Astro On The Go Party @ The Pool KL

Astro On The Go was launched late last month, 30th May 2012 to be exact and I actually had the opportunity to catch their launch event. "Take Astro with You, Wherever You Go", that's the tagline, and true to it's word, Astro On The Go application gives Astro subscribers a chance to catch all 31 live matches of UEFA Euro 2012, 11 TV channels, Catch Up Titles and Video On Demand for free until 31st August. 

Astro On The Go Party @ The Pool KL
Astro On-The-Go Party !

Astro's On The Go Party
Date: June 23rd, 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 6:30 PM onwards
Venue:  The Pool, 347, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur (Map)
Dress code: Your favourite football jersey!

Now this post is a short writeup to document tonight's party by Astro On The Go held over at The Pool KL. My last big event over at this happening spot was actually the Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funk Night The Pool KL and I must say the venue which has this indoor pool was the perfect party spot.  

Astro On The Go Party @ The Pool KL
Pretty Astro Promoters going around demonstrating the Astro On-The-Go app on iPads

Reaching The Pool just in time to jump into the buffet, we were served with ice cold Carlsberg beer on top of pretty nice food. I was not feeling really well though, as I was hit with the flu and fever bug, but that did not stop me from catching up with some really awesome people who attended the event. I had the opportunity to catch the Astro On-The-Go Party courtesy of ChurpChurp and Nuffnang

Astro On The Go Party @ The Pool KL
One of the activities slotted as the night progressed on was the Foosball challenge.

So there I was, in awe of some of the elaborate jersey and face painting on some of the attendees for this event. Bloggers, churpers, and generally anybody who wanted to have fun was there, having a blast. Do check out below for some of the photos of the colourful jerseys that I managed to capture that night. 

Astro On The Go Party @ The Pool KL
#1 Some of the Colourful people at Astro on the go party (Redmummy, the KISS dude :) and friend)

Midway through the night, we were presented with the first iPad sync flash mob by these youths who held the iPads which was synced portraying some interesting UEFA images. It was pretty cool, and from what I gathered, there will be future flash mobs by these folks. 

Astro On The Go Party @ The Pool KL
iPad Sync Flash Mob Gang

Of course a party can never be happening without friends, and I was glad to see some familiar faces there. Forgive me for the lack of photos on this post, as I left early due to the spinning of my head. Still feeling feverish, but nevertheless, do check out more photos of bloggers, churpies and friends below. 

Astro On The Go Party @ The Pool KL
#2 May Ying and Iris
Astro On The Go Party @ The Pool KL
#3 Hsien and Emelia promoting the Astro card
Astro On The Go Party @ The Pool KL
#4 Kelvin, Steven and friend
Astro On The Go Party @ The Pool KL
#5 Happy smiles, Dusty, Carina, Simon and friend

Overall a pretty good night, one which I did not see the end, but from what I heard there were lots of games and everybody was happy. I leave you with some cool facts of Astro On-The-Go. Just so you know, I have installed the app on my phone since 30th May 2012, and it's really quite cool to be able to watch Astro even in the washroom.
  • Featuring all 31 UEFA Matches LIVE and On-The-Go!
  • 11 TV Channels, Catch-up TV
  • Available of iPad, iPhone (Android to come real soon)
  • Free for all Astro Customers until 31 August 2012.