Would you believe when I called to book in the morning, a Saturday morning, it was already fully booked for dinner, so we had to do walk-in instead. Arriving at just past 6pm, Khunthai restaurant was already more than 50% filled up, indicating the business was really really good here. In fact as the night progressed on, it was so full I felt sorry for the folks who came but had to wait for a spot to sit. 

The environment itself was really good, with Thai decor and tables inside and outside of the restaurant by the beach. We could actually walk a few steps to the beach front and enjoy the sea waters. A perfect view of the sea during dinner I would say, it's no wonder Khunthai Restaurant at Teluk Kumbar Penang is attracting so many diners.

Asparagus with Shrimps - RM12
#1 Asparagus with Shrimps - RM12
Kailan with Garlic and Salted Fish - RM10
#2 Kailan with Garlic and Salted Fish - RM10

There were 9 of us seated at the table that evening, yet we ordered up to nine dishes, all small portions of course. But at the end of the meal, we were packed full to the brim. The first two dishes that arrived were the vegetables, namely the Asparagus with Shrimps and the Kailan with Garlic and Salted Fish. No complains here, both dishes were cooked chinese style, with the Asparagus being stir fried with lots of chilli and spices. It was a Thai restaurant anyway, so expect lots of chillies in every subsequent dish that we ordered. 

Egg Onion Omelette - RM8
#3 Egg Onion Omelette - RM8

I've always loved how these restaurants prepared their Egg Omelettes, with onions to really bring out the flavour. A simple dish nevertheless, but still rather lovely. Check out the other Thai dishes we had that lovely evening as below. 

Mixed Seafood Tom Yam - RM34
#4 Mixed Seafood Tom Yam - RM34

We ordered the large portion for the Mixed Seafood Tom Yam, which came to fit 9 of us perfectly. I could not argue with the ingredients served as there were ample prawns thrown in, however the soup itself was not as good as some which I had at other Thai restaurants. It was a tad too spicy, and too sweet, but that did not stop us from finishing all of it. 

Mango Kerabu - RM9
#5 Mango Kerabu - RM9
Spicy Chicken with Cashew Nuts - RM10
#6 Spicy Chicken with Cashew Nuts - RM10

Throw in the cashew nuts, loads of it! That's what we say in our subsequent two dishes the  Mango Kerabu and the Spicy Chicken with Cashew Nuts, there were more nuts than the chicken itself in the dish. The Mango Kerabu was perfect, with enough cili padi, some sweet mango and sour enough to tantalize our taste buds. Be careful not to accidentally bite into the cili padis though, or risk your tongue burning from the spiciness. Personally I love my cashew nuts, so no complains on the cashew nuts overload here. 

Lemon Steamed Kerapu Fish - RM95
#7 Lemon Steamed Kerapu Fish - RM95

We just had to try their seafood, and steamed fish was the way to go in any seafood restaurant. Teluk Kumbar used to be a fishing village, so we were certain the fishes served here were going to be fresh. However I was slightly disappointed with the high price of their Lemon Steamed Kerapu Fish. The taste was good though, without any fishy taste, and nice sour tomyam'ish soup. 

Stir Fried Kam Heong Lala - RM19.80
#8 Stir Fried Kam Heong Lala - RM19.80

The signature dishs for Khunthai Restaurant were actually their crab dishes, but we did not order any this round due to unforseen circumstances. We settled for their recommendation of the Stir Fried Kam Heong Lala instead. No regrets here, as I loved the spices in this dish. Stir fried to perfection, these clam shelled Lala were really good stuff. 

Pandan Chicken - RM18 for 10pcs
#9 Pandan Chicken - RM18 for 10pcs

The Pandan Chickens were served with sweet and sour Thai Sauce, good but unfortunately they served it last when we were already so full from all the previous dishes. There were leftovers, and yours truly picked all the remaining chicken. Deep fried to a crisp, with the chicken marinated in spices beforehand, you can never go wrong with this dish, a must order dish at Khunthai Restaurant. 

Janice and I going for a walk on the beach after our meal
Janice and I going for a stroll along the beach after our meal

Overall it was a good meal, with the total bill coming up to RM261 for 9 folks, quite okay considering the location, view, ambiance and the quality of the food. It's no wonder so many people come from near and far to dine here at Khunthai Authentic Thai Restaurant. Before we left, we took a stroll down the beach, watching the sunset, a perfect ending to a nice meal. Do check out this restaurant in Teluk Kumbar should you be in Penang. 


  1. wow, i can see quite a big crowd in that restaurant, it's on the beach?? and the food looks authentically delicious.. :)

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    My daughter went to this place in Penang - she loved the food there. Not cheap eh? But as long as it is very nice and worth it, it should be ok...


  7. this is the place that my tamchiak pg freinds have been teasing me about. trip to penang will definitely include this place. not too mahal too.

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