Zhang Hui Mei AMeiZING World Tour Concert Live In Malaysia

If you haven't heard yet, the latest buzz in town would be this upcoming concert by Zhang Hui Mei, "AMeiZING World Tour Concert Live In Malaysia". The concert is actually happening tonight itself, so I guess this post may be a tad too late. Anyway, this will serve as a pre-writeup post for this upcoming event. 

AmeiZING World Tour Live in Malaysia

Zhang Hui Mei 张惠妹 AMeiZING World Tour Concert LIVE in Malaysia 
Date : 5 May 2012 ( Saturday )
Venue : Stadium Merdeka
Time : 8PM

"A-Mei, also known by her birth name Zhang Hui-mei, is an aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer and occasional songwriter. She is also known by her aboriginal name Gulilai Amit . She was born in the rugged mountains of eastern Taiwan and is the third youngest of nine siblings"

"A-mei made her debut in the world of music in 1996, achieving rapid commercial success. She has been called a diva of the Mandarin pop music scene and the "Pride of Taiwan". She has won numerous music awards and is extremely popular within Mandarin-speaking world."
Source: Wikipedia

Zhang Hui Mei in action

The superstar will be in Kuala Lumpur this 5th May for her AMeiZING World Tour Live in Malaysia concert. It'll definately be one concert to look out for.

Catch her concert and be blown away by stage theatrics, crazy performances and enjoy some of A-Mei’s biggest hits! For Celcom customers, you can enjoy 20% OFF on A-Mei concert tickets with your choice of any seating tier. 

Catch her live tonight!

Here comes the part where I'm suppose to share with you guys some really cool deals by Celcom and The Cube. Check it out below.

When you get on The Cube, you stand a chance to walk away with tickets worth RM298 to the concert! Have we got your attention yet? If you want those tickets, here’s how you can get them!
  • First, get on The Cube by logging on to www.thecube.my. Then check out all the cool content that you can subscribe to.
  • You can send personalized Voice Messages and dedicate A-Mei’s song to your friends. You just need to dial *005<recipient’s mobile number><song code> and press call.
  • You can also subscribe to The Cube’s MMS Puzzle. Type ON AMEI and send it to 22229 and you’ll get an MMS Greeting Card plus a contest puzzle for FREE. You would have to then rearrange the jumbled A-Mei picture by sending in the correct picture sequence.
  • On top of that, you can connect with all your social network friends via Facebook SMS and Twitter SMS. For Facebook SMS, just type ON F and send it to 32665 while for Twitter SMS, you just need to send ON T to 29800.  By subscribing or downloading any of these contents, you stand to get 2 tickets to the A-Mei concert worth RM298 each!

Check out the seating arrangements
That’s not all, folks! You have the chance to win the BIG one too! You can be flown all the way to HONG KONG, on an all-expense paid trip to watch A-Mei live in concert there. And you can bring along a friend! 

This EPIC trip can be yours with a simple download of A-Mei Call Me Tones from 20th March – 15th May. SO, it’s really a WIN-WIN situation for you. You get fantastic A-Mei Call Me Tones and you also get the chance to see the diva in Hong Kong.

How to download the Call Me Tones?
All you need to do is dial *888*<Call Me Tones Song Code># and press “Call”. Here are the songs you can subscribe to:

Bu Xiang Ge Da Ren
Bu Yao Luan Shuo
Chinese Girl
Dan Chun
Hai Huo Tian Kong
Ping Chang Xin
Ren Zhi
Suo Yi Wo Yuan Yi
Wo Yao Kuai Le
Yin Wei Ni Zai
RM1. 50/week for each song

So take this AMEIZING chance and get on The Cube right now! A-Mei is waiting for YOU!


  1. No, thank you... Not a fan, not into Chinese, Korean or whatever songs. Me, banana! Hehehehehe!!!!!

  2. won a few singing competition by bringing her power songs :D

  3. Dont understand about the two tickets part. The concert was on 5th. Win also no use as it's over. But can try for the HK one la

  4. how did it go? i'm sure it was amazing ;D

  5. oh I thought u went to her concert!!

  6. I've heard of her although I don't listen to Chinese music mush (except in karaokes). :)

  7. love her song hehehe Ah Mei is the best!


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