Deutsches Haus Jaya 33

Fancy some German sausages and pork knuckles? Well, here at Deutsches Haus in Jaya 33, that's exactly what you'll get, lots of it. Located at the Jaya33 shopping mall, Deutsches Haus is this German Restaurant & Bar, which wasn't really hard to locate facing the front road. I had the opportunity to have dinner there a couple of weeks back with a group of food bloggers. 

Deutsches Haus Jaya33
Deutsches Haus Jaya33

Deutsches Haus German Restaurant & Bar @ Jaya 33
Jalan Semangat, Section 13,
46100 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7960 5736
Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 12:00 am

The comfortable interior of Deutsches Haus
The comfortable interior of Deutsches Haus

Upon reaching the German restaurant, I immediately felt at home with the comfortable environment. It was akin to most German restaurants, down to the furnishing and decor used. A couple of camera shots later, we were all ushered to our seats to begin our feast of Deutsches Haus' signature dishes. Check them out below. 

#1 Schinken Salat - RM19
#1 Schinken Salat - RM19

We kicked off the night with some nice salad, Schinken Salat to be exact. Made from a mixture of greens, honey mustard dressing topped with generous slices of bacon strips, it made a nice combination indeed. The mustard did make the whole dish a tad too sourish though. 

The Farmer's Soup - RM19
#2 The Farmer's Soup - RM19

The Farmer's Soup came next, and even though the presentation wasn't really eye-pleasing, with a long hammilton sausage inside the soup, the soup was surprisingly tasty. The cheese infused sausage went well together with the creamy potato and leek soup. Swimming inside the soup were bits of crunchy bacon contributing to the flavour. 

The Giant Sausage Platter (Wirstplatte) - RM88
#3 The Giant Sausage Platter (Wirstplatte) - RM88

Wirstplatte, comprising eight different types of German Sausages, from the long to the short to the soft and hard ones, we were spoilt for choice here. The side dishes were the sauerkraut, potato salad, senf, garlic mayo and haanero mayo, but what made our night were the sausages on top. We had the Bauerwurst, Knackwurst, Weisswurt, Hahnchenwurst, Thuringer Bratwurst, Nurnberger Bratwurst, Chorizo and the Bockwurst sausages. 

  • Bauerwurst is the big German farmer’s sausage which is served with the sauerkraut, horseradish mashed potato and sautéed onions.
  • Knackwurst is one of my favorite where the the smoked garlic pork sausage is being served with sauerkraut and pan fried potato.
  • Weisswurt is where the sausage texture is simply smooth and it is a white sausage which is made with the veal and pork and served with sauerkraut and potato salad. The texture is simply smooth which makes me feel like chewing more.
  • Hahnchenwurst is having a slight spiciness in it where it is a spicy chicken sausage which is being served with the sauerkraut and horseradish mashed potato.
  • Another one is the thin sausage which is the Thuringer Bratwurst where the Thuringer pork sausage which is served with the sauerkraut and potato dumplings.
  • Nurnberger Bratwurst is the shorty ans slim one where the original Thuringer Pork Sausage is being served with the Sauerkraut and potato salad
  • Bockwurst is something alike mozzarella cheese taste where the smoked pork with the Emmentaler cheese sausage and it is being served with the sauerkraut and potato.
  • Chorizo is a Spanish pork sausage which is being seasoned with paprika and served with the sauerkraut and pan fried potato. The meal simply goes well with the German beer.

Garlic Herbed Pork Knuckle - RM59
#4 Garlic Herbed Pork Knuckle - RM59

If you're a pork knuckle lover, then this is yet another variation of the usual pork knuckle. Roasted twice, the second time with herbs and garlic, the Garlic Herbed Pork Knuckle had a really nice flavour to it. The meat itself was really oily, but that's what you get for ordering pork knuckles. I liked the way the meat was really tender and all, good stuff here I tell you. 

Traditional Pork Knuckle - RM59
#5 Traditional Pork Knuckle - RM59

For those not adventurous enough to go for the Garlic Herbed Pork Knuckle, then it's the Traditional Pork Knuckle for you. Going by the name Bierhaus Knuckle, the knuckle was roasted really well until the skin gets all crispy and all. Served with sauerkraut and potato dumplings, this is a must order when dining at any German restaurant. 

Baby Back Ribs - RM82
#6 Baby Back Ribs - RM82

Now I really like this dish, named the Baby Back Ribs, coming with such a big portion up to 4 diners could munch down on the meat. The BBQ baby pork ribs were cooked with jalapeno peach sauce and sweet tangy pineapple BBQ sauce giving out a nice flavour. Have a rib, no, have a couple of ribs!  

Apfelstrudel - RM16
#7 Apfelstrudel - RM16

We ended the meal with some home made Australian pastry named the Apfelstrudel. Essentially an apple dessert with lots of cinnamon, the Apfelstrudel was served with vanilla ice cream, a perfect sweet end to a hearty meal at Deutsches Haus in Jaya 33. Do check out this eatery should you be in the vicinity of Jaya33. 


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